does pre-workout make you poop

Does Pre-Workout Make You Poop?

A journal by the International Society of Sports Nutrition stated that around 30% of young adults consider taking pre-workout or energy-boosting supplements daily. Hence, this statistic proves that pre-workout supplements are the second most consumable items, behind multivitamins. They’re legal … Read More

lower body workouts for athletes

20 Lower Body Workouts for Athletes

It all boils down to efficiency, precision, movement proficiency, consistency, progression, and devotion to the process if you want to benefit from any workout or activity. Compound workouts put your entire system under stress, producing the finest results regardless of … Read More

overbust vs underbust corset

Overbust vs. Underbust Corset

Corsets were worn as figure-shaping, bust-lifting, dress-supporting undies for a long time before being replaced by bras a generation ago. In the present day, their sinuous lines continue to captivate us. To attain the coveted hourglass figure, a contemporary corset … Read More

how tight should a waist trainer be

How Tight Should a Waist Trainer Be?

Gym experts and medical practitioners agree that a waist trainer can help you achieve the fabled “hourglass body shape.”  As effective as waist trainers may be, it’s essential to realize that it takes time to reduce your midsection. Depending on … Read More

gut cleanse diet

Healthy Gut Cleanse Diet to Reset Your Stomach

Gastrointestinal disorders are prevalent in modern society. It’s partly attributed to the fact that many diets and the foods we purchase are severely deficient in the nutrients necessary for a healthy digestive system. On top of that, we are overexposed … Read More

hormone balancing diet

Hormone Balancing Diet – What You Need to Know?

Hormones are rarely at the forefront of our minds when deciding what to eat to replenish our bodies. Yet, the human body is a complicated symphony of hormones. These chemical messengers must work together for optimally operational and harmonious well-being.  … Read More

smaller waist diet

Smaller Waist Diet Tips – What To Eat?

Getting a smaller waist has long been a female goal for generations. This is fueled by the praises shown to women with hourglass figures and the rise of ideal body image motivated by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Marilyn … Read More