10 Best Waist Trainers for Plus Size Women in 2023

 by Dr. Steve Hruby, D.C.

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Tired of getting negatively noticed for your bulging belly? These unwanted fats can definitely cause us to lose confidence and self-esteem.

But worry not! There are some of the best waist trainers for plus size women out in the market. And these can help you get a trimmer belly and sexier figure!  

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Recommendations
YIANNA Women’s Underbust Latest Sport Girdle Waist Trainer
MOOLIDA Waist Trainer Belt
CINDOU Waist Trainer for Women Lower Belly Fat

Yes, you can manage those belly fats through a combination of decreased caloric intake and healthier food choices. You can also do aerobic workouts like walking, jogging, and anaerobic workout using various weights and exercise machines.

But while you can do all these, you will get faster results when you use a plus size waist trainer that you can wear under your clothes.  Check out this article to know how to lose weight with a waist trainer.

Best Waist Trainer for Plus Size Woman: Top 3 Picks

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10 Best Selling Waist Trainer for Plus Size Women

FEELINGIRL Sauna Trimmer Belt Tummy Wrap – The Ultimate One Size Fits All

What sets this apart? It is one size fits all! It is the ultimate one-size-fits-all bandage wrap that allows you to adjust how tight or loose you want to have it wrapped around your torso.

Thick and stretchy, it just grabs you in all the right places, holding everything in, and helping you get that hourglass shape!

This girl waist trainer snatches your torso tight through a hook and loop closure that is rounded around the edges so it is not scratchy to your skin. It also has six high-quality Velcro panels that allow you to adjust the tightness based on your perfect fit.

The wrap is made of latex and polyester. Latex provides the compression you need while boosting thermal activity; polyester, on the other hand, is good for moisture absorption and breathability. It has also passed 10,000 tests, proving its strength and durability.

It is very easy to wear, and comfortable even when used for extended periods of time. That is because it does not have the ribbed steel bones setting of a traditional corset. Users have also reported that it does not bend or roll. Just make sure to wrap it properly, lining it up in your torso. 

CINDOU Waist Trainer for Women Lower Belly Fat – Value For Money

The Cindou plus size waist trainer for lower belly is long and stretchy, measuring 13.1 ft long and 4.9 inches wide. The bandage wrap is also made of latex and polyester.

Latex provides the compression needed; while polyester that allows for sweat absorption and breathability. The Cindou waist trainer was also tested 10,000 times for elasticity and comfort. Users have reported that it is a comfortable wear, wrapping nicely around the torso. 

There are also six Velcro panels lining the wrap which provides easier adjustability. The trainer will help pull your stomach in, may help with postpartum support, and can provide great support when working out as the wrap holds your posture.

YIANNA Women’s Underbust Latest Sport Girdle Waist Trainer– Your Postpartum Waist Trainer

This corset-like plus size shapewear will definitely train your waist, get rid of postpartum flesh, and support your back during workout.

The material is also upgraded. It helps increase thermal activity, allowing you to sweat more and burn those belly fats away. It can also help with moisture absorption. And overall, the finish is very smooth.

The overall finish is smooth that you can wear bodycon dresses over it and still look naturally good. Considered an everyday wear, you can wear it for various sport activities, while exercising, when you are working and even while doing errands. 

The waist trainer has three columns of hook-and-eye closure that allow you to adjust tightness based on preference.

There are up 25 spiral steel boning which provides greater back support and improves your posture over time. However, despite the boning structure, wearing the waist trainer is still comfortable and flexible, and will allow you to move around, and bend easily.

This comes with four colors (Black, Beige, Rose, Skin) and ten sizes (from XS to 6XL) to choose from. But just be careful in choosing the size! Out of 33,000 respondents who have reported about sizing, 35% (or 11,600 users) stated that the fit was smaller and tighter than what was in the sizing chart. 

ALONG FIT Waist Trainer Vest – The Sauna Vest

You don’t come across a vest-type plus size waist trainer often. And this is one of the things that sets the Along Fit waist trainer vest apart from the others available in the market.  

The top half of the vest has a unique zipper design that can snuggly wrap your chest and hold it in place during workout, while the lower half has a sticky Velcro that allows you to adjust tightness of the vest on your tummy depending on your preference.

The mesh armpit design not only allow better fit for bustier women, but also provides airflow into the body. 

The vest is made of 80% top-quality neoprene material. The material significantly increases body temperature and allows you to sweat more and burn more calories. This can in turn help trim your belly faster.

The mesh armpit design provides ventilation and helps to cool the body down during work out sessions.  This one though should not be worn for extended periods, the manufacturer recommends to be worn not more than 3 hours. 

