Best Waist Trainer for Long Torso (Reviews 2022)

You often face fitting issues with your tops and t-shirts if you are a tall woman. The problem is the same when it comes to buying waist trainers. The top-rated companies always try to give their users the utmost satisfaction.

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Lady Slim Waist Trainer
Ashlone Waist Trainer
Loday Waist Trainer

Therefore, they manufacture the best waist trainers for long torso for eliminating the extra fuss. Generally speaking, these compression wears are best suited to shape midsections thus giving you a curved figure.

You may be asking yourself the question that why it’s cumbersome to find a long torso waist trainer. The reason is that if you get your hands on the wrong fit trainer, your daily routine will also get disturbed. We all know it’s the dream of most women to get a sleek hourglass waist.

They wear waist trainers throughout the day carrying their daily activities. If the waist trainer is ill-fitting, you are not going to wear it anyway because of the complications.

It’s quite messy to move around with a trainer that is too tight or too loose. Therefore, we have done thorough research in finding the best products that bring comfort and fitting in one place.

In contrast to a traditional girdle, a waist trainer is much lighter and versatile in terms of usage. Not only a waist trainer helps you attain a slim figure but also helpful in weight loss. They are now much more cost-effective than old girdles and fit efficiently on your long torso.

Your tall height won’t be a problem in achieving your hourglass figure goal after trying our enlisted products. You’ll be able to wear it anywhere with an extra perk of posture improvement.

Best Waist Trainer for Long Torso: Our Top 3 Picks

Best Overall
Lady Slim Fajas Colombianas Reductoras Y Moldeadoras para Mujer Latex Waist...
ASHLONE Latex Waist Trainer Corset Underbust Sport Cincher Womens Workout Body...
Best Value
LODAY Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss Tummy Control Sport Workout Body...
lly well with its safe and well-ventilated structure.
This product features a perfectly aligned closure system to adjust the waistline for enhanced compression.
The closure coupled with boning strength keeps this trainer in shape and offers you a trimmed look.
One drawback is the configuration of the bonding material.
Some users may experience skin irritation and redness with prolonged use
We’ve encountered any noticeable flaws other than incorrect sizing
Prime Status
Best Overall
Lady Slim Fajas Colombianas Reductoras Y Moldeadoras para Mujer Latex Waist...
lly well with its safe and well-ventilated structure.
One drawback is the configuration of the bonding material.
Prime Status
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ASHLONE Latex Waist Trainer Corset Underbust Sport Cincher Womens Workout Body...
This product features a perfectly aligned closure system to adjust the waistline for enhanced compression.
Some users may experience skin irritation and redness with prolonged use
Prime Status
Check Price
Best Value
LODAY Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss Tummy Control Sport Workout Body...
The closure coupled with boning strength keeps this trainer in shape and offers you a trimmed look.
We’ve encountered any noticeable flaws other than incorrect sizing
Prime Status
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It’s very hectic and troublesome when you can’t find the right waist trainer. You have countless options in the market but are always skeptical about what to choose. That’s the reason you are here. Isn’t it?

Well! You don’t have to worry now. Because we have compiled a list of top-notch quality trainers that are best suited for your long torso. Choose the one based on your level of comfort and ease of use and you’re good to go.

Best Waist Trainer for Long Torso: Top Products For 2022

1. Loday Waist Trainer – Best Rated for Long Torso

Ladies! This product is a phenomenal multi-purpose waist trainer for a long torso. The sleek and simple design allows you to wear it anywhere you want.

LODAY Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss Tummy Control Sport Workout Body...
37,781 Reviews
LODAY Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss Tummy Control Sport Workout Body...
  • Double Layer-high compression and hold everything in.Comfortable, lightweight stretchy fabric and moves with your body...
  • Tummy Tuck and Belly Fat Burner-sculpting an hourglass shape for women and ladies.It makes you look inches smaller and...
  • 4 High Quality Spiral Steel Boning prevent rolling up or down when move or sit down.This lumbar support belt provides...

