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One of the most adaptable specialty bars you may possess is the trap bar. In recent years, trap bars have made significant advancements.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Recommendations
Cap Barbell Olympic Knurled Hex Bar
Hulkfit Hex Shaped Trap Bar
Titan Fitness Hex Trap Bar

There are now several styles and features that might provide even more training variation, including the bar’s weight, capacity, and distance between both handles. While some of these variances are merely personal preferences, many serve various reasons and should be considered when looking for the best trap bar. 

This article will look over some of the best trap bars on the market you should consider buying in 2023 and provide some justifications for why buying one to complete your home gym with a smith machine is smart. 

Best Trap Bar: Our Top 3 Recommendations Side-by-Side

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What Is a Trap Bar?

A trap bar, commonly referred to as the hex bar, is a special barbell designed to be used with a specific deadlift stance. It was initially made to strengthen the trapezius muscles and designed for shoulder shrugs.

There are two main types of trap bars: closed and open. The most typical trap bar features a closed, step-in hexagonal shape. 

An open-ended bar is a more flexible choice. For instance, a closed trap bar makes it more difficult to complete walking lunges.

Another exercise that can be performed with an open trap bar but not a closed one is a deadlift with an immediate sprint-out. Best open trap bars are frequently criticized for being imbalanced; however, this is not a concern as they are made to offer superb balance while in use.

10 Best Trap Bar – Our Top Picks!

Hulkfit Hex Shaped Trap Bar – Solid Budget Pick for Advanced Lifters

The hex trap bar from Hulkfit can support a maximum weight of 1000 pounds thanks to its heavy-duty steel frame. It is a good trap bar with long sleeves. 

This hex bar is more adaptable than the typical one since it allows for various exercises, including seal rows, military shoulder presses, and Bulgarian split squats. However, because of their excessively forceful knurling, both of its handles have received harsh criticism. This is an issue that, if necessary, can be solved with some sandpaper.

Overall, if the aggressive knurling pattern and the trap bar’s appearance don’t bother you, this is an excellent addition to any advanced lifter’s setup.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight Limit: 1,000lb
  • Sleeve Length: 9 Inches
  • Item Dimensions: 56.1 x 21.65 x 5.5 inches


  • Consists of sturdy heavy-duty steel
  • Has a maximum capacity of 1,000lb
  • Permits two different knurling styles


  • Has a subpar welding job
  • Its knurling is too aggressive

Cap Barbell Olympic Trap Bar – Best for Ultra-budget Option

The Olympic Trap bar from CAP has a robust industrial powder coating that serves its purpose in deadlifts, shrugs, or full-body exercises, even though it lacks some of the Rogue TB-1’s designs and refinements.

This bar is small, only 50 inches long, and has built-in feet protecting your floor. It can support up to 500lbs. Cap’s trap bar receives harsh criticism for feeling more inflexible than its high-end rivals, lacking knurling on the handle, and providing little room for hands.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Sleeve Length: 9.5 Inches
  • Item Dimensions: 50.4 x 29 x 14 inches


  • Possesses commercial powder coating
  • Takes up little space since it is made from tubular steel 
  • Includes integrated feet, which protect the floor from weights when loading and offloading


  • Lack of knurling on the handles becomes a significant problem as weight increases
  • Has a thin gap between the plates and the grip; for those with bigger hands, the plates will chafe against their knuckles

Cap Barbell Olympic Knurled Hex Bar – Best for Weightlifting

The hexagonal shape of the Cap Barbell Olympic Knurled Hex bar allows for a more comfortable grip, and the knurled surface provides superior traction.

It combines raised and flush neutral grips, making it suitable for home and commercial use.

The bar’s sleeves are also designed to be used with Olympic-style plates, so you can easily add or remove weight as needed. With a maximum 500lb weight capacity, this bar is perfect for novice and experienced lifters.

The Cap Barbell Olympic Knurled is a great choice for any lifter who wants a reliable, affordable bar that will provide years of service.

