How To Decorate a Home Gym (COMPLETE GUIDE)

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You want to maintain your fitness during this Covid-19. You decided to have a home gym. Now it’s time to decorate your home gym to attract other family members and let them stay fit too. Let me tell you don’t need expensive and top-of-the-line gym equipment to decorate your home gym.

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. As we all know there are many ways to convert your basement, garage, or any room to a home gym. You need to stack all the essentials of a home gym according to your favorite fitness exercises and workout sessions.

If you don’t know where to start let’s have a look at the simple steps and ways to decorate your home gym.

How To Decorate a Home Gym

Buy the Gym Equipment

Start with the gym equipment. All you have to do is make a list of the gym equipment according to your workout routine. Keep in mind your fitness or weight loss goals. Make a list of the required training equipment and free weights. Start with the basics and move to the heavy training equipment accordingly.

Start With the Gym Flooring

Once you are done with the equipment next is to start decorating your gym. Start with the gym flooring. We all know the importance of gym flooring. You can go with vinyl, rubber, carpet, or any other option.

woman doing yoga at home with lighted candles

But the best option is rubber gym floor tiles. These have a great ability to withstand heavy gym equipment and provide protection to your joints and bones.

Keep It Simple

Next, you have to do is start decoration your gym with bright colors that will keep you fresh and enthusiastic to achieve your fitness goals. You can use different color schemes to paint your gym walls and make them beautiful for use. The use of a dark color scheme is not recommended for any home gym.

You can add on some paintings, candles, plants, motivational quotes, and many more according to your choice. You can also go with the things that inspire you. As inspiration is the most important thing to engage you in hard work.

You can have some wall mirrors too or other stuff like whiteboard or papers to write your fitness routine and goals and follow them.


So, after decorating your home gym do a cross-check. Don’t forget to add inspiring sayings that motivate you.  If you have children make sure to allocate a small space for them too. So, you can enjoy yourself with them too. The most important thing is to have fun creating this home gym.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Should I Use To Paint My Home Gym?

The color of your gym solely depends on your choice. If you want to keep your gym simple and away from any distraction then you should go with the cool gray color. You can also go with the blue color as the blue color is considered ideal to increase productivity and suppress appetite.

woman holding yoga mat and water bottle

How Can I Make My Home Gym More Fun?

You can make your home gym more fun by doing your fun activities in the gym. You can exercise with your friend and family, set your goals, and rewards yourself for achieving them. You can install a sound system to listen to your favorite music during your workout sessions and enjoy.

Final Verdict

A new workout craze begins every year. Devoting your home gym to this outrageous exercise plan is simple. Ensure you select a space with an abundant capacity to switch immediately between exercises. On the off chance that you can’t bear the cost of the space and cash for a treadmill, a basic leap rope will accomplish cardio.

A decent floor is vital, also; pick a material with a great foothold that provides great protection and is easy to clean. Keep the energy level in the room high with brilliant shadings like blue or orange, and with persuasive pictures and inspiring quotes. Finish the space with a mini-fridge for refreshments and an amazing sound system to pump up your intense exercise.

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