The uniqueness of this product shows when you wear it under your fitting clothes. In addition to that, the high steel boning corrects your posture and fills you with confidence. Invest in LODAY waist trainer and you won’t regret seeing the glorious results.

Excellent Construction: 

This waist trainer is designed by taking comfort and quality into consideration. Unlike most waist trainers, this has double layer compression of high-quality fabric. The fabric is super light and composed of skin-friendly cotton.

The high-end compression is provided by non-latex rubber that holds in place effectively. The fabric is adaptable with body movements that in return give you the freedom to use it anywhere.

Tummy Tuck:

This waist trainer is best suited for women with long torsos based on their height. Not only it is effective in achieving hourglass shape but the compression material has much more to offer. This trainer is an excellent belly fat burner due to its rubber compression build.

When combined with a perfect workout routine, this waist trainer lets you lose inches of fat. Consequently, your waist will get compression and fat burning treatment and ultimately molded into a curved masterpiece.

Lumbar Support:

LODAY Waist Trainer is equipped with a lumbar support belt. The non-latex rubber is further aided by 4 spiral steel boning for a sturdy look and feel. The steel boning is very effective if you work all day sitting on a desk or do hectic work.

In that case, the trainer acts as a posture belt in addition to a waist sculpting product. The boning will also prevent the fabric from rolling over that is perhaps the most irritating situation.

Double Layer Closure:

The waist trainer is a one-time investment for a longer period. You don’t have to buy a new one after removing an inch from your waist because of its 3-row hooks design.

The hooks are sturdy and held their place even with greater applied pressure. The hook-eye design is further aided with adjustable zip closure. The compression provided by the zipper and hooks consequently hides any bumps and bulges on the waist.

The closure coupled with boning strength keeps this trainer in shape and offers you a trimmed look. Furthermore, this astonishing waist trainer is very helpful in post-partum recovery and getting into your best shape possible.

Finding the correct size is sometimes quite confusing. We suggest you measure waist size correctly before purchasing. Additionally, avoid dry cleaning or bleaching this product to maintain its shape with no complications.


  • Burns fat and reduce waist size
  • Zip & hook-eye closure
  • Double layer rubber compression
  • 4 spiral steel boning for back support
  • Effective in postpartum waist recovery


  • We’ve encountered any noticeable flaws other than incorrect sizing

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2. Lady Slim Waist Trainer – Finest Long Torso Shaper

This impressive waist trainer is designed by NuvoFit and is very ideal with a long torso body. Its ultimate durability comes with a slimming effect to give you instant curves.

Lady Slim Fajas Colombianas Reductoras Y Moldeadoras para Mujer Latex Waist...
32,917 Reviews
Lady Slim Fajas Colombianas Reductoras Y Moldeadoras para Mujer Latex Waist...
  • ITEM DESCRIPTION: High Quality durable Latex Waist Trainer Cincher for Women Made in Colombia. This Waist Cincher will...
  • ABOUT LATEX: Our Latex is 100% natural and with a very little smell. This smell is temporary and will go away in no more...

The waist trainer does its job without causing extra stiffness or suffocation. The effective compression is provided by non-toxic latex and is perfect to attain an hourglass figure.

High-Grade Latex: 

We’ve tested this product and to be honest, this deserves a top place. The incorporated latex is utterly natural and helps in providing the sauna effect. The latex will get adapted to your natural curves and hides any extra bulges.

Consequently, you will get a classy and sleek figure the moment you put it on. In addition to that, the sauna effect promoted sweating that result in weight loss.

You’ll get the desired figure whether you work in an office or want to go for fitness training. This is the perfect build for cutting inches of your fat and reshaping your waist.

Flexible Boning: 

Nothing is better than a waist trainer that provides you backache relief. In addition to high compression latex, the canvass has metal boning to keep it in place.

It is quite cumbersome to adjust your waist trainer on a long torso due to size issues. Lady Slim waist trainer is an excellent and feasible choice with profound back support.

The boning not only keeps the lumbar area straight but also adjusts nicely under the bust. The whole sturdy construction helps to lift your breast and gives you a confident look.

