How To Use the Yoga Blocks (Complete Guide)

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Want to do and advance yoga practice with the yoga blocks? Here we have brought the detail of the practice with the yoga blocks for you.

A yoga block is a tool that we can use in our yoga practice. The yoga block can make the practice even more efficient and enjoyable. It provides help for having many different kinds of postures during the yoga practice. A yoga block is recommended for both the beginners and the yoga freaks that are already into the detailed practice.

Bring your yoga block and indulge yourself in a variety of yoga exercises.

I this article we are going to give you details about how you can use your yoga block in your yoga practice, how your yoga block is going to affect your daily practice and what will be the impact in your routine.

How To Use the Yoga Blocks

There are several ways to use the yoga block. Here we bring some of the easiest and the common ways for you.

Chest Opening Pose

This is an advanced form of the fish pose. This can only be possible if you have a yoga block. People admire this practice because it involves a lot of strength of the shoulder and the chest muscles. It is also the start of the heart-opening practice.


For getting this posture you have to do the following things with your yoga blocks.

  • Take the two yoga blocks. The foam yoga blocks are preferred in this practice
  • Arrange the box in a rough T shape form.
  • Place a block beneath your ribs and a block under your head. The head must be a little higher than the chest or ribs.
  • Now take your time to adjust to this position and make sure that you don’t feel any pressure on your lower back.
  • Bend your knees by keeping your upper body in the same position.
  • Place your arms in a comfortable position.
  • When you are all settled for this posture take deep breathes for at least 1 minute.

Puppy Pose

This is another chest opening pose. This is also helpful for strengthening the muscles of the arms. This will achieve by stretching the triceps muscles of the arms.

yoga blocks on a mat


Here are some important instructions that help attain this puppy pose.

  • For this practice, you need 2 foam yoga blocks. Place them in the middle of their height. Place them side by side. The two blocks are preferred because it is suitable to have one for each arm.
  • Lay down the yoga mat by facing it.
  • Place your elbows on the middle of the yoga blocks. Adjust the yoga blocks in a way that the upper arms and the shoulders are widths apart.
  • Hang down your head and roll your upper arm bones away from your ears.
  • Join the palms together and touch your back with your joined thumbs.
  • You will feel a stretch at this position.
  • While being in this stretch take deep breathes for at least five minutes.

Sun Salutation

This practice is important to evolve the doctor muscles. The educator’s muscles are responsible for bringing our thigh bones towards each other. Here is the practice for the neglected educator muscles.


Here is the easy procedure of doing the sun salutation practice. Follow this and evolve the educator’s muscles.

  • You need to have a yoga block in this practice.
  • Stand straight in the mountain pose.
  • Take the yoga block and have its narrowest side.
  • Place this yoga block between your thighs.
  • Your feet should be a little apart from each other. While the thighs should be the least apart.
  • Now inhale while stretching your arms upward and exhale while bringing them back to their original position.
  • Do this practice for at least 5 minutes.

This was the simplest sun salutation. There are many variations in this practice. If you are a beginner you should start with the simple sun salutation and then you should move to the complex sun salutations.

These all yoga practices are possible with the yoga blocks and these are some important practices when it comes to yoga. Besides these enlisted practices, there are many more to explore that you can do with the yoga blocks.

outdoor workout using yoga blocks

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What Are Yoga Blocks?

A yoga block is one of the probes that you can use in your yoga practice. The yoga block is very helpful to have. It can give proper adjustment and advice you on a variety of practices that you can do with it.

The yoga blocks are made up of corks, bamboo, wood, and foam. The most preferred of all is the block made of foam. They are available in different sizes also.

What Size of Yoga Block Should I Get?

The yoga block is present in a variety of sizes. There are many different dimensions available when you talk about the yoga block. The most commonly used yoga block is 4 inches, in all the yoga studios universally you will find the yoga block having dimensions of 4 into 6 into 9 inches.

It is advisable to have a yoga block that suits your practices.

What Is Better, Foam Blocks or Cork Blocks?

Both cork and the form block are used by the practitioner. The foam yoga blocks are softer and sow little resistance when pressure is applied to them. In contrast to this, the cork yoga blocks are firm and stable that is why the cork blocks are preferred.


The yoga block may be new to many of the yoga freaks out there. Those who are indulging in the deep yoga practice may have some now how about the yoga blocks. The yoga block is a probe that can be used during yoga practice. There is a variety of exercises that we can do with the yoga bolls.

In the paragraphs above we have enlisted some of the common and easy practices that we can do with the yoga blocks. These practices are easy to do help evolve important muscles of the body.

If you want to know other practices that you can do with the yoga block let us know in the comment section below.

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