10 Best Underwear for Big Tummy – Get The Perfect Fit In Seconds

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An excellent pair of belly control underwear is comfortable. It shouldn’t be too overly tight and difficult to wear. The best underwear for big tummy provides a sleek look below your clothing by hiding your rolls and bulges. These can be worn underneath dresses, bodycon dresses, skirts or postpartum jeans.

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So, what type of underwear should I wear for my body type? Everybody has a distinct preference for undergarments. Factors like shape, waistband, fabrics, and more are crucial when deciding on the style of underwear you want to purchase.

We’ve made it simple to select your new favorite best underwear for curvy ladies, whether you prefer cotton underwear or lacy lingerie.

Best Underwear for Big Tummy: Our Top 3 Choices Compared

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Different Underwear Styles 

Like bust sizes, our rears come in various sizes and forms. But not every occasion calls for a particular style. Today, you may choose from a wide variety of pants depending on your desire and outfit, thanks to changing times and fashions. 

To make the most of your lingerie wardrobe, we have condensed our list to some of the most popular underwear.


Bikinis have high-cut legs and sit low on the hip. They provide light to medium back coverage. Some have a lot of cheek and the top of the back exposed, while others offer additional coverage. 

Additionally, string bikinis with stretchy or thin fabric on the sides are common. Although bikinis are the most popular undergarments, they don’t flatter most bodies. 

Bikinis frequently don’t provide adequate coverage or support and are known to leave ridges and bumps in places you don’t want them. They are only ideal for people with a firm body free of trouble.


Thongs are designed with a T-shaped band in the back for minimal coverage to prevent obvious panty lines. It drapes three inches below the waist, like the bikini, and the sides typically end at or above the hip bone. They are available in a range of materials, so you can wear them both frequently and on special occasions.


The hip hugger is another name for the hipster. This is a different style of the conventional brief featuring the same large back and low-leg holes. Hipster underwear has a low-cut leg opening and a waistband that lies on the hips, a few inches below the waist.

back of a woman wearing blue underwear


Boyshorts got their moniker since men’s briefs inspired them. They resemble hipsters and adopt a more rectangular shape than regular pants, with the main distinction being a lower-cut leg. Some legs extend to the thigh. They are the most modest pants on the market since they provide complete coverage at both the front and the back.

Classic Briefs

They are designed for complete coverage. Their backs are large, their leg openings are low, and they have a high belly. Previously known as “Granny panties,” they have returned recently.

High-leg Briefs

High-leg briefs are a variation of the traditional brief with a much higher leg opening with the same high waist and full back. 

Best Underwear To Tame Big Tummy

It’s a good idea to become familiar with the available selections before you buy any new underwear. Keeping your search focused is essential for an effective and fruitful underwear purchase. Here are ten finest underwear for belly management.

1 – Wirarpa Cotton Super High Waisted Briefs – Most Comfortable Waistband

As a brand, Wirarpa is committed to making intimate apparel as pleasant as possible. These pants are soft and flexible since they are composed of quality, skin-friendly cotton. These cotton pants with a high waist and complete coverage offer the ideal support level. 

These are ideal for postpartum recovery because of its wide, fabric-covered waistband, which doesn’t snag on the skin. These machine-washable underwear briefs retain their shape after numerous washings without shrinking or sagging.


  • Crotch Design: Wide Double-Layer crotch for additional protection and moisture wicking
  • Design-Super high-waisted: The briefs are designed to envelop your entire waist and sit just above the belly button.
  • Material-Combed cotton and spandex: These boxer briefs are constructed from a stretchy, silky cotton fabric that glides with you.


  • This underwear’s cotton material ensures that there will be no binding or sagging.
  • With no digging-in, pinching, or poking, the full-back coverage provides an ideal fit.
  • The underwear is simple to put on and take off, thanks to the fabric-covered waistband.
  • The fabric will keep you confident throughout the day because it is more moisture-wicking than nylon fabric.
  • Senior citizens, women who have recently had c-sections, and post-partum women can all benefit from the cozy high-waist shape.