Long-Lasting Fabric: 

The whole latex and boning setup is further enclosed in a cotton fabric on the inner side. While the latex helps promote thermal activity, the fabric absorbs all that sweat so you stay clean.

Sweating is a mandatory thing when you perform high-intensity workouts. The stitching & sewing is done very impressively and you won’t see any part falling out. The whole product is professionally designed with quality material and offers you a premium look.

Outstanding Usage:

The Company has been in business for more than 20 years and provides its customers utmost satisfaction. The waist trainer is specially designed for medium to long torso waist and supports hook-eye closure.

The product is strong enough to use as a boned waist trainer during training as well as post-partum recovery. Furthermore, the trainer is slim enough to look invisible under proper clothing. With that being said, get your hands on this product for an astounding hourglass look.

No doubt the product performs exceptionally well with its safe and well-ventilated structure. One drawback is the configuration of the bonding material. You may feel it is too stiff for your back and too tight overall that needs to be addressed.


  • Completely natural & non-toxic latex
  • The moisture-wicking inner fabric layer
  • An excellent choice for weight loss
  • Enhance thermo-genic activity


  • Boning may feel too stiff for some users

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3. Ashlone Waist Trainer – Best Build Quality for Long Torso

Ashlone brings quality & comfort for your waist training practicing without compromising body sizing. Therefore, you have another best-selling waist trainer with astounding construction.

ASHLONE Latex Waist Trainer Corset Underbust Sport Cincher Womens Workout Body...
4,374 Reviews
ASHLONE Latex Waist Trainer Corset Underbust Sport Cincher Womens Workout Body...
  • Upgraded Material: Outer Layer: Natural Latex; Inner Layer: Cotton (96% cotton + 4% spandex); 9 Spiral Steel Bones;...
  • Please buy with confidence. We offer 30 days free return (return fees at our charge) to every unsatisfied buyer. Our...
  • ASHLONE zipper waist trainer has 9 spiral steel boning supports which are flexible and durable, and steel bones can be...

This product beautifies your waistline into an hourglass figure without any extra fuss and pressure. The material is made with great care and keeping user satisfaction in mind.

Premium Latex: 

The quality of compression material defines how well the product is going to perform. ASHLONE waist trainer has stretchy but strong latex that will adjust to body curves. It will provide extraordinary compression to all your waist and abdominal areas.

The latex along with fabric fits perfectly over the long torso and covers the entire back. Similar to rubber, the latex stays put and doesn’t allow any movement or fabric of the trainer as you move.

Apart from its build quality, the latex is quite a skin-friendly and doesn’t leave any redness or marks after you remove it. The supreme latex compression effectively slims down your waist whether you are recovering from postpartum or normal weight gain.

Memory Steel Boning:

Unlike plastic boning, steel boning gives much more flexibility and back support. This waist trainer has specialized and most advanced memory retaining steel bones. You’ll be amazed to see how well this trainer recovers to its original shape.

This is very beneficial for long-term shape and curves maintenance whether you use it for 3 hours or 8 hours. These 9 spiral steel bones coupled with quality latex don’t allow the slipping and rolling of the trainer.

You’ll be able to perform heavy weight training without worrying about the trainer readjustment. The metal boning supports the lumbar vertebrae and keeps the backache away in addition to posture improvement.

Upgraded Soft Fabric: 

Not only this but ASHLONE’s entire product range comes with high-class soft fabric. As far as this product is concerned, the fabric covers the inner and outer sides completely.

The fabric is dry-wicking and composed of pure cotton for amazing sweat absorption. If you are going to lose weight via strength training then this trainer is a perfect choice.

The inner side removes all the moisture and sweat buildup so you can continue your exercise effectively. The combination of latex and bewildering fabric enhances thermo-genic activity and sweat protection at the same time.

Adjustable Closure:

This waist trainer gives you quality with efficient closure for hassle-free work and training. ASHLONE waist trainer is equipped with 3 sets of hook-eye rows that will keep the latex in place.

This in return locks your skin with the waist trainer and you’ll get a curvy figure instantly. In addition to this, additional support is provided by the finest quality zippers.

