Do You Wear Underwear With Shapewear?

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You can quickly develop an hourglass body shape with shapewear. Even though shapewear may contour your entire torso, you could still have some concerns. One of the most common concerns is, do you wear underwear with shapewear, or can you wear underwear under shapewear? 

There is undoubtedly a lot you can learn regarding the realm of shapewear. There is plenty to discuss, from educating yourself on the most popular types of women’s shapewear and their distinctive advantages to developing them as a whole. 

But don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert in shapewear to find fantastic pieces and wear them with style. It’s very typical to have questions regarding how to wear shapewear, regardless of how much knowledge you’ve acquired about it over the years.

Even if you have researched various shapewear-related topics extensively, one question remains: do you need to wear underwear when using shapewear?

Why You Should Wear Underwear Under Shapewear

Underwear underneath shapewear is acceptable, but you should only do it sometimes. Overuse may cause you to run the harm of unpleasant side effects like crotch bacterial growth and too much heat.

Some of the importance of wearing underwear under shapewear include: 

To Feel Covered

If you are accustomed to wearing panties, you tend to feel reluctant not to put on any wherever you wear shapewear. The main thoughts are the cause, not their underpants. Anyone accustomed to wearing panties may feel uncomfortable going commando due to exposure in the crotch region.

Staying Dry Down There

Women who use shapewear for permanent body sculpting frequently exercise while wearing it. Additionally, some women’s genitalia is extremely damp during summer.

This might lead to damp stains on their garments, forcing you to wear their undies with shapewear to stay dry. 

Why You Should Not Wear Underwear With Shapewear

The best slimming camisole with built in bra and shapewear offers various amounts of compression. They are all designed to be tight so that they can function.

The prevalent assumption is that you can wear shapewear without wearing underwear in light of this concept. It could feel uneasy and excessively tight wearing both garments simultaneously. 

Reasons for not wearing underwear with shapewear include: 


Shapewear with crotches does not necessitate underwear. Wearing underwear will provide another layer of cloth to the area that shields your genitalia in the crotch, increasing body heat production and causing discomfort.

Overheating can irritate the skin and lead to lump formation. Additionally, wearing synthetic underwear underneath shapewear can harm you during hotter seasons. 

Visible Panty Lines

You increase the probability of panty lines being noticeable on your outerwear when wearing underwear with shapewear. Visible panty lines (VPLs) can destroy any beautiful outfit.

woman in bed wearing white underwear

The most frequent cause is thick seams on pants. Those seams either dig into a woman’s bottom, producing an imprint, or sit on top of her rump, creating a ridge line. In either case, everyone walking behind you will see exactly what your underwear looks like.

Although cotton panties are more breathable and absorbent than other materials, keep in mind that they also feature thick seams, which could be apparent underneath your clothing and may get worse when worn with an undergarment. Other underwears that could result in noticeable panty lines are those with a lace or fabric structure and thick underwear fabric.

Typically, a lot of women choose seamless underwear. These are panty designs with stitch-free, laser-cut edges. There are many seamless underwear choices, but it can be challenging to prevent bumps and lumps when wearing a snugly undergarment such as shapewear.

The purpose of shapewear is to give you a seamless, bump-free profile to wear over your clothing. Eventually, there will be creases from the additional underwear that could show through your clothing.

Should you opt for slim panties? Do slim panties work? Yes. As shapewear, they compliment your figure-slimming techniques over time, gradually helping you embrace a different morphology.

However, the excess fat is compressed and held in by this high-quality shapewear, but occasionally it will also be pushed outwardly and from the wearer’s area. This causes the creases and protrusions that can occasionally be seen through your outer clothing.

Is the hassle worth it, or should you go commando? It is advisable to rock the shapewear without any undergarments if you’re comfortable enough. 

Trouble Urinating

Many women find it difficult to decide whether or not to use the restroom after donning shapewear. It can be very inconvenient and time-consuming to remove the shapewear and then put it back on only to conduct a tiny “business.” 

Additionally, the majority of shapewear available today, particularly those with cotton-laced crotches and attached pants, is made to double as underwear. In place of wearing underwear, shapewear can provide the same purpose.

Also, women utilize PeeLUX to avoid problems. It is a device that facilitates using a shapewear gusset. However, if underwear is visible through the gusset opening, it becomes more challenging to adjust PeeLUX to the vagina. Therefore, staying away from wearing underwear with shapewear is a popular idea among women.

