How To Clean a Rubber Gym Floor (Complete Guide)

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Fitness and cleaning are co-related. You can never get fit in a dirty environment. You want to clean your gym floor them let me tell you the best thing about your rubber gym floor. Cleaning a rubber gym floor is a simple DIY task; you will love knowing it is explained in the article below.

A rubber gym floor is the most popular type of gym flooring. A rubber gym floor is extremely durable and withstands heavyweight without getting damage. It is easy to clean so you don’t need to mess during your cleaning process and spend more time on cleaning rather than getting fit.

High volumes of everyday people strolling through may prompt dust and debris in on the floor. While the rubber floor is moisture resistant but dirt can get entrapped on the textured surface. This could prompt bluntness and discoloration whenever left alone.

So, without wasting our time let us, straight dive, into the easy steps of cleaning the rubber floor gym and maintains our rubber gym floor.

How To Clean a Rubber Gym Floor

Choose the Right Cleaner

You have recently installed rubber gym flooring now you don’t want to spend a lot of money on cleaners. So, we have several solutions for you. All you need to take is a bucket of warm water and add ¼ dishwashers in it and mix it well. You can make a solution according to your gym floor size.

You can also go for any neutral pH cleaner that is easily available at any shop. Many neutral pH cleaners are available in the market such as Bona Free and simple neutral pH cleaner, Zep neutral cleaner, and much more available in the market.

Avoid buying products for your floors such as bleach or low pH products that cause damage or corrode your rubber gym floor.

Vacuum the Floor:

Now after making a cleaning solution before applying it to your gym floor make sure to vacuum your gym floor. Take a vacuum with a rolling soft brush that is less likely to damage the floor surface. This pre-cleaning step makes an effective cleaning procedure.

yellow vacuum cleaner

You can also use a scraper to remove the stuck particles on the floor such as chewing gums etc. Just push the scraper under the stick material and push the material up. Avoid pressing the scraper too much as it may scuff or damage the rubber floor gym.

So, once you have removed the stuck material and large debris know it’s time to vacuum the gym floor.

Mop the Rubber Gym Floor:

Now it’s time to mop the floor and get your clean rubber gym floor. All you have to do is dip the mop in the bucket completely. Then starts mopping the floor make sure to start from one corner and move towards the door so that it may not mess up the cleaning process.

Mop harder on the corners where more dust or debris may get attached. It is recommended to use a sponge or nylon mop that doesn’t damage the rubber gym floor. Make sure to change the cleaning solution if you are cleaning a large surface area of the gym floor.

You can also add any disinfectant in the cleaning solution or you may go for an additional step in cleaning the gym floor. You can make a home-based disinfection solution by using white vinegar in a warm water bucket. The choice is all yours.

Air-dry the Gym Floor:

The last and most important step in all cleaning is air-drying the gym floor. Once you are done with the whole cleaning process. Now, wait until the floor is completely dried.

Leave the floor to air dry completely. If you walk on the wet floor then it will get dirtier rather than getting clean. And the advantage of using the air dry is it will allow the chemical agents to kill the germs on the floor.

So, make sure to clean the rubber gym floor when you have a gap of up to 3 to 4 hours in your workout sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Often Should I Clean My Rubber Gym Floor?

It solely depends upon, how long your gym is engaged? If you use your gym daily or some areas get a lot of traffic then mop it daily to keep your gym floor germ-free and dirt-free. But it is recommended to clean your gym floor once a week.

rubber gym floor

Can I Use an Automatic Floor Scrubber To Clean My Rubber Gym Floor?

If you own a heavy-duty gym and you have money in your pocket and want to switch to the automated option then you can go the automatic floor scrubber. An automatic floor scrubber dispenses clean water and sucks the dirty water. But make sure to buy a scrubber with soft bristles so that your floor doesn’t scuff or get damage.

How Can I Seal My Rubber Gym Flooring?

It is a good idea to seal your rubber gym flooring to add even protection. All you have to do is just saturate a sponge mop in any non-diluted rubber floor finish and sealer.

Just apply the thin coat of it on the floor and repeat the process until you get the desired level of sheen. Let it air dry completely, continue the daily cleaning routine.

It is not recommended to use a sealer on the recycled rubber floor or rubber floor with black color.

Final Verdict:

After reading this article you have no excuse left to keep your gym floor dirty. We have explained all the cleaning tricks and procedures to clean and maintain your rubber gym floor. It is a simple DIY task.

With motivation, one can do anything he wanted to do. So, just buck up and clean your rubber gym floor to engage your happy customers in getting fit. It is a simple DIY task.

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