The zipper is made of metal and you won’t see any wear & tear or breakage with regular use. This product features a perfectly aligned closure system to adjust the waistline for enhanced compression.

The product needs extra care or you will experience metal bones getting popped out of canvass. Machine wash or ironing this product cause fabric to lose its quality. Use it with care and you’ll see a major difference in your waist with reliable experience.


  • Cotton stretchy fabric
  • Spiral 9 metallic bones
  • High-performance latex
  • Effective in postpartum recovery
  • Good for medium to long torso


  • Some users may experience skin irritation and redness with prolonged use

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4. Ann Darling Waist Trainer – Ideal for Long Torso Tummy Control

Ann Darling won’t let you down with its comfortable construction and noticeable quality. You’ll feel the lusciousness of amazing Lycra fabric and latex.

The design is optimized for a medium to the long torso with an adjustable and firm breast buckle. This product effectively covers the majority of your belly area thus gives you the perfect figure.

Ideal Fitting: 

Does it fit my long torso or a complete fail? That’s the most bothering question of all time. Ann Darling’s design focused on the user’s commonly sized long torso fitting. This product has 13 inches of front closure in addition to 10.5 inches of back.

The robust design speaks for itself. It doesn’t allow any rolling and bulging when you move or do exercises. They made two versions available for you to choose from. You can get the one with latex on the inside or on both sides.

Tummy Trimmer: 

Everything from its high-class finish to give you curves is aided by natural latex. The latex acts as the main core material to increase thermal activity and sweating. This will help you lose inches off your tummy fat and provide you the awesomeness of sleek curves.

The material is breathable which a bonus is because most trainers are too tight to maintain ventilation. But wait! What about sweat? Yes, you are right. The inner side is further covered by a durable fabric that will absorb all sweat without leaving any marks.

Steel Spiral Boning:

What could be more beneficial than a waist trainer that fits on your every angle? This is made possible by the natural latex coupled with durable steel boning system. You can crouch, walk, and do yoga or any other training wearing this product.

The boning will assure maximum grip in addition to backbone support. Not only the boning is present vertically but it also covers the borders.

This will ultimately uplift the bust and make breathing comfortable. The whole boning is enclosed in a thick canvass that won’t allow bones to come out and cause irritation.

Mid-abdomen Closure: 

Ann Darling waist trainer‘s closure system is durable and sturdy based on a hook-eye pattern. Furthermore, the product not only has versatility but comes in 10 different body sizes to choose from.

The closure consists of 3 hook rows at a 1-inch distance from each other. This improves the long-lasting use and you can reduce your waist up to 3inches without replacing the product. You’ll love how exceptionally well the results are after you start wearing them.

Like most latex waist trainers, the latex takes time to adjust with a natural body physique. You may experience tightness around your abdomen for a time being. Don’t worry! This problem resolves with regular use and the product will get adjusted to your curvy shape.


  • Flexible spiral steel boning
  • Sweat absorbing cotton fabric
  • Strong & natural latex
  • Ideal for long torso flat abdomen


  • We discourage its use for users with more than 5’9’’ height

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5. Ekouaer Underbust Waist Trainer – Best Strap Design for Long Torso

Behold! This is the best waist trainer to turn your plumb body in an hourglass curve instantly. Ekouaer perfectly hides any extra lumps and bumps on your waist without irritation.

Ekouaer Waist Trainer Vest For Women Underbust Corset Body Shaper Tank Top...
8,336 Reviews
Ekouaer Waist Trainer Vest For Women Underbust Corset Body Shaper Tank Top...
  • ◆Premium materia:Ekouaer waist train vest is made of high quality 90%polyester and 10% spandex soft fabrics,which are...
  • ◆Maximize firm&Adjustable straps:corset is equipped with 3 rows of hook eye closure ,to ensure you could fit it at...
  • ◆U-Shape Push Up Breast Design:special front U-type anti-droop design makes your chest more erect and...

This product magically brings you the firmness & sexy curves for every occasion. You’ll look stunning in your favorite slim-fit clothing after getting your hands on this product.