Product Specifications

  • Weight Limit: 750lb
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Sleeve Length:9 Inches
  • Item Dimensions: 55.71 x 24.61 x 4.72 inches


  • Its design is more compact than its rivals, making it ideal for a covert home gym
  • It is bolted carbon steel, making it unlikely to bend or distort even with continuous use


  • The bar is a little short, making it difficult to add 5 plates on each side
  • Larger people can have trouble getting enough clearance once inside the frame

Balancefrom Olympic Trap Bar – Most Durable 

Manufactured from 100 percent solid, heavy-duty steel with a 1000-pound capacity, the Balaceform Olympic Trap Bar design is intended to be durable and long-lasting.

You can load more weights into extra-long loadable sleeves, allowing you to work with a wider muscle contraction and growth range.

For your convenience and safety, there are various knurling lengths and placements. You have additional working flexibility with regular and elevated grips.

To ensure that bars fit all standard plates with 2″ or smaller holes, its bars have 1.97″ bar end diameters.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight Limit: 1,000lb
  • Item Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 3 inches


  • Has several safety features, including welded end caps and a safety collar
  • Coated with a durable powder-coat finish that helps to resist corrosion and wear
  • Its unique design allows for a more natural range of motion, reducing the risk of injury


  • Only available in one weight (45 pounds), therefore not suitable for all users
  • Not designed for use with Olympic-style weights; thus, it may fail to be compatible with your existing weight set

Titan Fitness Hex Trap Bar – Best Value Trap Bar

One of the greatest value trap bars is the Titan Rackable Hex Trap Bar. It resembles Rogue TB-2 except for the handle diameter and spread, which is 22′′ instead of 25′′.

As a result, some lifters might find it a little tighter. The handles have a 32mm diameter instead of a 34mm diameter. 

It is capable of supporting 800 lbs and has corner gussets. The bar is rackable, and you can carry out a variety of exercises from your power rack. Your typical barbell collars won’t fit because the sleeves are 16′′ long and not Olympic-sized. The sleeves are powder-coated, much like the rest of the bar. 

Product Specifications

  • Weight Limit: 500lb
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Grip Size: 28 millimeters
  • Shaft Length: 24.5 Inches


  • Has dual handle height
  • The rackable characteristics improve performance
  • 32mm knurled grips and a 16′′ loadable sleeve length
  • It gives the option of corner gussets for further strength


  • The sleeves coated with powder will rapidly reveal flaws
  • Some users might believe the 22′′ handle width is too narrow
  • There are specific collars needed for the non-Olympic sleeve diameter

Goplus 56” Olympic Hex Bar – Best for Bicep and Tricep Training

The Olympic hex bar is the ideal exercise gear for developing biceps and triceps. When performing deadlifts or shrugs, it keeps the weight centered through the body’s midline, standardizing your posture and lowering your chance of injury.

Thanks to the two distinct grip positions, you can also perform push-ups and floor presses with it. The knurling pattern also increases friction. 

You can add a weight plate to the Goplus 56″ Olympic Hex Bar. This hex bar can support four Olympic grips 45lb plates and one 35lb plate on each side. Two snap springs are provided in the package to assist in fixing and securely locking the weight plates.

Product Specifications

  • Length: 56” long
  • Sleeve Length: 10”
  • Maximum bearing capacity: 800lb


  • Its compact size makes it easy to store in a home gym
  • Has raised handles, which can make certain exercises easier on the wrists
  • Its hexagonal shape allows for a more comfortable grip when lifting heavy weights
  • Features a unique load-bearing design that helps to distribute weight more evenly


  • Has a relatively high price tag
  • Its smaller size may not be suitable for those with larger hands
  • The raised handles can make it difficult to perform exercises like deadlifts

Synergee Trap Bar – Best Trap Bar for Seniors and Females

The Synergee bar’s primary hex frame and handles are composed of 28mm tubular steel. The two grips of the bar are knurled almost end to end.

There are two weight options for this trap bar: 55 pounds and 45 pounds, with the latter having just one set of grips. It is ideal for seniors who want to maintain their muscular strength and functionality.