  • They don’t offer the greatest compression
  • Might not be the best option for people with short torsos. 

2 – Barbra Underwear Tummy Control Panties – Most Postpartum Friendly

The Barbra panty brief is exceptionally soft and well-made. It feels elegant and has much support without being too thin. The lace is strategically positioned and flirtatious. The ruched seam in the back is a great detail that beautifully molds the booty.


  • Design: V-shaped line in the front and back to give the appearance of being thinner.
  • Material-Nylon and spandex: It is constructed from a sturdy, elastic fabric with a silky smooth finish. After numerous washings, the nylon fabric ensures the underwear maintains its shape and is lint-free.


  • The lace embellishment conceals the exposed panty line on the hip.
  • A tailored fit is guaranteed thanks to the elastic band around the waist.
  • It provides gentle compression to flatten the stomach and prevent muffin tops.
  • Because of its scrunch-butt design, which aids in butt lifting, the form is smooth and angular. 


  • Leggings slide off easily due to the fabric.
  • It is easy to see the waistband. It could have been made a little thinner.

3 – Cotton High Waisted Breathable Panties – Most Breathable Underwear

These women’s high-waisted stretchy pants will help to cover your muffin top and hips. High-rise women’s underwear pairs perfectly with slender jeans, skirts, shorts, and wedding gowns. 

Additionally, you may be confident that they don’t display panty lines. They provide incredible comfort and are an excellent option for postpartum rehabilitation from abdominal surgery. 


  • Design- High rise: It helps with tummy control and recovering firm skin. 
  • Material-Cotton and spandex: They are soft, comfortable and breathable.


  • They have soft support in the stomach and hip region and are highly fashionable.
  • High-quality cotton underwear prevents rolling, gathering, and compressing s,o you may be free and active all day.
  • To provide you with the much-needed diversity, these are packaged in a multipack of several color combinations.
  • These women’s cotton briefs feature active health coloring technology, making them resistant to fading, gentle on the skin, and resistant to pilling and deformation.


  • It might not be the cutest undergarments.
  • Not true to size. You might want to size down.

4 – Bali Shapewear Brief with Lace – Best Underwear for Curvy Ladies

The union of firm control with look-at-me lace creates this attractive shaping brief that resembles a panty. This Bali firm-control shapewear brief has comfortable shaping and a stretch-lace trim that also serves as leg covering. 

It will come in handy as a belly control brief if you want to look stylish underneath body-hugging skirts, dresses, formal pants, or jeans. Full back coverage provides the fajas control you seek and a secret two-ply panel that focuses your stomach. 


  • Crotch-design-Cotton-lined gusset: This is for added convenience. 
  • Material-Nylon and spandex: Comfortable stretch microfiber flows with you without restricting movement.
  • A hidden two-ply panel: targets your stomach for added control in the right places. It also has a strip inside your stomach to slim your midsection.


  • Stretch-lace trimming also functions as a leg covering.
  • The silky microfiber fabric weave contributes to general smoothness.
  • It includes a pair of two lace-trim briefs with fajas shape for extra value.
  • Full-back covering aids in maintaining the brief’s fit and preventing ride up.


  • It may not be ideal if you have a muffin top.
  • If you are looking for significant control top/tummy control, this is not the product for you.

5 – Spanx Higher Power Panties – Best High-waisted Thong

This high-performance pair of panties and Spanx is the ideal underwear for big tummies. You benefit from the stomach control impact of shapewear for tummy pooch and the comfort of regular pants. 

They rise to fully cover your bra and prevent back fat from rolling. If you locate the proper fit, it provides a light squeeze that discreetly tucks your stomach throughout the day. When you wear tight clothing, your upper torso receives consistent support for a slimming impression.


  • Design-High-waist: This ensures more coverage and no muffin top. 
  • No seams or hooks: These pants are simple to put on because they don’t have any hooks and may be worn like regular underwear.
  • Material-Nylon and spandex: The underwear has a lightweight fabric to increase comfort. Soft yarns used in its construction provide smooth results with less compression.


