How to Hide Lower Belly Fat in Jeans [Do’s and Don’ts]

 by Dr. Steve Hruby, D.C.

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It’s normal to carry some extra weight in the abdominal region or around the love handles, but it shouldn’t stop you from rocking your favorite pair of jeans. Even while we look for ways of how to hide lower belly fat in jeans and work to improve ourselves, we should take stock of and be grateful for the many blessings in our lives.

Wearing form-fitting garments might highlight any excess fat in the abdomen. This highly depends on the style of your pants. Low-rise jeans, for example, could expose the lower belly if they are too snug around the middle. Let’s look at some tips to help prevent this from occurring. 

#1 – Select the Right Jeans

Finding the right pair of jeans that snugs all the right areas can be challenging. If you are wondering how to make your stomach look flat in clothes, fortunately, a wide variety of options are made to ensure that you look and feel great in denim. There are various cuts and shades to explore. 

Suppose putting on jeans makes you feel self-conscious about your tummy, try wearing flattering clothes for big stomach, which include the following. 

Try on Some Wide Leg Jean

As a counter-reaction to the popularity of skinny jeans, styles with wider legs have increased to offer an alternative. As a result of their looser fit in the hips, wide-leg jeans tend to draw less attention to the stomach. Combining high-waist pants and broad legs is a sure way to hide belly fat in jeans. 

Stretchy Denim

You need a more flexible fabric blend to help you shape your hips and waistline if you’re trying to hide some additional weight around your midsection. Try to get a pair of jeans that fits you well but has a little stretch because they are constructed with synthetic fabric. 

Your jeans can do more for you if they are made from a blend of synthetics and cotton. Wear cheeky underwear or thong to hide any unsightly bulges in the crotch area, as this denim style typically comes in more form-fitting cuts.

A Size Should Be Chosen Based on Comfort

Do some sizing experimentation before settling on a final pair. You should always try the jeans before purchasing them, even though you know your usual size, to ensure they fit correctly.

Don’t fret if you try on a pair of jeans and realize they’re either too tiny or very big. Instead, go up or down a size. Remember to check with the salesperson to see if the size will alter after washing.

Choose Black or Dark-Wash Jeans to Make Yourself Look Slimmer

If you’re self-conscious about your tummy, a good pair of dark-washed or black jeans will help you feel more confident. You can’t go wrong with any of these four dark denim options: black, dark navy, gray, or charcoal. You might want to steer clear of light-washed or white jeans.

Choose Mid-Rise or High-Rise Styles

High and mid-rise jeans do a better job of holding in and concealing a big tummy. If you are wondering how to keep pants up with a big belly, don’t wear jeans with a low rise. Not only do these not keep your stomach in, but they also have a nasty habit of making you look and feel like a muffin top.

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Make Sure the Belly Area of the Jeans Is Covered by Firm Fabric

Examine the fabric that makes up the waistband of the jeans when you’re wearing them. Instead of being weak and loose, it should have a solid, reliable feel. 

Check that your stomach is supported without being constricted. The key to looking great in jeans of any cut is a well-supported and comfy midsection.

Choose Ankle-Length Jeans to Achieve the Proper Length

Jeans are available in various lengths to accommodate all heights. To locate a pair that sits at or just above your ankles, try on several pairs of your desired size in various lengths. Avoid overly short jeans that scrunch up at the ankles. 

When your jeans bunch at the bottom, it gives the impression of a short, round figure. Maintaining a consistent silhouette can sometimes be as simple as wearing the right-length jeans.

Look For Jeans With Simple Pockets and a Zip Fly

Choose jeans with a simple design around the zipper and pockets to deflect attention from where you wish to hide. This implies that the emphasis will be on the flattering fit of your pants rather than the size of your stomach.

Denim pants with many buttons on the fly should be avoided, as they will make your belly look even bigger and could leave you feeling uneasy.

#2 – Use Shapewear

Choose garments that will specifically smooth your tummy. Opt for the shapewear you would pick when deciding what to wear under a bodycon dress. Select a size that fits well without being too loose. 

To get the best body shaper for large stomach, you should fit it in a shop or carefully study the size chart before buying it online. Here are a few different shapewear you can try. 

