How To Tie Waist Beads (9 Things to Consider)

Waist beads are admired all around the world but the very first question people ask is how to wear them? Well to jump onto that horse, you need to understand the construction of waist beads to be able to handle them placidly.

Waist beads are basically fashionable strands of colorful and vibrant beads with stretch cord worn around the belly, neckline, waist, or hips.

They are absolutely super adjustable for any body type and give out fantastic weight loss results. This article will provide in-depth insight on how to tie waist beads.

Belly beads or waist beads are generally worn for weight loss, maintaining posture, or creating a sexual desire. They also symbolize African tradition and Ghanaian culture from where its trend originated.

They give a sexy and stylish look and boosts confidence in women. However, waist beads could be worn permanently, semi-permanently, and removable as well depending on individual liking and taste.

They could be worn while sleeping, sitting, swimming, or even bathing too. You can wear as many strands as you want or just keep one hidden under your clothes or show off in your bikini.

Now we all wonder the answer to the basic question of how to tie waist beads? Let’s begin to understand the procedure step by step to prevent you from any mistakes of tying the strand around too tight or loose and cause them to break or fall off your waistline.

How To Tie Waist Beads in 2022

1. Number of Waist Beads

Before you hop onto tying the waist beads, you should decide how many strands you want to put on therefore adjoining all the strands together that will go around your waist.

The more waist beads you join the more will be the volume of waist beads around the waist and you will wrap it around multiple times. It gives an embellished look. But you can also go for a single or double strand, it’s entirely up to your liking.

2. Suitable Location

You need to make up your mind whether you want to wrap the waist beads around your waist, belly, hips, or neckline. When you find a suitable spot it’s easy to adjust.

3. Wrap Beads Around

The next pivotal step is to wrap the strands of waist beads around your waist and adjust it on the part of the body you chose and hang thereby holding the strand with your thumb.

waist beads

You can wrap waist beads multiple times as you want and can also wrap them like you put on a belt around your waist. It’s that simple to begin.

4. Determine Tightness

When you have comfortably adjusted the strand around your body, determine how much tightness you desire. It should not be too tight causing it to break when you’re sitting or bloated.

Similarly, it should not be sluggishly loose that it falls off your waist. Now when you have determined the level of tightness you want, hold that end of the waist beads.

Some waist beads also come with a hook at the end that can fit perfectly fine but in varying body types, you might want to tie the ends even before the hooks meet. Now when a comfortable length is secured, just hold on to the excessive beads at the end of the strand.

5. Remove Excess Beads

While holding onto the ends of strands, remove any excessive beads so it can create some space for you to tie the knot. Either save the beads or discard them, it’s totally your decision.

However, if the strand of beads at the end is long enough that you wouldn’t want to waste it, go around and wrap one more time or detach the extra strand. The beads should all be pushed back from the anchor bead to avoid any gaps in the strand.

6. Tie and Cut off the Excess String

If the waist beads have hooks, screw them together. If it’s a simple strand-like most waist beads have, intertwine the string together into 2-3 tight knots or even more if you feel it’s not secure enough.

If you find it loose, remove the extra beads then tie them together. But remember, it will stay on permanently so need to make it tight as you can hold for a longer time.

After you tied the knot, remove excessive beads on the edge or even cut out the extra strand so it doesn’t itch you, or maybe leave out just a quarter in case you tied it wrongly.

7. Use a Clasp

A clasp would be efficiently helpful in holding the edges of waist beads together for a longer time and it’s a good alternative as well. If it’s not very tight around your waist, you can also remove some extra waist beads from around your waist.

beads jewelry

8. Secure the Beads

A very crucial step is to make sure that the waist beads are tied securely and won’t fall off or loosen any time sooner. You definitely don’t want to go through the struggle of adjusting it every day as it eventually gets frustrating. So make 4-5 knots to ensure it stays in place and is tight enough.

9. Use Nail Glue

Another method to make sure that the ends are sealed is to use nail glue to stick the ends together. But obviously, you will need to tie the knot also because nail glue can’t single-handedly do this job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Wear Waist Beads?

Waist beads have excellent weight loss results and give you feminine curves. Moreover, it gives a glamorous feel. And everyone wants to look trendy.

What Things Do I Need To Tie Waist Beads?

You only need

  • Dry hands
  • A pair of scissors
  • Container to catch extra beads.

You can also read a guide about the benefits of waist beads here


People often worry about whether the waist beads will stick around their waist or belly for a longer time and if they will need daily adjustments and be so troublesome to wear. There’s no such case!

We have elaborated every step eloquently and provided you various alternatives to make the ends of waist beads perfectly sealed.

Your question about how to tie waist beads is comprehensively answered with your utmost satisfaction that you can utilize clasps, nail glue, hooks, or even tie 4-5 knots manually around your waist.

While we hope this article has equipped you with all the necessary steps and guidelines, we will also suggest a perfect brand from where you can purchase vibrant waist beads.

Salircon stretchy waist beads for weight loss and charm are a superb choice. These are handmade waist beads and multipurpose as well, that you can wear around your neckline, waist, belly, or hips wherever you desire.

Now make yourself look trendy and stylish. If you like this article, acknowledge us in the comment section and also tell us your favorite place to tie waist beads.

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