  • The cotton gusset enhances breathability and deters sweating.
  • The innerwear cannot slide down because of the no-slip strip on it.
  • It has no center seam; therefore, under clothing, it is entirely undetectable. 
  • These high-waist pants cover the upper torso due to their full stomach pooch covering.


  • It offers a lighter grip than shapewear
  • It might not be the best option if you have a large bum.

6 – Bali Jacquard Mesh Shapewear Brief – Best Microfiber Fabric

These tight control underwear with a jacquard mesh tummy panel are so pleasant to wear over form-fitting slacks or dresses. 

The thin, flexible microfibre material provides a solid yet cozy control. It comes in a handy bundle of two and offers complete back coverage. These also dry quickly and maintain their shape even after numerous washings.


  • Crotch design: It contains a gusset lined with cotton for enhanced comfort.
  • Material- Nylon and spandex: The fajas fabric’s silky microfiber provides daily comfort and contouring.
  • 2-ply mesh stomach panel: It contours to your natural waistline to provide you more control over your appearance when wearing clothing.


  • The two-ply jacquard mesh fits naturally to the waist.
  • They also contain a pair of two tummy-panel shaping briefs for added value.
  • You might not even realize it’s shapewear because it fits comfortably under clothes. 
  • Full bottom coverage provides a no-show appearance and is made to prevent ride up.


  • It is too low in the waist.
  • The size typically falls short.

7 – Maidenform Tummy Shaping Lace Brief – Best Underwear for Muffin Tops

These silky, cool, and comfy briefs support your midsection and help you look and feel great with any outfit. It has a tight waistline that is precisely the appropriate height to offer you stability for daily wear. 

These are durable and do not shrink even after numerous washings. They include no-pinch leg openings, making them simple to put on and take off.


  • Design-High waist:  It helps to build a flawless foundation and support shaping.
  • Material Polyester and spandex: With tummy and back covering provided by the stretch fabric, all you can see are your curves.
  • No pinch band: it comfortably puts the pants in place and helps stop digging. It also has no-pinch leg openings for a seamless transition under your clothing.


  • This underwear is ideal for wearing underneath anything because of its comfortable fabric.
  • To keep you dry and comfortable, the fajas fabric, which is wicking and lightweight, releases sweat from your skin.
  • Since you are confidently covered under your dresses and high-waist skirts and slacks, it is perfect for all circumstances, whether work or the weekend.


  • It could slide down.
  • It is not recommended for people with very large stomachs.

8 – Leonisa Invisible High Waisted Lace Underwear – Best Butt Lifting Underwear

This best-seller comfortably aids in waist shaping and stomach smoothing. It has extremely flat seams and a high waist to make it seamless beneath clothing. 

Its timeless style is made even more stylish by adding a striped, sheer version of the original SmartLace. You’ll want one for each day. Your cheeks will be lifted and separated by a thong illusion created by a ruched seam.


  • Design-Invisible design: For a no-show impression under clothing, it lacks leg bands.
  • Fashionable appearance: thanks to the contrasting bands of the brand’s characteristic SmartLace.
  • Material-Polyamide and elastane: Your curves are comfortably accentuated by the DuraFit fabric. The back’s thong design also provides a butt lift that looks natural.


  • It is high-waisted for complete shaping.
  • The cotton gusset keeps you feeling clean and fresh all day.
  • Butt-lifter styling is made possible by the sheer fabric and thong effect.
  • This is a traditional pair of underwear with light compression to help slim the stomach. 


  • With time, the mesh between the stripes gets weak and will tear.
  • It may not be ideal for individuals with a big waist and small butt.

9 – Warner’s Tummy-Smoothing Microfiber Brief – Best Full-coverage Briefs

Innovative lace panels provide control where you need it in this mid-waist, full-coverage underwear from Warners Blissful Benefits for flattening the stomach.

Its flat elastic at the leg openings and waistline provides flexibility and added convenience. With these tummy-controlling panties, no outfit is beyond bounds.


  • Lace panel: it aids in contouring the belly by reducing bulges.
  • Design-Flat lace panel: it helps to deliver a tummy-smoothing comfort.
  • Material-polyester and spandex: The soft fabric guarantees light smoothing.


