What to Wear Under a Bodycon Dress

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Bodycon is the way to go when you want to show off your curves. So, what does body con mean? “Bodycon” is an initialism for the phrase “body conscious.” It’s a method of dressing and accessorizing for ladies that emphasizes the natural curved figure.

Body-hugging, an elastic textile that perfectly covers a woman’s figure, is typically used to create bodycon dresses. 

You can look stunning in one of these dresses if you accessorize it with the proper jewelry and pair it with the right shoes. However, knowing what to wear under a bodycon dress is crucial, as it might be wrecked when you spin around and notice those terrible wrinkles and VPLs (visible panty lines).

There are various types of bodycon dresses, and some may require special undergarments.

Let’s look at the choices that can be worn underneath a bodycon dress without detracting from the overall style of the ensemble. 


#1 – Shapewear

Don’t sweat if you are wondering how to wear a bodycon dress with a tummy. You may still wear bodycon dresses even if you have a pooch by donning high-waisted underwear to conceal the lower stomach belly, similar to the same one used when thinking of ways on how to get rid of FUPA in jeans.

A body shaper in the proper size will assist in giving you curves and keep everything snug where they belong. The excellent news is that using the best shapewear for bodycon dress will always help you look curvier while smoothening everything out in a figure-hugging garment.

Several options exist for belly shapewear, each with its design and style, but they all share one thing in common: the confidence boost you’ll experience once you find the correct fit. You can use shapewear that flattens your stomach and lifts your bust to achieve a sleek appearance. 

#2 – Silicone Bra Cups

A silicon bra cup is another fantastic option that works with a bodycon. The absence of straps or bands keeps the dress’s otherwise seamless appearance. There are no lines to detract from your natural curves, and it attaches directly to your skin.

woman wearing brown bodycon dress

Women with smaller to medium busts may find a stick-on bra to be a suitable alternative. However, fuller-figured women need more support for their breasts, which is not provided due to the lack of straps or a band. 

#3 – Seamless Bras

Although it’s becoming acceptable to display a bra strap, having the outlines of your bra visible in a bodycon dress may ruin your outfit. Wire, non-wired, wireless, and cushioned options are available for seamless bras. 

The non-padded variety is more suited for a form-fitting dress because it is less noticeable. If you want a perky figure, choose a bra with adequate support and lift, whether that means an underwire or a wireless design.

#4 – Strapless Bras

Off-the-shoulder bodycon dresses call for strapless bras. If you pick a bra that is a good fit, you may remove the straps and use it with nearly anything. Strapless bodycon dresses look lovely; however, do they support a woman’s bust more or less? Some companies offer a wide selection of attractive strapless bra designs for women with fuller busts. 

If you need help deciding what to wear under your strapless bodycon, consult a lingerie specialist for the proper size, shade, and design. If your bodycon did not come with an in-built bra, you would have to purchase a separate strapless bra to make it work. 

#5 – Push Up Bras

One could say that cleavage and bodycon go hand in hand, and push-up bras seem to be your closest friends when boosting your bust. The cleavage can help you stand out if the neckline of your bodycon dress is low. Putting on a push-up bra requires careful attention to sizing. You will suffer extreme discomfort if you don’t wear the correct size. 

You can choose from several variations of push-up bras. Common preferences include wireless, underwire, and cushioned styles.

High-quality push-up bras with an underwire have a strong wire that goes under your breasts and holds them up. There is no underwiring with a wireless push-up bra. Finally, “padded push-up bra” refers simply to increased padding. Some of them may also be wireless or require under-floor wiring.

Choosing the best push-up bra style and shade for you comes down to personal preference and whatever helps lift your breasts in a manner that blends well with your bodycon dress. 

#6 – Going Commando

Yes, you read that right! Going commando will give your lady parts a break from the heat if you’re feeling brave because bare flesh has no VPL. The stinging by thongs and other thin underwear can leave some women with bruises, making staying bare preferable. 

woman in a maroon dress

Despite our best efforts to avoid them, underwear lines are a reality. Not all women want to solve the problem by wearing thongs. Not wearing pants is the best option, especially when donning a body-hugging bodycon dress. 

