5 Crazy Secrets On How To Wear a Pencil Skirt With a Tummy!

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Pencil skirts will embrace your midsection and rear, enhancing the contours of your figure. Generally, this is among the prettiest and most empowered feminine outfits. However, you can experience discomfort and self-consciousness if you have a tummy. This is why many women are searching for how to wear a pencil skirt with a tummy.

It’s normal to have a tummy, and there are many ways to design a pencil skirt so that it doesn’t draw attention to that area of your body. Your hidden arsenal could be a pencil skirt if you want to enter a place and feel and seem authoritative. 

Whether your body is softer, rounder, or older, there are still styles of donning a pencil skirt. In this article, you’ll find exactly how to wear a pencil skirt if you have a belly. 

Use Shapewear

For many reasons, you deserve shapewear, whether skinny or curvy.  Shapewear, worn beneath your clothing, works to smooth out and tuck in the midsection.

Wear shapewear for belly management and butt lifting if you want to seem poised in a pencil skirt. Any unwelcome curves are promptly smoothed away, allowing you to wear a pencil skirt flawlessly.

It could be difficult zipping up the top waist of a high-waist pencil skirt if you have a large stomach. There won’t be any belly flab on the upper tummy where the skirt finishes, thanks to high waist shapewear, which holds everything in position.

Mid-thigh shapewear will also aid in maintaining your bottom, hips, and thighs in a sleek and curvy manner if the hem of your skirt hits the knee.

Do you wear underwear with shapewear? Well, most shapewear is designed to be snug. Therefore, underwear might make it too tight and make you uncomfortable. 

You can also wear a camisole to slimline your tummy. The best slimming camisole with built in bra cinches in your waist area for that hourglass body effect. 

Consider the Pencil Skirt Style

Pencil skirts vary widely. Certain pencil skirt designs or styles will appear more alluring than others when worn with a tummy.

walking person holding a bag wearing black skirt and heels

The style and material of a skirt truly make a difference. Here are a few skirt styles to consider while trying to figure out how to wear a pencil skirt with a tummy.

Pencil Skirt With Elastic Waistband

A pencil skirt with thick elastic waistband is the most fantastic option for concealing your stomach. The substantial waistband maintains the position of the stomach by acting as shapewear.

In addition to helping to tighten the waist, thick elastic waistbands also have the advantage of hiding a stomach. The elastic waistband will tuck in your tummy fat. Additionally, they stretch, making them highly forgiving. When you have a “food baby,” you won’t need to be concerned because the elastic band will expand along with you!

Even if you are self-conscious about your stomach, it is the finest approach to feeling secure and at ease.

Ruched Pencil Skirt

If you haven’t worn a ruched pencil skirt before, you should because it will tenfold improve the attractiveness of your outfit. The ideal skirt to hide a pot belly is one with ruched detailing around the tummy. A pencil skirt with ruched fabric will work because ruched elements are fashionable.

It functions by generating an illusion with the garment’s fluted segments. Simply put, it completely conceals the tummy for a slender effect. 

Side Slit Pencil Skirt

An underrated skirt feature that can change how people perceive you is a side slit. It’s no secret that side-slit pencil skirts are hot right now, and this is a creative design and response to how to wear pencil skirt casually.

The slit might produce straight lines that attract the eye up and from the stomach region. Additionally, it just lengthens your legs, especially if you’re wearing a stylish pair of heels.

Pencil Skirt Made of Structured Fabric

Your clothing’s composition can either accentuate or conceal your stomach. For example, cotton and other body-hugging fabrics can draw attention to a large tummy.

woman wearing black leather top and skirt

Instead, seek patterned or more rigid materials that maintain their shape, like tweed, pseudo leather, or denim. These materials will conceal a stomach, giving the impression that you are thinner.

Peplum Pencil Skirt

These skirts are elegant and will give you an instantly polished appearance. They also include a built-in waist region that extends outward to conceal any belly fat.

This is an all-time favorite skirt to cover up any bloating or food babies in this style. A peplum skirt is ideal for wearing to work and formal occasions.

Fishtail Pencil Skirt

A lovely fishtail pencil skirt is your trump card to distinguish yourself from the crowd if you want to create a more feminine and playful pencil skirt look.

Again drawing attention vertically, the wide pleats at the bottom make your stomach area less noticeable. Pairing a fishtail pencil skirt with an off-the-shoulder shirt and stiletto shoes will leave you feeling like a goddess. 

Vertical Striped Pencil Skirt

If you are concerned about your tummy appearing huge, buying a skirt with vertical stripes will help. Vertical stripes provide a slimming and elongating impact. You will seem long and lean if you wear pencil skirts with vertical lines, such as stripes, slits, or long zippers.