  • They are excellent quality and are quite pleasant.
  • Due to the fact that it covers all bases, what must be confined does so.
  • The brief style is both functional and pleasant thanks to the smooth elastic.


  • It starts to fall apart after a couple of washes.
  • It has minimal compression for tummy control and could have been more firm.

10 – Spanx Womens Everyday Shaping Brief – The Most Lightweight Fabric

If you’re looking for shapewear underwear, Spanx is one brand you can’t go without. These seamless belly control underwear cover all pant lines, so they fit wonderfully under a tailored skirt or dress. 

These are available in regular and plus sizes and offer support and coverage. It is ideal for everyday use, giving you a sense of control and confidence thanks to its superior fabric and flat leg openings. These do not constrict like most shapewear items but offer the necessary compression to tighten the slack skin.


  • Design-mid-rise underwear for a hug of support
  • Material-Nylon, elastane and cotton: This guarantees highly comfortable and lightweight underwear.
  • Minimum stitching: making the undergarments virtually unnoticeable and providing ample confidence and control for the entire day.


  • The flat leg openings on these hot briefs help with minimal tummy control.
  • It has a concealed shaping waistline that provides sufficient control for daily use.
  • Additionally, it includes gentle seamless threads designed to stay in place and pleasantly curve the body.


  • They often tend to roll down.
  • They might cause muffin top

Shopping Advice for Underwear

You are in trouble if you choose the incorrect pair. Nobody wants to feel their underwear pinching, drooping, curling, or riding up all day long because that means they’ll have to keep tugging. Consider these factors when shopping for underwear.

woman in black underwear holding flowers


Due to the close touch it will have with your skin, the fabric is essential for something as personal as underwear. High-quality cotton fabric is your finest option because it is renowned for keeping air and moisture at arm’s length. 

To reduce unnecessary discomfort or aggravation, use cotton underwear for tummy control. If elegant tummy control underwear draws to you, choose a pair that, at the very least, contains a cotton lining in the crotch pad.


Only buy an item of clothing after first trying it on because some items may appear wonderful but not fit properly. Comfort is crucial when choosing the most comfortable shapewear for tummy management. They must fit well and offer sufficient midsection support.

Additionally, you would feel more confident if you wore comfortable full-coverage underwear.


Everybody dislikes tugging at their underwear all day to keep it from slipping or falling. Select pants with a tight, elastic waistband that is comfortable to ensure they stay on your body.


It’s quite simple to disregard the price tag and go over your budget when surrounded by silk, cotton, and lace. However, numerous lingerie and best shapewear for petites alternatives are available at different price levels, allowing you to appear hot without jeopardizing your credit.

No matter how many more pairs of beautiful underwear you want to add to your cart, decide how much money you feel comfortable spending on lingerie.

How to Choose the Best Briefs for Your Shape FAQS

two women in underwear

Does Underwear Affect Body Shape?

Your undergarments and your body’s contour can directly affect how you look. Your booty will have a different form if you wear bikini briefs, hipster briefs, high-waisted briefs, etc.

How Do I Find the Right Underwear for My Body?

Take a hip-and-waist measurement. If you determine your waist and hip sizes, you can locate the right size for your underwear among brands. To determine the most comfortable size for your physique, measure your natural waist and the broadest portion of your hips with a tape measure. 


You might want a more pronounced silhouette under dresses and slacks, but a corset’s strain is not what you seek. While not as restrictive as high-compression shapewear, the best underwear for a tummy pooch will gently bind your belly fat together and smoothen your curves. But because of their ease and adaptability, these underwear are a fantastic substitute for shapewear.

When you wear body-con dresses, your lumps and protrusions won’t be seen thanks to tummy control underwear. You must take the fabric type and the washability element into consideration when selecting the best belly control underwear. 

The waist and leg holes must be well-sewed to hide obvious panty lines. It is crucial to choose items that are stretchy, robust, and firmly adhere to your body. However, stay away from underwear that is made of hard material or lacks moisture-wicking attributes.

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