Trying to lower the VPL is the primary motivation for women to adopt a no-clothes lifestyle. Unlike underwear lines, having no lines is ideal. 

#7 – G-Strings or Thongs

G-strings or thongs can be worn underneath tight-fitting clothing as an alternative. These compromise between wearing nothing at all/going commando and seamless underwear.

Thongs are the preferred underwear of fashion designers because they don’t detract from the overall aesthetic of the outfit. Unfortunately, only some people find this type of underwear to be comfortable.

A good g-string should be high-rise, thin, and seamless. You should try on a barely there G-string if you have the courage to. The simplicity of its design makes it the ideal accessory to finish off a bodycon dress in all its naked glory.

#8 – Seamless Underwear

Are you wondering what underwear to wear with a tight dress? Seamless underwear is recommended for wearing beneath a bodycon garment to prevent your outfit from having any visible lines. This lingerie is created precisely to seem smooth on the skin.

Since it has no seams, it is virtually undetectable even when worn under a close-fitting dress. This way, your contours will be more evident in a bodycon dress with zero distractions. In addition, the seams of a standard panty can be irritating and uncomfortable for persons with sensitive skin. 

When you do a quick scan for seamless underpants or lasers, you’ll discover numerous alternatives for every shade and design, from a thong to a complete brief. There won’t be any dents or ridges to ruin the sleek line you’ve worked so hard to create.

#9 – Seamless Boyshorts

If you prioritize comfort above style, thongs are a possibility but may become irritating after prolonged wear. A haven of premium quality boyshorts is a superb option. Seamless boyshorts are comfortable, crease-free fit, and have the necessary pelvic support.

These boxer briefs double as effective shapewear, so you can enjoy wearing your bodycon without always fussing with the elastic. 

The wider cut of the leg openings means you won’t get chafing even after hours on your feet. Seamless boyshorts are ideal underpants to wear underneath your bodycon as they come in different patterns and materials to suit your bodycon dress.  

woman wearing red elegant dress

How Should a Corset Be Worn Under a Tight Dress?

If you want to wear a corset underneath your dress without showing too much skin, look for a lightweight fabric like satin or cotton and fasten it using satin ribbon laces. After lacing up the corset, wearing shapewear over it might help hide any remaining creases or bulges.

How Can a Bodycon Dress Make You Look Good?

A bodycon dress can make you look good only if you wear it correctly. And how do you do this? It is quite simple. The first thing is that you should make shapewear your best friend. You can also try the best waist trainer for lower belly fat.

Minimize accessorizing and pick dark colors for your bodycon. It would be best if you also considered layering your bodycon with a loose cardigan or a denim jacket. 

How Should I Style Bodycon Dresses With Shoes?

It is best to stay clear of flats. According to trendsetters, it would be a fashion faux pas to wear a bodycon dress—the ultimate in glitz and glamor—with sneakers or flats. 

Some of the shoes you can wear with your bodycon dress include:

  • Ankle boots
  • Cut-out heels
  • Combat boots
  • Wedge sandals
  • Ballerina pumps
  • Thigh-high boots
  • Ankle-strap heels
  • Lace-up high heels
  • Pointed-toe stilettos


A bodycon dress is a type of body-hugging, stretchy garment that accentuates attention to a woman’s contours. When combined with adhesive bra cups, a seamless bra, or push-up bras for enhancing cleavage, a body shaper is a fantastic technique to appear more contoured and flawless in a tight-fitting dress.

In place of shapewear, you could wear seamless underwear, boyshorts, g-strings, and thongs, or even choose to go commando. 

You can achieve an elegant effect by pairing your bodycon dress with different shoes. Don’t be timid about taking risks. When it comes to adding accessories, use as few as possible. You can use the advice in this article to guarantee that you look terrific in your bodycon dress. 

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