Since most users will be deadlifting from the lower handle, it’s worth noting this bar features a more severe knurl on the top handle than the bottom handle. 

The Synergee bar has 10-inch short sleeves, standard for low-cost trap bars. As a result, you will be able to load less weight. 

Product Specifications

  • Handle Height: Dual
  • Handle Diameter: 28mm
  • Loadable Sleeve Length: 10″


  • It is quite cost-effective
  • Two designs are knurled on each grip
  • It possesses two handles for greater versatility


  • Has a shoddy chrome
  • There won’t be as many plates that fit on the bar because of the 10′′ short sleeve

Gymax Olympic Hex Bar – Runner-up Budget

The Grymax Olympic Hex Bar has a strong construction made from heavy-duty steel with a chrome finish making it resistant to rust.

You can add weights of upto 800lbs to its loadable sleeve. Two snap rings help secure the weights in place. 

Depending on your requirements, the folding handles may or may not be a good feature. However, they make the bar unusable for pushups and overhead action since they are simply too unstable. 

Product Specifications

  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight Capacity: 800lb
  • Sleeve Length: 10 Inches


  • It will take up less room when stored because the handles are foldable
  • It won’t put as much of a dent in your finances because it is budget-friendly
  • Has two different knurled grip positions to help increase friction and get a better grip


  • Is prone to rust despite having a chrome finishing
  • Not stable enough for push-ups and overhead lifts since the handles are not fixed

Xmark Olympic Hex Bar Barbell Trap Bar – Best Trap Bar on Amazon

The Revolving Grip Hex Bar from XMark has an innovative design offering an assembly-needed unit with rotating knurled handles and elevated plate sleeves.

Each handle turn offers a grip with a variable from 30 mm to 38 mm and all the way up to 45 mm diameter, thanks to the ingenious design decision. 

It features above-average knurled handles, which is great. The equipment is designed to reduce the pressure on your spine while lifting more weight, making it a good choice, especially for those looking to pair them with the best exercise bike for spinal stenosis or any other equipment. The maximum weight that can be lifted with this bar is 400 lbs.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Rubber
  • Width: 26 inches
  • Length: 55 inches
  • Weight capacity: 400lb


  • Sturdily constructed rubber feet to protect your floor
  • Provides a secure grip with knurling with three possibilities for grip sizes
  • Has a raised plate rack making it easier to load and unload weights effortlessly 


  • For some, the 400lb weight limit may be insufficient
  • Plenty of bumper plates won’t fit inside short sleeves

HulkFit Olympic 2-Inch Hex Weight Lifting Trap Bar – Best Budget Option

With its hex-shaped trap bars, the HulkFit Olympic 2-Inch Hex Weight Lifting Trap Bar aims to expand your exercise equipment collection.

Through farmer carries, deadlifts, and squats, you may build strength in your lower part of the body. 

You should use it in an area where the flooring is safeguarded. This will go nicely with bumper plates since even if you fall, there’s no worry about breaking your equipment or the floor. It’s constructed using heavy-duty steel, with powdered coated black paint.

Product Specifications

  • Loading arm: 9.25” 
  • Handle length: 11.25” 
  • Handle-to-handle length: 23.25”
  • Total Weight Capacity: 1,000lbs
  • Overall dimensions: 55.75” x 23.1” x 5.25”


  • Any lifter or athlete can use the 1,000 lb weight capacity
  • Its open design gives room for a more range of movement and techniques
  • Provides incredibly high value in weight capacity, cost, and high-quality design


  • The dimensions may be restrictive for larger athletes and lifters with larger stances
  • Some buyers have expressed dissatisfaction at the black paint flaking quickly, which raises the possibility of the metal rusting

How To Make Use of a Trap Bar

When using a trap bar; 

  1. Put yourself in the middle of a trap bar with your feet hip-width apart. Squat and grab the handles of the trap bar.
  2. Relax your hips back, putting strain on your hamstrings. Lift your chest, bring your shoulders back, and straighten your back.
  3. Take a deep breath and contract your abs as if you were about to get punched.
  4. Immediately align your hips and knees, then stand up. Keep your back flat and your abdominals taut.
  5. Carefully lower the trap bar to the ground.