Appropriate Compression: 

The product offers high compression with a pleasant boost in confidence. The finest quality latex compresses and improves circulation throughout the abdomen.

The compression will enhance perspiration and convert your love handles into sleek looking curves. In terms of movement, the waist trainer is additionally supported by straps.

This will keep your bust uplifted and make the compression stable and stay put. The compression is not only ideal to reduce up to 3 inches instantly but also beneficial in post-partum recovery.

Robust steel boning:

The product is equipped with 9 spiral steel bones that are efficient enough to tighten the body fat. The boning system is designed to hold the trainer in place and retain heat at the same time. This feature assists the trainer to wrap around your waist in a comfortable way.  

Another thing to give importance is the lumbar support these bones offer. No matter you are in the office, at home, or at the wedding, this trainer got your back. Your spine will get straight the moment you wear it which adds confidence to your personality.

Truly Versatile Closure: 

In contrast to most of the trainers with 3 rows of hook closure, this product has 6 columns. Yeah! You are thinking about the right point. This waist trainer offers a long-lasting cinching effect on your waist.

The seams are sewn in a very durable manner that allows this product to cover a wide range of body sizes. You can adjust the compression intensity with these strong hook-eye closures so you can move better.

One major benefit is that you don’t have to change your trainer too soon if you lose weight. The more closures allow you to start from the farther one and gradually move to a tighter one.

Liposuction Garment:

Say Adios to fat belly and the post-partum problem with this outstanding product. Your tummy will get strong support in addition to profound compression. Another major use of this product is seen as a post-surgical girdle.

The liposuction garment has the excellent property of removing fat by thermal activity enhancement. The liposuction assists in reducing fat up to 3 inches by using this product with firm compression levels.

The unique shoulder straps provide extra support but have a drawback. They can sometimes put excessive pressure on your shoulders and cause soreness on the skin. Avoid prolonged use and taking necessary care can solve this problem.


  • Soft & reliable latex compression
  • Elastic & improve muscle strength
  • Control tummy and boost thermal activity
  • Ideal to wear for any occasion
  • Improve airflow during exercise


  • Prolonged use cause soreness on shoulder muscles

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Buying Guide

It’s not simple to just go and buy a random waist trainer. Some prime factors need to be addressed while purchasing.

These are very crucial for overall fitting to noticeable results. Let’s make you go through them so that buying a waist trainer can be a piece of cake for you.

Compression Material

What material your waist trainer is made of is an important aspect. Most of the trainers are constructed with latex that is very firm. Indeed, latex is an excellent compression material and provides you a uniform curve under clothing.

woman wearing underbust waist trainer

Moreover, it is very reliable and long-lasting when proper care is taken. Like other elastic materials, latex also suffers from wear and tear over time.

There are of course latex-free waist trainers available just in case you are allergic to latex. They are made of cotton or neoprene but there is a drawback. No doubt, they provide good compression but they are not very efficient for moisture absorption.

Proper Size

All of your waist training will go in vain if you got the wrong size product. You need to follow the size chart by the manufacturer to fully understand what size suits you well. We suggest you not to be a lazy person and rely on the waist size you measure a week ago.

Measure your recent size and compare it with the brand’s size chart to know your size accurately. Just like loose and too large trainers don’t give you any results, too tight waist trainers can be irritating.

You don’t want to get devoid of oxygen trying to breathe in a too-tight product. Do you? Another piece of advice is to go for a slightly bigger size than your original size. Because the actual will feel too tight & it will take time to get it adapted to your fit.

Torso Length

The third important aspect to look at is the length of your torso. As this article is about a long torso waist trainer, there is a basic scale you should follow. If your height is less than 5 feet 3 inches then go for a short torso product.

Likewise, if your height is above 5 feet 6 inches then a long torso trainer is your perfect fit. If you don’t know how to measure torso length, it’s quite simple. Start measuring from the base of your neck to your hips and this will be your complete torso length.

Bonding System

Checking the type of bonding is a genius consideration whether it is plastic or metal bones inside. As we all know, steel is much more durable and long-lasting than plastic in performance. So your priority must be metallic steel boning for more effectiveness.