Neoprene as a material is stronger, more durable and provides better water-resistance, so this can be your ideal workout partner! As an added bonus, the vest comes in ten sizes and two styles, with three colors for each style, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

AHWDAZV Waist Trainer For Plus Size Women – Your Waist Snatcher

The Ahwdazv is another one-size-fits-all wrap that comfortably snatches your tummy and gives you that hour-glass figure.  It is 5.1 inches wide and 13.1 ft long, and suitable for a plus-size woman with waist line up to 5 inches. 

The material is made of 70% latex which provides the compression needed while boosting thermal activity. The 30% spandex material helps with moisture absorption.

The hook and loop closure makes the wrap more user friendly because it allows for easier wear around the tummy. It also has six Velcro straps which allows you to adjust how tight you want the wrap to be, based on your preference. You can easily wear it under clothing.

Overall, this curvy girl waist trainer can help improve posture, and provide relief from back pain while your comfortably compressing your belly.

MOOLIDA Waist Trainer Belt – Your Sweat Partner

The Moolida waist trainer belt comes with two levels of compression, and your tummy will be compressed using Velcro closures. It is a comfortable trainer belt, one which you can wear under your clothes or on top of your work out attire. 


  • Made of 100% Neoprene material, which allows you to sweat more, maximizing caloric burn while working out
  • With two levels of compression. The waist trainer itself has double Velcro closure which allows you to adjust how tight you want it to be. Then there is an adjustable sweat belt which you can use to tighten the fit even more. 
  • With 4 flexible, acrylic boning enclosed by thick canvas at the back which provides back support
  • Provides more options to choose from, with five sizes three colors offered 


  • Some have reported that the Velcro closure gets worn out after a month or so of use
  • Some found that the bottom part of the waist trainer would roll up.
  • Still some reported that the Velcro belt would bunch up, making it uncomfortable to wear.

HOPLYNN Neoprene Sweat Waist Trainer Corset Trimmer Shaper Belt – Your Waist Trainer And Waist Belt In One

Touting itself as a waist trainer and sweat belt that will help you trim and shape your waist, the Hoplynn Neoprene Sweat Waist Trainer is a good option for those who want to hold in those fats and get faster slimming results.

The material can help you sweat more, increasing your body’s fat burning capability, and maximizing caloric burn. 


  • Made of neoprene material which helps improve thermogenic activity and makes you sweat three times more
  • Provides double compression as the inner panel is provided with zipper over adjustable 3-eye hooks to give stronger coverage. It also comes with a Velcro strap for the outer band for added tummy control.
  • Comes in seven sizes and 2 color styles, giving you more options to choose from
  • Can be a great workout partner because it can help you sweat more

Con: Incorrect sizing. Out of 553 respondents who have reported about sizing, 30% (or 168) stated that the fit was smaller and tighter than what in the sizing chart. 

INEEPOR Waist Wrap – Your Wider, Latex-Free Snatch

This wrap is wider than the others in the market, and can help tuck and wrap those belly fats in more securely.

Material is 100% nylon and ideal for women sensitive to latex. It is comfortable and breathable, and can snatch up and hold your belly, giving you that hourglass figure.


  • Made of high-density material
  • Has a wider waist wrap compared to others in the market, boasting 15 cm wide
  • Has five pieces of segmented high-quality Velcro strips to help keep the waist trainer in place. Also, its Velcro strips has a smoother finish, giving you a more comfortable wear as the strips will not hurt your skin
  • Has a strap to loop through which makes it easier to wrap and wear 
  • The wrap is also long enough to cover the belly, and comes in two sizes so you can choose what works best for you based on length: 9.19 ft and 13.1 ft long
  • Is easily rollable and convenient to carry

Con: Some have reported that the waist trainer does not stay in place.

ANGOOL Neoprene Double Control Waist Trainer – Your Trainer And Workout Band In One

The extra double straps over the hook-eye closure and zipper design, plus its neoprene material gives the Angool Neoprene waist trainer an edge over a lot of plus size waist trainers out there.  

Very snug, sturdy and stable, it is a waist trainer and workout band in one, and can definitely hold your belly fats in.


  • Made of 80% neoprene, 20% nylon which allows you to sweat more, maximizing caloric burn
  • With seven steel boning, that provides more back support, helping you get better posture
  • With three row hook eye design for different levels of compression, zipped over with high-end YKK Zipper, and two Velcro bands that function as double belts. The design holds your tummy tighter and more securely
  • Is lightweight and comfortable. You can wear anywhere – at the gym, in the office, when attending occasions, and even while doing errands 
  • With six sizes and two colors to choose from

Con: Some have reported that the Velcro does not hold after prolonged usage

Lttcbro Sauna Waist Trainer – Your Sweat Cincher

Depending on the design you choose, the Lttcbro sauna waist trainer comes with one or two Velcro straps that will cinch your waist even further.

It is also made of neoprene material, which is an advantage if your goal is to sweat more.


