7 Awesome Stairmaster Benefits

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Are you looking to utilize a stepper machine like StairMaster? It may look daunting at first glance but trust us— it is worth it!

StairMaster is a new trend on TikTok, and millions of people around the world love this trend. People are ditching their traditional treadmill and opting for this workout machine for high-intensity cardio workouts.

But do you know what staircase master is? There are many StairMaster benefits that we are unboxing in this article. Stay tuned!

What Is a StairMaster?

StairMaster allows users to step and climb at a set speed and mode. It is an effective cardio machine similar to treadmills but lets you do high-intensity workouts to strengthen your lower body. It is also great for cardiovascular fitness.

It has levels of adjustments tuned as per difficulty choice. So, whether you are a novice or an expert, everyone may utilize it. It is the best exercising tool for legs, hips, and thighs, mainly for quads, hamstrings, calf muscles and glutes.

What Is StairMaster Good For?

StairMaster is a physical fitness machine for short, moderate, or intense workouts. The StairMaster calories burned depends upon the intensity and regularity.

This machine is best for toning the entire leg structure rather than strides. You can keep your legs fit as you age and improve bone health.

Do you have difficulty climbing steps? You probably have bone health or cardiovascular issues. Since StairMaster does not put a strain on joints, it may also benefit people suffering from osteoporosis. It also corrects body posture to make every day better.

There are many benefits of StairMaster. People looking for toning legs and abs and improving their overall fitness level must go for it.

People spend hours on treadmills to get desired results, but this machine is customizable and great for small spaces. StairMaster workout to lose weight is also popular amongst reel makers. It strengthens muscles, tones the body, burns calories, and enhances coordination.

While elliptical machines focus on strides, StairMaster work on the entire leg structure. It is an all-in-one workout machine. It also keeps data on your heart rate and calories burned in real-time. StairMaster is an ergonomically designed machine for comfortable exercise. You have freedom to choose different levels of workouts and intensity.

StairMaster Benefits

StairMaster benefits users from head to toe. It is an excellent form of cardiovascular fitness to shed extra kilos and gain body muscles.

training on a stair master machine

StairMaster results maximize with proper diet and exercise. If you are a routine jogger or runner, stair climbing can bring a change to your daily regime.

#1 – Boost Your Cardiovascular Health

The heart and blood arteries are part of the body’s cardiovascular system. It transports essential nutrients, oxygen, and waste through these bloodstreams.

When you push yourself to go for an intense workout, your body responds quickly and starts transporting things fast by increasing your heart rate. It is possible to train the heart muscles accordingly. Hence, working out on a StairMaster is beneficial for cardiorespiratory fitness.

Note- Always begin with low-intensity workouts, if you are doing physical activity after a long time. Your muscles may get injured if you jump for intense exercises.

#2 – Boost Your Metabolism

You have a faster metabolism, if you have more muscle mass. StairMaster is a great workout for the lower body as it boosts your metabolism. You do not gain weight and can eat whatever you want when you have a healthy metabolism.

We think that is enough reason for many people to get a StairMaster home.

#3 – Helps You Burn Calories

One of the best ways to burn fat is to get leveled up on StairMaster. These machines are great when you want to exercise in your comfort zone.

So people who are thinking like “does StairMaster burn fat”? Here is the answer, Just 30 minutes on StairMaster can burn up to 280 calories with a moderate workout. Here, cardiovascular rate amps the metabolism too. In short, if you exercise for an hour, you will be burning more calories sitting ideal.

These machines come with a digital in-built calorie counter that records calories burned throughout the session based on your body weight.

#4 – Tone Your Lower Body Muscles

Have you ever climbed the stairs of your office? Have you felt your lower body muscles stretching while you reach on 5th floor? When you do this activity, your leg muscles get into action. Doing this repeatedly with StairMaster can give you toned legs and make your lower body strong.

It helps in building muscle strength and mass endurance. With muscles, it also works on the quadriceps, hamstrings, calf muscles, and glutes. When you lift your leg, your calf muscles are particularly active.


The quads consist of four muscles of the front thigh. It is essential for moving, jogging, running, walking, climbing, and standing up. So, every time you take a step, it engages these muscles making them stronger. Another exercise that assists muscle strength is squats, forward lunges, leg press, etc.


Hamstrings are the three back muscles of the thigh that cohort with the quads. It helps in knee bends for movements like walking, sitting, and running. It means you are developing hamstrings while working on StairMaster. Other helpful exercises that you can perform to strengthen hamstrings are stability ball curls, leg curls, leg deadlifts, etc.


Calf muscles are also a part of leg muscles important for movements like running, walking, and jumping. But the core job of calves is to maintain balance when we stand. Calves muscles contract whenever we take a step forward. If you want to engage these parts, push up through the heels.

training legs on a stair master machine

Few exercises to help are Farmers walk, Smith Machine calf raising, dumbbell calf raising, etc.


