How To Make Bumper Plates (4 Easy Steps)

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Are you a gym freak? And want to do the workouts with some high-quality bumper plates? But can’t afford them? Here we bring an idea through which you can make your bumper plates with a little amount of money.

There is a variety of bumper plates in the market. They are in different styles, designs and even in different colors. These are expensive also as they offer a huge variety of colors and designs. If you don’t have bumper plates then you are compromising on your workouts.

In this article, we are going to give you an idea of how you can make bumper plates of your own. These bumper plates will not cost you much and they are of optimum quality also. You can do your daily workout with these homemade bumper plates.

How To Make Bumper Plates

Material Required

To make bumper plates of your own you will require the following material.

  • Two tiers of the same size with the rims and other things connected.
  • A barbell
  • 2 outside collars.

The Procedure of Making Bumper Plates

1. First of all, buy two wheels and tires of the same size from any local market. You can even have some spare tires in your home also. Try to reuse them.

a person about to lift a barbell
  • The diameter of the tires should be 7.5 cm.
  • These should have an opening of 20 mm.

2. The next step is fixing the tires with the flanges. The flanges can cost you a little but these are important to fix the tires on the barbell. They will get fixed with bolts and nuts. Fixed them tightly.

  • Fix both the tires with the flanges.

3. In the third step, you need to have a barbell. This barbell should be 50 mm thick so that it can easily pass from the opening of the flanges.

  • Pass the barbell from the opening of the flanges.

4. Once you have passed the barbell into the opening of the flanges. Attach the outside collars by adjusting the proper distance between the wheels.

Your homemade bumper plates are all ready. You can now have a quality workout with these plates at your home.


Which Material Is Used in the Making of Bumper Plates?

Bumper plates are made of solid rubber material. This material makes it compatible with heavy Olympic liftings.

woman in black sportswear lifting a barbell

Name Some Best Weight Plates?

  1. American barbell rubber Olympic.
  2. Hi-temp bumper plates.
  3. Rogue color KG training plates.
  4. Force USA pro-grade colored plates.


Let’s head towards the summary.

Having bumper plates is one of the important things in your gym collection. Your workout is not complete if you don’t have bumper plates. Bumper plates these days are very expensive. Most people don’t afford these high-end bumper plates. To overcome this problem we have provided you with the DIY of making bumper plates at home.

These bumper plates are very cheap, and you can do a quality workout with these. Follow the above steps very precisely to have the best experience with the homemade bumper plates.

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