  • With 9 steel bone support which gives you that extra back support and improves your posture
  • With a zipper and hook design to firmly hold your tummy in place
  • Has an adjustable trainer belt for a more cinched-waist look. This can help you get that hourglass figure.
  • Made of 80% neoprene fabric for more thermal activity, burning more calories in the process
  • It is good for workout, postpartum recovery and even for day-to-day activities
  • With seven sizes (XS to 3XL) to choose from

Con: Incorrect sizing. Out of 219 respondents who have reported about sizing, 34% (or 76) stated that the fit was smaller and tighter than what was in the sizing chart. 

Benefits of a Waist Trainer

If you are still on the fence about getting a waist trainer, then here are some more points for you to consider:

  • It gives that immediate hourglass effect as soon as you wear one! A waist trainer, by nature, helps trim the belly real-time by sucking in those fats and compress your waist for that slender look. This alone will help you get that confidence as you face your day. 
  • It helps trim down your belly when consistently worn over time. The key thing here is to consistently wear the cincher, slowly adjusting tightness as needed. You also need to manage your expectation and understand that the process will take time. It would also be good practice to partner waist training with living a healthier lifestyle through consistent workout and healthy diet. 
  • It provides that extra support while working out. Waist trainers either have steel boning structure and/or has durable material that, when worn, provides that extra support to the back. Whether you are lifting weights, running, or doing yoga and other exercises, your lower back will thank you when you wear a waist trainer.
  • It forces you to correct your posture over time. This, for me, is an important factor. The waist trainer not only trains your waist, but also trains you to hold that upright posture for longer periods of time. And you may find that over time, holding that correct posture is already part of being. 
  • It can be used in tandem with postnatal recovery because the waist trainer can hold everything in. However, don’t immediately waist train; allow your body enough time to heal and start training by wearing what is most comfortable for you.

Buyer’s Guide: How Do I Know Which Plus Size Shapewear to Buy?


Getting the correct size matters. A waist trainer that is too small may be too constricting. The material may even scratch your skin and cause redness. Alternately, a waist trainer that is too large may not help you achieve that trimmer belly and hourglass effect.

woman wearing a black waist trainer

Our recommendation is to check the size measurement provided by the brand you are targeting to purchase. Another best practice is to talk to the brand’s customer service to inquire about sizing. 


Don’t scrimp! Buy the best one that you can afford.  Consider a waist trainer made of high-quality material. One that is not only comfortable to wear but will help you get the results you want. A lot of plus sized waist trainers combine two materials. Some are latex-free waist trainer.

You may consider these materials:

  • Latex: considered a top quality material, it is thicker, stronger, more durable . It can hold your stomach more securely and firmly. Some, however, may have latex sensitivity, so you can choose to go for a waist trainer made of other materials like neoprene.
  • Neoprene: is synthetic rubber which, although, is also made of light and soft material, increases the temperature in your abdomen quicker, and can help you sweat more. Sweating would mean you will lose more weight, and lose it faster. 
  • Cotton: a waist trainer that has cotton material in it can help towards making you feel more comfortable and cooler. It is suitable for people with sensitive skin, and may be more ideal to wear during warmer or drier weather.
  • Polyester: a waist trainer that is partially made of polyester can help towards absorbing moisture in the body. This is an important consideration especially if your main use for waist training is for workout, or any activity that will involve you sweating.

Closure and Design

Do you prefer a one-layer material with a simple hook-and-eye closure? Or a waist trainer that provides that extra compression through its double layer design? Do you prefer a cincher that has plastic or steel boning that provides better back support? Or a wrap that is a softer and more comfortable wear?

Customer Reviews

Don’t forget to read through what other users are reporting! You can learn a lot about a product by checking all customer reviews, regardless if these are 2-star or 5-star ratings. You can use these as a guide to decide what waist trainer to choose.

Anything Else I Need To Know?

You may also want to know how to properly take care of your waist trainer. Check out our article on how to wash your plus size shape wear.

plus size woman with measuring tape happy with results

Additionally, here’s more information before you finally get your waist trainer!

Can Plus Size Women Use Waist Trainers?

Yes, plus size women can use a waist trainer. Anyone can benefit from waist training; and a lot of brands have created cinchers designed specifically to help plus size women in their waist shape journey.

What Is the Best Waist Trainer for Fat People?

Refer to our comparison table above for our top 3 picks.

Do Waist Trainers Work if You Are Fat?

Yes, waist trainers will still work if you are fat. It can compress your belly fats and help you achieve that trimmer figure. 

How Long Do You Wear a Waist Trainer Until You See Results?

The results may vary depending on how often you use the waist trainer, and the material used. Most women see results after a few weeks of consistent use. 

Is Wearing a Waist Trainer Good for Weight Loss?

Although waist trainers are not the only solution, it is still a great partner for your weight loss journey. Use waist trainers in tandem with healthier habits, like a more active lifestyle and better, healthier diet. 


So, with our review and recommendation of the best waist trainers for plus size women, we hope that this will help you decide to get one for yourself, and guide you in choosing the best one for you!

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