Peloton vs Elliptical: Which Performs Better?

 by Dr. Steve Hruby, D.C.

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Nowadays, it has become important to spare a good amount of time for your health. Given that sedentary behaviors are encouraged at work, during free time, or even when operating a motor vehicle.

There isn’t much time left to spare. So, while exercising, you want to do something you enjoy (or at least tolerate). That works best for you in the shortest amount of time.

Elliptical and peloton bikes come as two excellent options for increasing cardio fitness and calorie burning. And, peloton vs elliptical remains to be a discussion. Here, let’s compare both of them in a few key areas to help you choose which is best for you.

Difference Between Peloton and Elliptical

Burning Calories

Take either of the two machines, you will find a lot of calorie-burning potential in both. But how many calories you burn depends on how hard you work? This might make it challenging to answer the question: what burns more calories elliptical or peloton? Which one would provide the best value for your time.

The simple form of a peloton bike is intended for use as a piece of equipment for a rigorous workout. With seated climbs, sprints, and challenging hill climbs, the exercises are at different intensities to help you get the most out of your time.

The elliptical machine has a weight-bearing nature. It uses more muscles (lower and upper body) to get the same calorie burn. So, you do need to exert yourself more strenuously on the bike.

The machine that you use frequently and with the greatest possible intensity will
ultimately burn the most calories.

You do need to switch up your exercises on each machine. Because when your body grows acclimated to a certain style of exercise, it becomes more effective and burns fewer calories while performing the same amount of effort.

Muscles Worked

If balancing yourself concerns you while working with your legs, using a peloton cycle might be beneficial. When the resistance is ramped up, standing on the pedals of a peloton cycle helps to add hill work if balance is not an issue.

Your calf muscles, quadriceps, glutes, core, and hamstrings are all worked out on the peloton bike. Increasing the degree of resistance will give you more against which you can push while working to strengthen your legs.

The glutes, quadriceps, and external hips are better worked on the elliptical (external hip muscles). The arm-moving elliptical machines let you exercise your biceps, triceps, chest and shoulder.

Impact on Joints

The Peloton cycle is a high-impact training machine that can aggravate a sore or ailing knee owing to the fast knee-jerk movements performed when pedaling, especially while standing.

woman working out on a stationary bike

Peloton is a rigorous trainer and will exert you to the point of exhaustion. Therefore, it would be best to rest any discomfort you may be experiencing while using a peloton bike.

For reducing the joint impact or muscle soreness, elliptical machines are the best. The user can accelerate more smoothly since they can maintain a steady stance.

Ease of Use

Both kinds of equipment typically include transport wheels that you may tilt for transporting them to and from storage.

Although the weight of elliptical machine is not much, the transport wheels do carry the majority of the weight when compared to a Peloton bike. While the storage space required varies depending on the type, most machines only need a space smaller than 5 feet by 2 feet.

Individually speaking, the goal of the Peloton bike is to provide a cycling-like sensation.
You can call it a straightforward equipment that comes with ease of operation.

Beginners can easily set it up and start working out because it doesn’t take long. The bike’s adjustable seat and handlebars allow you to customize it and accommodate a range of heights for the best training results. A knob given right in the front of the bike can be turned to change the resistance.

You do lose out on fully loaded consoles and some of the other attachments, such as a place to store your iPad or iPod, because of this simplicity.

The purpose of the portable elliptical machine is to give an alternative (low-impact) to
walking and jogging while still allowing you to use your upper body.

You can adjust the pace from very slow to maximum speed to give a full-body exercise while varying the inclination and resistance to make the sessions harder. It may be an excellent aerobic workout, and raising the degree of resistance, can also aid in building strength.

On the con side, it might take some getting accustomed to move in an elliptical motion. Some individuals simply never adjust to it. Additionally, some people feel that their feet might get numb following usage.


Due to the lack of further adjustments needed to the seat and handlebar position, the elliptical is generally safer to operate than the peloton cycle. Additionally, it is a low-impact workout that is good for those who experience mobility issues, lower back discomfort, or back knees.

man with prosthetic leg using an elliptical machine

Elliptical has movable vertical handlebars that increase resistance while also having vertical handlebars that may be utilized for additional support.