As far as the number of bones is concerned, the more number means more effective and sturdy waist trainer. In contrast to plastic, the steel boning comes with more padding and a strong canvass for extra support.

Shape & Closure

Most of the waist trainers available in the market come under two categories; over-bust and under-bust. No wonder over-bust covers a larger area but they are more constricting and tight.

On the other hand, under-bust trainers cover less area but provide more comfort. You should choose this type based on how much coverage you want to provide to the abdomen.

woman wearing underbust waist trainer

The other thing to focus on is the type of closure system. It could be hook-eye, Velcro, or zipper based on different brands.

Generally speaking, a hook-eye closure with 3 or more rows is a perfect choice for you to try. Hook-eye is easily adjustable as compared to zipper and Velcro that lose quality over time.

Why Should I Invest in a Waist Trainer?

Boost Your Confidence

A top-notch quality waist trainer is very ideal for a better appearance. This will uplift your confidence and act as an instant boost for your personality. You don’t have to worry about looking chubby in your slim-fit clothes.

Wearing a good quality waist trainer can make your curves more defined and beautiful. Moreover, the boning system will improve your posture that will help you stand out in the crowd.

Powerful Body Shaping

Why do you want to buy a waist trainer? The answer is quite simple right! Everyone loves to look at the sleek and curvy waist with a flat stomach. The long torso body is naturally inclined towards a straighter look.

With a waist trainer, all the extra belly bulges and love handles have no chance to put a bad impression. A sleek latex trainer is very ideal to use under a slim-fit dress. Trust us! It makes you more than a celebrity with a dazzling look.

Assist in Fat Loss

A waist trainer with seamless fitting delivers you a promising weight loss experience. Thanks to high-quality latex, these products are worth a try. The compression material sits against your skin and retains heat inside to enhance sweating.

woman looking at her abs on the mirror

This insulated later ultimately burn fat through perspiration and you’ll see a noticeable difference with regular use. Your waist will get more defined curves due to the removal of fat bulges and flab.

Relieve Backache

Back pain and bad posture is common thing with modern industrial advancements. Many of us elect to work from the comfort of our homes. Mostly backache and poor posture arise from prolonged sitting in an improper position.

When it comes to women, waist trainers are a great way to resolve such problems. The metallic boning wraps the whole lumbar area and keeps it straight.

Your spine will immediately go to the natural curve position after applying this product. You’ll be able to sit, walk, and use a computer or anything with no hunched back. This is in turn a bonus feature along with getting an hourglass figure waist.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Waist Trainer Offers All in One Reliability for Long Torso?

According to our thoroughly researched article, LODAY and Lady Slim Waist Trainers give you the utmost performance. They offer excellent latex compression with effective closure and boning system.

2. How Do Waist Trainers Help To Reduce Fatty Abdominal Bulges?

Waist trainers ideally use latex to provide compression and enhanced sweating of the abdomen. You’ll see noticeable results when combined with an effective workout routine. This in return, reduces bulges and burn fat effectively.

3. How Long Do I Have To Wear a Waist Trainer per Day?

Honestly, that is your personal preference and depends on your ease of use. What our recommendation is you should wear it for 6 to 8 hours per day. Continue this wearing routine for 8 to 10 weeks to see noticeable results.

4. Can I Wear My Waist Trainer Overnight?

We don’t suggest you wear them while sleeping. The compression material is very tight and may hinder your normal breathing. Besides, it is quite uncomfortable to sleep with such compressive fitting.

Final Verdict

There you go! We hope our well-researched article helps you in deciding the best waist trainer for a long torso. The A – Z of waist trainers is in front of you to make a quality investment you won’t regret. Our top 3 products are LODAY, Lady Slim, and ASHLONE for their stunning build quality.

Again it all depends on your budget and your convenience features. Get your hands on our enlisted waist trainers and stand out with a perplexing hourglass figure.

With that being said, follow an effective workout routine to add some boost in visual results. If you want to read about waist trainers for weight loss.

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