Monochrome Pencil Skirt

A monochromatic outfit usually helps you look put together, especially for smaller bodies. Although a midi pencil skirt is difficult to dress, wearing one with similar colors can unify your body and give the impression that you are visibly taller and slimmer. So use color to your advantage to influence events.

A monotone ensemble is highly fashionable and refined. Due to the single color’s ability to harmonize the figure, it also comes with the bonus of creating a taller and leaner look.

Play around with contrasting textures and similar hues of the similar color while wearing the same garment. Your attire will look more fascinating as a result. 

Choose Your Top

One aspect of the struggle is knowing what pencil skirt to wear. Knowing how to style a pencil skirt will also help to cover up a large stomach further. Here are some pointers on tops to help you appear slimmer in a pencil skirt.

smiling woman wearing red top and black pencil skirt

A Coat or Cardigan During the Winter

Don’t be afraid to wear a cardigan or jacket. The most excellent time to dress in your pencil skirt is on a cool day, especially if you are self-conscious about your stomach. You now have a valid reason to include your beloved cardigan, jacket, or blazer.

The beautiful thing about jackets and cardigans is that you may wear a long one to cover your tummy. Even if you choose not to wear a long cover-up, it is still a fantastic technique to balance your overall silhouette and divert attention away from your stomach.

Top With a Front Tie

A top or blouse with a front tie will cover your stomach and help balance the rest of your appearance. Ensure your shirt, top, or shirt has some design or attention-grabbing elements if you want to detract from your stomach.

A front tie is a good accent since it immediately draws attention to the upper body. Considering how snug and form-fitting the pencil skirt is, it is also a fantastic method to add balance.

Long Top To Cover Your Tummy

Don’t restrict your pencil skirt ensemble to only the composed, sophisticated look. It’s always entertaining to unblock some new couples. 

Wear a longer top over the pencil skirt untucked. You won’t have to worry about exposing your stomach because the lengthier top will cover your tummy area. Be creative by layering a cropped sweater over a lengthier dress shirt for a layered look.

Pair your leather pencil skirt with the tunic-style white shirt and a cropped sweater for a stylish female look if you prefer to wear the top out.


Whenever you are unsure, make good use of your accessories!


A scarf is a special fashion item that can save the day when it comes to hiding excess belly fat. The key is to find one that is lengthy and reaches your stomach.

Letting a scarf drape around your neck and over your stomach will cover the upper tummy where the skirt clings to your body. A scarf also brings vibrancy, complexity, and flair to your attire.

Beautiful Earrings or a Necklace

The goal is to focus the gaze elsewhere if you have a tummy and feel self-conscious about wearing a pencil skirt.

Almost all body types look beautiful in a pencil skirt, but adding accessories may still draw attention to different areas of your body. The easiest method to go about it is to wear accessories on your upper body and face.

Wear the Skirt With Heels

If you’re unsure how to dress a pencil or tube skirt, try wearing it with heels. Your legs may appear short in a midi pencil skirt.

person wearing black high heeled shoes

Therefore, the easiest way to lengthen them is to wear high heels with the outfit. They give the impression that you are taller and have longer legs. 

You won’t have to worry about your tummy fat being the center of attention because it heels will make your outfit look beautiful. You may achieve this appearance with any heel, including block heels and stilettos. 

Style Tips: How Should a Pencil Skirt Fit FAQS

What Body Shape Can Wear a Pencil Skirt?

On every body type, pencil skirts are universally attractive. Consequently, everybody can wear a pencil skirt. They can emphasize and accentuate curves, which makes them highly attractive. 

What Color Makes You Look the Skinniest?

Black is considered a slimming color. Dark hues that slim you down and cover up faults include black, navy blue, dark brown, and even purple. Conversely, brighter and lighter colors tend to highlight undesirable curves. Red can also work. Choose a shade that pairs well with your skin tone if you opt for red. 

Are Pencil Skirts Flattering

Yes. In the opinion of many designers and women, pencil skirts are the most attractive. Pencil skirts have a classic appeal that never goes out of style, whether worn to work or on a night out. In the end, the combination of what you wear and how you wear it completes the ensemble.


Of course, we all like to hear compliments about how stunning we are and how much aura exudes through our personality, in this case, their attire. The first step in identifying your body type and needs is choosing the appropriate pencil skirt.

You may find that pencil skirts are not simply for small girls with a trim waist and a flat stomach; it could also be your answer for how to hide postpartum belly.

You can discover a flattering pencil skirt that will compress your tummy and leave you feeling wonderful as you need to. So it would be best if you never let belly fat get in the middle of you heading out feeling groovy and fashionable.

The best fashion advice on how to wear a pencil skirt with a stomach will enable you to embrace this alluring ensemble in a refined and modest manner. Finding one that fits you properly is the key, as is using fabric, patterns, colors, style, mixing, and pairing creatively.

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