How to Clean Gym Mat at Home ( Complete Guide)

Workout on a dirty floor? No! Not a good idea. If you are looking for fitness on a dirty floor then you’re only choosing bad for your health. Cleaning a gym mat or gym floor is a simple DIY task. All you need to do is follow the instructions written below and get your cleaned gym mat.

All the gym owners prefer to use rubber flooring as rubber is durable, protects the floor from damage, provides shock absorption, easy to clean, and many more. The best part is they are easy to clean. All you need is a mop, vacuum, bucket, etc. Those are easily available in your house. But make sure if you have recently installed your rubber floor with adhesive then avoid cleaning within72 hours of installment.

So, what to worry about? Just clean your gym mat at your home and get fit in a clean environment. Let us, straight dive, into the easy steps you will love to know and clean your rubber floor mats.

How to Clean Gym Mat at Home

Remove Dust and Debris:

As we all know our gym mats are regularly exposed to air so we need to clean them daily before using to remove any dust and dirt particle adhered to its surface. The first step you should do before deep cleaning is removing the dust and dirt particles from the mat. It will help you in the effective cleaning of the mats of your gym.

Use a vacuum with soft brush bristles it will prevent scuffing and bruising or damage of the mat surface.

Remove stuck particles: 

The use of chewing gum is common during exercises. So you may observe some gums like that attached to the surface of the mat. It is necessary to remove the stuck material for the efficient results of the cleaning. So, it is recommended to use a scraper to remove the stuck items on the mats.

It is advised to gently use plastic or wood scrappers as it will prevent damage to the mat. Whereas the use of steel scrapper is not recommended as it can damage the surface of the mats.

Mop the floor with the solution:

The next and the main step you have to do is mop your gym mat with a cleaning solution. Now the question is what kind of cleaning solution should I use? The answer is very simple if you prefer to have a home base cleaning solution then vinegar is the best option for you. All you need is a bucket of lukewarm water and add a quarter cup of vinegar to it. And mix it well.

You can also use floor cleaning detergents or dish soaps. But make sure to maintain the neutral pH of the solution. It is recommended to use neutral pH it will prolong the shelf life of your gym floor mat as well as prevent it from getting damaged.

Next, you have to do is dip the rubber or sponge mop in the solution and then gently on your gym mat. You should repeat it twice and make sure to cover all the areas of the gym mat.

Note: The thing you should consider while moping is that water or any solution should not sit on the gym mat. It may damage the mat and reduce its life.

Air-dry the mat:

Once you have cleaned and disinfected your map from all kinds of dust, specks of dirt, and bacteria. Now it’s time to reuse it but Stop! Make sure to dry it properly. Air drying is the most recommended method of drying the gym mats or gym floor.

The use of a wet gym mat can track dust and dirt and once again makes it dirty. The air drying of the gym mat will allow the chemical to kill the germs from the gym mats.[1]

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How often should I clean my gym mat?

You should clean your home gym mats once a month. If you are running a gym and have a rubber floor then it is advised to clean it once a week or if you have an automatic scrubber then practice it once a day.

But frequent cleaning with an acidic cleaner can damage your mat or rubber floor.

How should I clean my rubber gym floor?

So, cleaning a rubber gym floor is as simple as this home gym mat. All you have to do is follow the steps explained above on a larger scale and get your gym floor mat cleaned.

You can also use an automatic scrubber for the cleaning of gym floors. You just need to add the cleaning solution to the automatic scrubber and just clean your mat and nothing else. All it to air dry and get your cleaned gym floor for your clients.

How can I clean my yoga gym mat at home?

You can clean your yoga gym mat by just adding a few drops of dishwashing soap or any other neutral cleaning solution in the water and just mop your mat. But make sure to use a small amount of cleaning solution to avoid slippery surfaces.

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Final verdict:

Thus, cleaning home gym mats are a simple DIY task. No need to worry about discarding gym mats on a frequent basis or buying new ones every time it gets dirty. All you have to do is follow the simple cleaning steps explained above and get your cleaned gym mat

But make sure to buy a good and neutral pH cleaning solution for the effective cleaning of your gym mats and the long-term use of your gym mats. And don’t use excess water during moping that may cause damage to the mat. Now, you know the basic cleaning of the gym mats you are ready for the next workout.

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