The glute muscles are present in the buttocks. It is one of the robust body muscles and helps in hips and thighs motion, so the main job relies on the glutes to lift the leg. StairMaster helps in glutes toning and is among the few cardio machines that can strengthen this region. Your glutes push your leg up after you take one step forward.

You can try wearing a band on your knee to target your glutes better. Few exercises that target glutes are cable kickbacks, barbell hip thrust, sumo deadlifts, etc.

Is the StairMaster Good Cardio than Ellipticals?

StairMaster is better for lower body workouts than ellipticals. Yet, StairMaster and ellipticals are collateral cardio workout products that are easy to use.

Both the machines are great for lower body workout and ace heartbeats but with a bit difference. Ellipticals have low workout impacts that make them great for beginners and people with knee issues.

An elliptical is the gentlest of all machines and is less likely to cause hip and knee injuries. You can go through mini stepper vs. mini elliptical for more information.

#5 – Tone Your Upper Body Muscles

We know StairMaster targets lower body muscles, but you can target the upper body muscles by adding weights while using the machine. It maximizes the efficiency of full-body strength.

For this, pick up a set of dumbbells and start your gym session. But before proceeding, be sure how to tone muscle without bulking up. Weight lifting is good for staying in shape, but overloading may cause injury.

Burning fat requires both upper and lower body muscles to be engaged simultaneously. As you step up again and again with weights in your hands, it increases cardiovascular activity even more, which results in quicker weight loss and mass buildup.

Ensure to take it slow on the StairMaster, if you are lifting weights. Also, go for lighter weights over heavier ones to make a rhythm. Once you are a pro, you can pace up. It solely depends on your range and effort.

#6 – Makes Your Bone and Joints Stronger

As per CDC, almost 1/4th of adults in the U.S. Suffers from joint pain. Prevention is better than cure. Try StairMaster from the beginning to protect joints and bones so that these issues never arise.

StairMaster lays minimal pressure on the joints and bones for good. It is not over pressure, but some amount of pressure positively impacts bone health. Non pressure exercises lead to osteoporosis. Prevent it with low-impact cardio exercises.

But if you already have joint pains, climbing stairs or using steppers can have a reverse impact, and your problem may worsen.

#7 – Improves Your Mood

When you exercise, you sweat, and there is a surge of blood flow in your brain. It releases a chemical known as endorphins that boost your mood and give you a sense of accomplishment. Whenever you feel stressed or anxious, make a way to the gym or step on StairMaster and see the difference.

It also triggers your mental fitness, and you become mentally fit. Any physical activity that pushes you through your limits makes you mentally strong. Besides this, we get positive vibes after working on StairMaster that is all we want for a nice day.

How Long Should You Use a StairMaster?

Due to our busy schedules, we are timebound, and arranging the time for exercise feels irksome. It is something that we wish we may speed up.

woman using stair master for workout

But it depends on consistency and regularity. If you want to sweat more and burn more calories in lesser time, you can try stepping on StairMaster. It is an efficient tool that can provide you full body workout in just 15 minutes.

You can begin with a warm-up of 2 minutes and increase the levels as you pace for another 12 minutes. Later perform a cooldown of 2 minutes of slow activity, and there you go.

Does StairMaster Help Lose Belly Fat?

StairMaster does help in burning a significant amount of calories in a short period which may lead to overall fat loss. The more calories you burn it will result in more fat loss. You will not notice belly fat reduction fast, but it works when you exercise daily. It may help you reduce fat around the midsection.

Is StairMaster Good for Losing Weight?

Yes! StairMaster is an efficient tool for losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Just half n hour workout on the machine can help you burn more than 170 calories. The calories burned to rely on the person’s body mass index.

Is StairMaster Better Than Running?

Both running and StairMaster are good in one aspect. Your aim decides what will be best for you. The StairMaster will be helpful if you are looking for lower body strengthening or gaining muscle mass.

Running is beneficial to leading a healthy lifestyle and training for races.

Are 20 Minutes on the StairMaster Good?

The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week for good health. It equates to 3o minutes of sessions per day. So, half an hour StairMaster exercise is apt for weight loss and toning muscles.

Can the StairMaster Give You Abs?

Abs are visible when your body fat is less and muscles start to show. You burn calories with StairMaster, which lowers your body fat percentage and gives you sculpted abs. But it is achievable if you follow a proper diet, exercise regularly, and lead a healthy lifestyle.


StairMaster is a fabulous cardio workout tool.

StairMaster not only burns calories but makes your body and mind fit. It has so many StairMaster benefits that it is hard to miss this fantastic machine. It assists you in keeping up your physical health as an alternative to the gym.

It primarily targets lower body muscles and strengthens them. Additionally, it supports healthy cardiovascular function. Your complete health depends on having a sound heart, mind, and soul.

What else do you need? Build strength at home with safe workouts and transform yourself into a new you!

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