The Advantages of a Using Trap Bar

The value of a trap bar as a piece of equipment is understated.

  • The trap bar deadlift is simpler to learn and master than the barbell deadlift.
  • The likelihood of injury to users is unquestionably lower than that of the traditional straight bar deadlift.
  • It’s more suited for upper body strength and can be used for various best trap bar exercises, including rows, lying tricep presses, overhead presses, and landmine movements. 
  • The majority of trap bars have two distinct handle heights. One is higher up, while the other is aligned with the sleeves. Each person has a distinct length lever due to their unique body form. 

How To Choose the Best Trap Bar

Choosing the appropriate trap bar involves analyzing details, and its toughness, functionality, and adaptability rely heavily on them.

trap bars on the floor

Here are some main criteria to take into consideration: 

Handle Length

Single and dual height are the two most frequent handle configurations for trap bars. Lifters can pull with single handles as a conventional barbell. This is possible because of the dual handles and an elevated position for lifting with a limited range of movement. 

Closed vs. Open

Both have advantages and disadvantages, but open architecture is undoubtedly more adaptable. It offers additional possibilities for exercises, has a deadlift jack built in, and is simpler to store. However, it can cost substantially more. Consider whether you actually need the extra versatility or features. 


Some bars have the advantage of being rackable, much like a conventional barbell. Using a trap that can be racked, it is easier to carry out exercises like squats, inverted rows, rack pulls, and neutral-grip pull-ups. 


The polish of the handles and the knurling varies. The most popular finishes for trap bars are chrome/zinc or powder coating. The knurling will often have a medium texture; it won’t be entirely passive or aggressive. Compared to bars with a more plated finish, powder-coated bars tend to feel softer.


Consider the amount of weight you lift and the kinds of plates you’ll use before investing in this equipment. For example, calibrated plates let you pack plenty of weight. Bumper plates, however, can put a weight limit on you of 315 pounds or fewer.

Trap bars frequently have narrower diameters than conventional Olympic barbells. The finish is yet another aspect of the sleeve. A sleeve that is powder-coated will typically indicate a lower diameter. An Olympic diameter indicates zinc or chrome sleeves which improve over time.

Weight Capacity

Regarding weight capacity, there isn’t always a specific threshold for one trap bar to be considered superior to another. 

man in black shirt lifting a trap bar

A more sturdy hex bar is necessary if you wish to perform heavier deadlifts. Naturally, hollow bars will be more prone to bending than solid bars. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Purchasing the Right Trap Bar

Is Rogue Trap Bar Worth It?

Yes. Even though several less expensive solutions are available, the Rogue’s hex trap bars provide the most value for your money, given their quality, design, and adaptability. 

What Is a Good Trap Bar?

A good trap bar should have a few key characteristics. It should be made from a sturdy material such as steel, with a comfortable grip and weight rating appropriate for your level of strength. 

Is a Trap Bar Worth It?

Yes. You may work out different muscle groups using the trap bar. It can engage the shoulders, forearms, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and other muscles. Trap bars may also lessen spinal stress, which is advantageous for people with back pain during particular activities.

What Trap Bar Does the Army Use?

The Army uses the Multi-Purpose Bar (also known as the “Trap Bar”) for various training exercises. They use the Multi-Purpose Bar as their primary barbell for Strength and Conditioning purposes.


In addition to helping those who are recovering from a variety of injuries, trap bars are a fantastic tool for improving the mechanics of your deadlift. Additionally, if your trap bar has elevated handles, you may use them to increase the deadlift’s lockout and teach newbies how to do a hip hinge. 

Less strain is placed on the lower back while deadlifting with a trap bar since the weight is closer to your center of gravity than a regular barbell. Consider the essential qualities you’re searching for when buying a trap bar, and use this guide to help you pick the ideal solution for you.

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