The best part is that peeLUX does not require washing after usage. It merely requires a quick wipe down with toilet paper before being put back in its case. All brands of shapewear with stretchy crotch openings are compatible with it.

Different Kinds of Shapewear To Wear Underneath

There is no longer a need for additional undergarments because many shapewear styles, including shaping shorts, bodysuits, and control thongs feature a porous cotton gap.

woman in beige underwear lying in bed

Other shapewear styles include open-bust and open-crotch patterns, which allow you to dress in either undies or a bra. Some may be both open-bust and open-crotch.

Shaping Slips

As people seek to know the answer to whether can shapewear reshape your body permanently, they have boosted the prominence of innovative shapewear patterns that have gained a reputation over shapewear slips.

However, slips aid in the smoothing of your contours and stop tight skirts and dresses from riding up and exposing your less desirable areas. You might opt for seamless underwear if it provides more comfort, as shaping slips will not conceal your crotch.

Spanx With an Open Crotch

Whenever nature beckons, shapewear’s double gusset design is designed to make it simple to answer. You can, however, put panties over or beneath the crotch-free shapewear should you not feel secure or comfortable with a bare crotch. Make sure the material of the pantie is thin and seamless to prevent bunching or the appearance of panty lines. 

Should You Wear Underwear With Shapewear? –  The Founder of Spanx Decides

Spanx are widely recognized as the ideal undies for skirts, dresses, and even pants in shapewear. Proponents of Spanx concur that slipping them off after the day ends is the closest greatest thing to wearing them.

However, there is a lot of debate regarding how they should be dressed. The issue is more with what you should or shouldn’t wear beneath your Spanx. The subject that has caused so much contention among Spanx wearers is as follows: do you wear underwear under Spanx, or does Spanx replace underwear.

You might get various responses if you polled your friends who wear Spanx. Fortunately, Sara Blakely, who founded the company, offered her opinion on the panty controversy.

There are several different styles of Spanx available. These include capri pants with a high waist, high-waisted pants without a high waist, and even ordinary underwear with belly control, but do they require another undergarment?

Spanx was intended such that you don’t wear underwear underneath, Blakely admitted when she first made them twenty years ago. Blakely clarified that whether or not to wear underwear truly comes down to personal opinion. Therefore, the proportion of women that do so is acceptable.

You can therefore omit the additional piece of clothes the next time you want to add Spanx to your daily attire.

How to Wear Shapewear if you’re New to Control Lingerie  FAQS

How Do I Figure Out What Size Shapewear I Need?

The idea that looking thinner or having more noticeable contouring will result from using a shapewear that is lower in size than your typical clothing size is a hoax.

woman wearing black bodysuit

You should make your choice depending on your waistline, hip, and bust dimensions. Furthermore, no two dress sizes are the same. To guarantee the most outstanding fit, comparing your measurements to each brand’s specific size recommendations is best. 

Which Color of Shapewear Should I Choose?

Your shapewear’s color will rely primarily on the attire you plan to match it with. If your clothing is primarily lighter shades, shapewear in a neutral or light shade could perform nicely.

Shapewear for nighttime or date evenings could be more thrilling in black or bold shades. Thankfully, as companies create more inclusive “nude” schemes, the shapewear marketplace is diversifying.

How Do You Go to the Bathroom Wearing Shapewear?

If at all feasible, choose underwear that can be used in the restroom and has a crotch slit. It is much easier to unzip the crotch and bend on the toilet if your body shapers extend past your waistline instead of pulling the dress off to take off your corset.

Is Shapewear Better With a Pee Hole?

Yes. Shapewear with an in-built pee hole is preferable. However, the pee hole comes with flaws. It would be best if you considered investing in a peeLUX to render the pee hole unbreakable.

With peeLUX, it’s simple and risk-free to use the lavatory while donning shapewear. The “pee hole” adaptation for shapewear is a removable, compact device. 


Each item in your closet, including the best jeans for mom pooch, has the potential to be a worry and a blessing. And the same is true for undergarments.

When it comes to how to wear shapewear, it’s essential that you feel amazing. Don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise if wearing underwear in addition to your shapewear is what makes you feel fantastic! 

It’s all about showcasing your curves and achieving an appearance that makes you feel good about your body as you leave the house. You should consider a specific pair of panties when wearing underwear with your shapewear.

These include discreet thongs, bold styles, and seamless panties made with thin fabric.  

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