what to wear under a bodycon dress

What to Wear Under a Bodycon Dress

Bodycon is the way to go when you want to show off your curves. So, what does body con mean? “Bodycon” is an initialism for the phrase “body conscious.” It’s a method of dressing and accessorizing for ladies that emphasizes … Read More

does hiit build muscle

Does HIIT Build Muscle?

It appears that almost everyone throughout the fitness industry is raving about HIIT. It has also raised many questions among fitness beginners, such as does HIIT make you lose muscle, are HIIT workouts good, etc.  Several HIIT proponents tell you … Read More

yoga for perimenopause

Yoga for Perimenopause and Menopause

Perimenopause is a significant stage that can begin as early as 40 years. It describes the period just before the onset of menopause. It shares many traits with the start of adolescence, such as changing bodies and weight gains. Natural … Read More

dripdrop vs liquid iv

DripDrop vs Liquid IV: Which Is Better?

“Which is better, Liquid IV or DripDrop?” The question of DripDrop vs Liquid IV isn’t unique to athletes such as myself. When you start moving around or sweating, you lose water and salts from your body. If you don’t replace … Read More

does pre-workout make you poop

Does Pre-Workout Make You Poop?

A journal by the International Society of Sports Nutrition stated that around 30% of young adults consider taking pre-workout or energy-boosting supplements daily. Hence, this statistic proves that pre-workout supplements are the second most consumable items, behind multivitamins. They’re legal … Read More

lower body workouts for athletes

20 Lower Body Workouts for Athletes

It all boils down to efficiency, precision, movement proficiency, consistency, progression, and devotion to the process if you want to benefit from any workout or activity. Compound workouts put your entire system under stress, producing the finest results regardless of … Read More