The uncomfortable seat of the Peloton bike, which necessitates purchasing additional equipment like seat cushions, is another common complaint I hear from users.


Depending on the model, the devices typically vary from $300 to $2000 in price. The purchase of elliptical machines often includes a more complete console and extras, such as a spot to prop up your tablet or connect to your MP3 player.

Peloton bikes are simple machines that could have a water bottle holder and a simple console. To help you stay motivated and on track with your training, the elliptical machine’s console might feature pre-set workout routines that you can follow along.

The peloton elliptical price depends on the number of features the machine offers.

Is Peloton Working On An Elliptical?

To date, no official speculations or statements have been made regarding Peloton working on an elliptical.

Occasionally, Peloton delivery team members have been said to have hinted that a Peloton elliptical is in the works. But these have not been the most reliable claims, and there has never been any proof to substantiate this.

How to Use Peloton App on Elliptical?

Although the majority of the on-demand programmes offered by Peloton are for the Peloton treadmill, cycle, and mat, the elliptical may be used for a variety of tread exercises and rides.

It’s simple to use a peloton app on an elliptical. All you need to do is follow these steps while using your tablet or smartphone.

Take a towel and your water bottle. Place the iPad or smartphone on the elliptical as you are riding it. There may be a tilting screen with a little shelf where you can conveniently set up your phone or tablet, depending on the elliptical machine model. Most machines come with a shelf since people like to read books or kindles while exercising.

Depending on the music and intensity, choose the exercise. Then, connect the app to your athletic headphones and begin working out. The resistance is simple to manage and alter as necessary.

What Else You Should Know…

Is Peloton Better Than Elliptical?

Both pieces of equipment offer a low-impact workout. The peloton cycle, especially one with a perimeter-weighted flywheel, offers a reduced impact workout and can aid in your recovery if you have lower body ailments. You can exert the same amount of effort while burning more calories on the elliptical.

group of people using elliptical machines in the gym

The peloton bike’s ease of use and speedy set-up are two of its main benefits. It takes some practice to become accustomed to the elliptical machine and become familiar with the various training settings. So, answering what’s better elliptical or bike, depends on the person making the purchase.

Is The Elliptical or Bike Better For Weight Loss?

Peloton is better for losing belly fat. Since it won’t target the belly fat specifically, but will help you burn the most calories possible, causing your body to naturally lose weight throughout, including the belly.

Peloton also provides pilates, yoga, and other exercise choices. Even your core gets strengthened. The tummy might seem smaller and more toned when core strengthening is combined with exercise and weight reduction than it would if you merely used an elliptical machine.

So, for people who ask, can you lose weight on elliptical or not? The answer is yes, but not like a peloton.

Can You Use Peloton Like An Elliptical?

Peloton misses on the extra features that an elliptical bike provides. So, in terms of those features, no pelotons are not replaceable with ellipticals but the number of calories you are burning can be the same.

Also, the workouts can be replicated. People often ask, are elliptical calories accurate or is it the same as peloton bikes? The answer is they are more or less the same. It is your workout that counts.

Is The Elliptical Better Than a Stationary Bike?

Both the stationary bike and elliptical machine will provide you with a low-impact cardio workout, making them appropriate for novices, those who are recuperating from injuries, or anybody with joint problems. You can also check stationary bike for bad knees.

Even if you’re not in one of the aforementioned groups but still want a challenging cardio workout, both machines feature choices to adjust resistance or pace to spice up your exercise on any given day.

In the end, whatever machine is ideal for you will depend on your preferences and goals, the amount of work you put in, and which equipment you enjoy using more (and therefore are more likely to use consistently).


As discussed, both the peloton and the elliptical are reliable cardio devices that aid in calorie burning and fitness enhancement. Thanks to the additional features like FTP, power motor, and the choice of hundreds of classes, that make customers believe that the peloton offers more value for the money.

It can be said that the elliptical is a superior option for those who have mobility issues and just wish to workout at a low-impact speed. And the best question to ask after buying one is how long should you run on an elliptical to lose weight or on a peloton to lose weight because your workout is all that matters.

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