How to Charge the Fitness Tracker (Complete Guide)

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You are a fitness freak and bought a fitness tracker to help you stay on track to meet your target. You are new to the world of fitness trackers and smartwatches technology; you are wondering how to start with these shiny technologies then we are here to help you start your fitness journey.

The fitness tracker these days is getting popular. People are more into these devices. The fitness tracker helps us to track our exercise. The devices promise to make us leaner and fit.

As with the increasing popularity, the variety of the trackers also increases. Different brands are producing the best fitness trackers. We will introduce you to some of the top-notch brands of fitness trackers.

In this article, we are going to give you the most important detail about the fitness tracker that is how to charge it. Different brands have different charging ports and cables. Let’s get into some of these.

Depending upon the brand the charging method is also different. Here we have a detailed charging description for some common brands.

How To Charge the Fitness Tracker

1. Jawbone UP Band:

This is one of the fitness trackers that people are using for tracking their exercises. This is on the most used brand by the fitness freaks.

Here is the charging procedure of this band.

  • Take a charging cable and put it into the USB port of the computer.
  • Remove the silver-coated edge from the band and put the other side of the cable there.
  • The sun status light starts to blink when the charging procedure begins.
  • The solid yellow color light will indicate that the band is fully charged now.
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2. Nike+ Fuel Band:

The Nike+ Fuel Band is another fitness tracker. The low battery indicator will be on the screen of the band after taping the battery button.

Here are the instructions to recharge it.

  • Connect the band with the cable and then to the USB port of the computer
  • As soon as you connect the band to the computer the battery icon will pop up on the screen of the band.
  • The Nike FuelBand will take 2 to 3 hours to get fully charged.


Name Some Best Fitness Brands That I Can Have During My Exercise Routine?

Here are some will know fitness trackers that can work the best.

  • Fitbit charge 4
  • Fitbit sense
  • Garmin forerunner 245
  • Amazfit band 5
  • Amazon halo band
  • Fitbit inspire 2
  • Garmin venu sq.
  • Apple watches series 3.
working out with fitness tracker

What Are the Things That I Should Consider Before Buying a Fitness Band?

As the fitness band is made to wear 24/7 you should have to consider the following things.

  • The band must have a long battery life
  • The fitness band should be water-resistant
  • Should be comfortable.
  • The fitness band should be light in weight.
  • The recharging time of the fitness band should be short.


The fitness tracker is a new necessity now. As people become aware of the fitness benefits they are getting into fitness devices. The fitness tracker is one of the widely used fitness devices. These devices have long battery lives. Their recharging procedures are easy too.[1]

We have enlisted some of the brands of fitness trackers with their recharging procedure.

Have a look at them and if you like it let us know in the comment section below.

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