How To Make a Waist Trainer (Easy Method)

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Everyone’s inspired by Kylie Jenner’s waist as she recovered after her girl Stormie Webster. But it’s unlikely to have enough money to spend on pricy waist trainers so here’s great news for you! We have come up with the best method to make a waist trainer at home and get the sexy waist everyone dreams off.

A waist trainer is a versatile band worn around the stomach. Waist trainers are getting popular nowadays due to their ability to shape the waist and get the slim belly you always dream to have.

So, waist trainers are meant to help in reducing weight and getting the hourglass figure. More often than not abdomen mentors are produced using thick versatile texture with bands, Velcro, or snares to keep it lashed around your waist.

Without wasting more time in discussing the waist trainers let us straight dive into the simple steps to make the one best waist trainer at home that everyone can afford.

How To Make a Waist Trainer

Grab the Best Vitamin E Oil

We all know the benefits of vitamin E are super amazing and It’s convenient to get some. So what you have to do is take a good quality vitamin on your hands and massage it gently on your stomach. Make sure to rub it evenly on your stomach.

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Wrap Your Stomach

Once you have gently massaged your stomach now it’s time to wrap a plastic sheet around the stomach. That works as a waist trainer around your belly. You may find it difficult to wrap it around yourself. You may seek help from anyone else.

Wear It As Long as Possible

Wear it as long as you feel comfortable. For better results, it is recommended to wear it for a longer time. But it is advised to use after the doctor consultation if you have any skin problem or medications going on.

Take Off Your Waist Trainer

Now it’s time to take off the wrap and get relax. It will be slightly messy as it will contain the vitamin oil that you have massaged. You may wrap it off in the bathroom so you can take a shower just after removing it.

Exfoliate With Sea Salt

Last but not least it is the final step to exfoliate your stomach with sea salt. The need for this salt is clearly evident. This natural ingredient has the power of exfoliating skin naturally and tightening the skin. So, just scrubbing it on your stomach will help you in tightening your abs and get the ideal figure by just using it frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I Wear a Waist Trainer During My Postpartum Phase?

According to the medical point of view, it is not recommended to wear a waist trainer during your postpartum phase. There are a lot of things going on in the abdominal cavity of the woman and the uterus is expanded. So, it is recommended to avoid wearing a waist trainer during your postpartum phase.

After How Long You Will Start Seeing the Results?

If you wear waist trainers for up to 6 hours for 4 to 5 days a week then you will start seeing the results within a week or two. Its consistent use will give you long-term results after permanent use of up to 5 months.

Can I Wear My Waist Trainer to My Bed?

The answer is simple and clear and that is NO! You should always take off your waist trainer while going to bed as well as during your workout sessions.


We have explained the easy steps to make a DIY waist trainer at home. Once you have made a DIY waist trainer then it’s time to glow up and get into an hourglass figure but all you have to do is wear it frequently to get better results. The combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise will give you rapid and effective results.

In a nutshell, whatever waist trainer you buy for you whether an expensive one or a DIY waist trainer all you need is its consistency to get the sexy look. As we all know that consistency is a key to success.

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