How To Put On a Waist Trainer (Complete Guide)

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Who doesn’t want a sexy waist and flaunt its beauty? We usually go after the best waist trainers available in the market to do the perfect job for us. But it wouldn’t be perfect unless we know how to put it to use effectively or how to wear it to get the perfect hourglass figure.

No worries! We have listed the top three methods to wear a waist trainer you will love yourself after knowing the hack.

A waist trainer is an advanced form of corsets that crux your waist. While it can decrease the size of your abdomen by squeezing in your lower ribs, it will not really lose your belly fat but helps you in gaining the hourglass figure. But make sure to use it after doctor consultation if you have any type of allergic or medical checkups going on.

So, without wasting a second let us, straight dive, into the simple steps for wearing a waist trainer.

How To Put On a Waist Trainer

Buy a Perfect Waist Trainer

The most important thing is a good quality waist trainer. A cheap or poor-quality waist trainer will not give you a better result. Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your waist halfway between your hips and ribs. Once you have noted your measurement compare it with the size chart of the waist trainer and buy the one for you.

woman taking waist measurement

There are a variety of waist trainers available in the market ranging from multiple rows of hooks and eyes, straps at the top, or built-in bras. Some may have an extra zipper also attached to them so by the one best suited for you. We recommend you buy the one with an extra zipper so you can adjust accordingly.

Put On the Trainer

Once you have bought the best waist trainer for you. Now it’s time to wear it to get the ideal hourglass figure. What you have to do is lie down or breathe in then put on your trainer. Connect the hooks and secure the trainer on your body.

At first, we recommend you get the loose setting. As every waist trainer has several rows of hooks, so use the loose hooks setting at first. You can feel uncomfortable at first if you start with the tight hook settings.

Wear Clothes To Hide It

People want to hide the waist trainer. So, wear lightweight clothes on it and cover it. We recommend you to wear short sweaters or stuff like wool etc. and enjoy.

Wear It During the Day Only

Though, waist trainers are very popular nowadays. But its frequent use is not appreciated. you can wear your waist trainer during the day for up to 8 hours. You can also wear it according to your choice if you are not feeling comfortable after few hours just wear it off.

Once you start noticing the result then you can tighten your waist trainer. You may observe results after a week or two. So, be patient!

woman hooking on waist trainer corset

Note: It is recommended to not wear it when you go to sleep or when you feel so uncomfortable you can remove it and get relax.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Wear My Waist Trainer During My Workout?

The answer is no. We recommend you to not wear the waist trainer during your workout sessions as it does not really help in reducing the fat so why wear it. And it may not allow you to breathe deeply as well as it doesn’t allow you to move freely.

How Tight Should Be My Waist Trainer?

This is the most common question asked by people. A waist trainer must fit tight enough that you can pull your belly in on the third hook closure. It should not roll over the waist as this is a sign that your waist trainer size is small. Your waist trainer ought not to meddle with your breathing and you should not encounter any agony.


So, this article has summed up the process to put on a waist trainer pretty nicely and we hope it resolved all your worries relating to wearing a waist trainer!

Now you can easily put it on but remember that waist trainers often get loose after frequent use as you also get slimmer. So, a perfect waist trainer will give you the hourglass figure you always idealized. Just follow the instruction above, put on your waist trainer and enjoy!

If you like our article and want to learn more about the waist trainers let us know in the comment section below it will highly be appreciated.

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