How To Change Home Gym Planet Fitness (Complete Guide)

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Are you a planet fitness member and want to change the location of your gym? The article is here for you to solve your queries.

The most asked question about the home gym planet fitness these days are. How we can change the location of the home gym planet fitness and how we can transfer our home gym planet fitness membership to another person. Most of the customers of planet fitness are in ambiguity regarding these two questions.

In this article, we are going to solve your problem by letting you know that how you can transfer your home gym planet fitness membership and what are the protocols that you have to follow for changing the location of your home gym planet fitness.

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How to Switch the Location of Home Gym Planet Fitness?

To, transfer your location to some different home gym planet fitness. You have to follow the following steps very precisely. These steps are easy to do, just need your concentration.

  1. Visits the website of the planet fitness home gym.
  2. Open the transfer page and add your key tag number and personal information on that page.
  3. Enter your requirements and why you wanted a changed location for your home gym planet fitness.
  4. Another way is, you can visit the front desk of your current gym or the gym in which you wanted to enroll yourself.
  5. Let them know your requirements, demands, and situation about your plan.
  6. In this way, you can transfer your location.
  7. The location transfer will require no charges.
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The loyal members of the gym can transfer the location of their gym after every 90 days. However, some locations will not allow you access. These all depend on the management.

How to Transfer Membership?

For transferring the membership of home gym planet fitness. Read the following requirements, you need to follow when transferring membership to another person.

  1. The transfer policy is easy.
  2. Open the website of the home gym planet fitness.
  3. Visits the member portal on the website.
  4. There you can easily transfer your membership online.
  5. The transfer policy is only applicable to few clubs. You cannot transfer your membership to all the clubs. You have a few clubs in which you can transfer your membership.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Does Planet Fitness Charge Me $40?

The 40$ is the annual fee of the planet fitness home gym. You have to pay for this every year. These 40$ are required for your equipment maintenance and purchasing of new equipment that is in demand.

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Can I Freeze My Planet Fitness Membership?

The membership freeze policy says that. You can freeze your home gym planet fitness membership only due to a medical reason, during injury or illness you can freeze the membership.


The home gym planet fitness is an elite type of gym in which you can enroll yourself. You can have a mesmerizing experience with the home gym planet fitness. The customers of the gym are mostly curious about how they can transfer the membership or change their location.  These are easy to do as we have described above.

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