1. High-Waisted Shaper Panty

The level of coverage it provides is just right, making it a good shapewear item. This additional-high-waisted shaping panty not only flattens your stomach but also complements skinny and fitting jeans beautifully. You’ll get an extra boost to your butts from the thong design and the backless construction. 

2. Firm Tummy Compression Body Shaper

If you want the best waist trainer for lower belly fat, this body shaper provides all the power you need to conceal your belly fat. First, it’s a covert one-piece, meaning you only need to wear it once to feel the smoothening effects on your stomach, waistline, hips, and back. 

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It is constructed from Leonisa’s proprietary PowerSlim fabric, which has been scientifically shown to reduce the visibility of a woman’s waistline while providing exceptional comfort for extended periods. You may wear it in public without anyone seeing it because you can simply tuck a tight blouse under your jeans, which will be completely concealed.

3. Sheer Short Shape

When worn with jeans, it perfectly conceals the abdomen and gives the appearance of a flat stomach. It gives you the desired belly control and additional butt lift. Since the shorts are lightweight and sheer, they can be worn beneath jeans without being noticed. 

This one-piece bodysuit will do the trick because it covers your entire torso and has supportive shoulder straps. You won’t worry about slipping, bunching, or rolling when you wear this under your pants.

#3 – Putting Together a Fantastic Outfit

Pick Tight-Fitting Tops That Aren’t Baggy

Tight-fitting tops are among the most flattering clothes for big stomachs. Choose well-fitting sizes of your preferred tops to wear with your pants. You shouldn’t feel like the fabric is clinging to you or is too tight when wearing it.

Although you might feel more at ease in a baggy shirt, you should avoid wearing one since it will only serve to make your stomach look bigger and will do nothing to draw attention to the positive aspects of your figure.

Shirts with a defined bodice and a tailored fit are ideal for hiding the stomach. They’ll play to your figure’s strengths to amplify its appeal while leaving you comfortable flaunting your tummy.

Wear Asymmetrical Tops

You should go for shirts, blouses, and tops that are asymmetrical. This might be abstract or animal printed, both of which feature asymmetry. In addition, drapey or asymmetrical tops look great over jeans.

Try on various tops to find which shape and color scheme you like most. Wearing an asymmetrical top is an excellent way to add flair to your look and draw attention away from your tummy.

Wear a Blazer

Regardless of how relaxed your lifestyle is, you should not overlook the importance of owning a blazer. When buttoned up, the structural cut and double layer conceal not just a bulging or flabby belly but also its regular companion, muffin tops.

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Choose Tops That Extend Halfway Between Your Hips and Your Thighs

This is the optimal length for concealing your belly in jeans, whether you’re wearing an asymmetrical or fitting top. Remember that tops below the start of your hips will look too loose and not help accentuate your best features.

Wearing clothes that are too short could make your hips look even larger. These might draw focus on your stomach area.

Avoid Wearing a Belt Over Your Jeans’ Hip Area

Refrain from hiding your lower belly by drawing attention to them with belts. Keep the belt away from your hips if you must wear one with your jeans.

Because of how it pulls, your lower stomach will split into two dangling fat pouches. To draw more attention to your waist, try moving the belt up your waist.

Finish You Look With Wedges and High Heels

Stilettos, blocks, wedges, and high heels lengthen your legs and give the impression that you are slimmer. Opt for them if you’re wearing skinny jeans. Conversely, loose trousers should be worn with flats.

Preventing and Removing Fupa From Jeans

If you are wondering how to get rid of FUPA in jeans, then the ideal jeans for concealing fupa, also known as the “fat upper pubic area,” are a high-waist pair as they will rest above your belly. 

Try donning fupa control shapewear underneath your high-rise jeans to improve your look. The most effective fupa shapewear will have a firm abdominal compression panel and a high, non-sagging waistband.


Although nobody desires extra belly fat, there is no evidence that it is linked to major health issues or that you should spend much time worrying about it.

Instead, it’s only some excess fat around your middle that may be reduced with regular exercise and a diet of fresh foods. It’s natural to want to conceal or minimize tummy fat to accentuate your figure and reduce self-consciousness.  

It’s good news that it’s not hard to cover up a little abdominal fat. Putting on high-quality underwear, like shapewear, is essential, as is wearing the proper outfits. Jeans can make it difficult to hide a large stomach; therefore, remember to practice some of the tips mentioned above. 

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