10 Best Shapewear for Petites – Suitable Choices To Wear Everyday

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Shapewear adds curves in addition to flattening and slimming the body. The best shapewear for petites also draws attention to the parts of the body that will give you a curvier appearance, making every piece of clothing you wear to look stunning. 

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Recommendations
Bali Lace ‘N Smooth Built-in Bra Body Shaper
Shaperx Tummy Control Shapewear
Maidenform Shapewear Torsette

If you are petite, you need tummy control pants petite sized, high-waist briefs, leggings, thongs, and shapewear with adjustable straps or a bodysuit. Wearing clothing emphasizing the right body parts is the secret to looking voluptuous or even balancing your figure to look taller. 

The greatest shapewear for those with a smaller stature will be discussed below. Additionally, you’ll discover the criteria by which you make your most comfortable shapewear for petite body purchase.

Best Shapewear for Petites: Our Top 3 Recommendations At a Glance

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What Does Being a Petite Size Mean?

Because it’s a misperception that small equals slim, petite sizes are typically reserved for slender ladies. Regarding fashion and clothes, “petite size” refers to a particular size for females under 5’4″ or 5’3″. Petite sizes are different from standard sizes, mainly in terms of height. 

Women 5’4″ to 5’8″ tall are intended to wear regular sizes. Petite sizes provide a shorter, more tailored fit, whereas regular-size hemlines and inseams could be too long on a 5’4″ or shorter frame. When deciding between small and standard sizes, height still holds sway.

Retailers frequently offer size charts to help you determine what suits your frame the best. If achieving the perfect fit and size is difficult, consider having a professional take your measurements.

Alternatively, ask a friend to assist you with taking individual measures to determine your true size. Your dimensions will help determine which petite sizes fit you the best.

Best Petite Shapewear – Our Top Picks!

1 – Werena Tummy Control Thong Shapewear – Best Moisture-Wicking Shapewear

With its high-cut thong design and excellent belly control, this thong shapewear also gives you a sensual vibe.

You may wear it for extended periods since a built-in steel bone ensures that the cloth does not slide down and remains in place. 


  • Seamless design: Thanks to the seamless construction below the clothing, there are no discernible panty lines.
  • Design-Mid waist: This assists in smoothing things out, reinforcing your waistline, and shrinking your lower belly.
  • Material-Nylon and spandex: Your comfort is ensured by the fabric’s softness against your skin. The high-quality materials also prevent tummy bulges.


  • It does not tumble downward; it remains in its place.
  • The women’s thong shapewear is perfect for slimming a long or short torso.
  • It features spiral steel bones integrated into it to support the back and midsection.
  • It is composed of a premium, breathable material and easy enough to wear all day.
  • The high waist shaper thong is tight throughout the body of the ultra-high elastic material to generate a body-sculpting effect.


  • The thong portion could be comfier.
  • They are unsuitable for extensive lower-tummy control.

2 – Oliomes Women Tummy Control Shapewear – Best Open-bust Bodysuit for Petites

As a body shaper that is invisible beneath clothing, this shapewear does not produce creases. It is perfect for all situations, such as postpartum recovery, C-section girdle, and pain treatment following labor.

Additionally ideal for weddings, workplaces, trips, domestic weddings, clubs, parties, custom cosplay, Christmas, etc.


  • Crotch design-Open crotch design: This improves the comfort and convenience of using the restroom.
  • Design: It uses the newest compression design and 360-degree seamless construction to give you a more appealing and smoother curvature.
  • Material- Polyester and spandex: The material is supple, airy, and pleasant. The thighs and legs of this butt lifter bodysuit are also made more svelte.


  • This butt lifter bodysuit tightens thighs and elongates legs.
  • It does not roll up or cause creases, making them a body shaper unnoticeable beneath clothing.
  • Made of a comfortable, breathable, and lightweight compression material which keeps every step you move freely.


  • It is tight on the legs.
  • The crotch hole is way too small for use.

3 – Slendshaper Tank Top Shapewear – Best Tummy Control Shapewear

Unlike other tank tops for losing weight, Slendershaper is lengthy and extends to the hip region, keeping it intact even during strenuous sports and similar pursuits. Even without a bra, you can use it for numerous purposes.

This shapewear for short torso is fantastic if you want all-day comfort, maximum coverage, and 360-degree slimming.


  • Material-Nylon and spandex: It is composed of lightweight and comfortable fabric.
  • Adjustment: It includes roomy non-chafing shoulder straps and keeps you at ease all day.
  • The middle has a two-ply power-mesh fabric: It is specifically designed to tighten your back, stomach, and waist while also making you feel comfortable.


  • It doesn’t ride up or roll 
  • It is excellent for surgical and postpartum recovery
  • Wide straps and a high back provide the maximum amount of coverage
  • The inner power mesh and microfiber material firm the back, tummy, and waist


  • The sizing is incorrect
  • It offers medium hold; hence is not suitable if you are looking for maximum compression.

4 – Maidenform Shapewear Torsette – Best for Hourglass Figure Enhancement

This undergarment addresses your waist, tummy, and bustline. It raises and reinforces the bust region, but you can wear a different bra if you prefer due to its open bust style.

It retains the extra skin and fat in place thanks to its sculpting elements on the tummy, waist, and back to give you a thinner silhouette. Your appearance will be fantastic even if you’re wearing a tight dress because the shapewear is undetectable underneath clothing.


  • Design-Open bust: You can use your bra to ensure a proper fit.
  • Material-Nylon and elastane: They are lightweight and absorbent. Wicking fajas fabric removes moisture from your skin for further comfort and dryness.
  • Adjustment-You can be sure to stay put thanks to the wide shoulder straps. Even after wearing it all day, the broad straps will still feel relaxed on the shoulders thanks to the soft material’s feel against your skin. 


  • You may put on your bra thanks to the open-bust design.
  • To provide shoulder comfort, it incorporates thick straps.
  • It provides excellent back, waist, and stomach contouring. 
  • The incredibly soft fabric feels smooth on the skin to provide optimal comfort and freedom of movement.


  • It takes some effort to put on.
  • You will need an overgarment because it is not a tank top.

5 – M&D Butt Lift for Women – Best Post-op Girdle

M&D fajas post-surgery compression is your most outstanding choice during recovery. These female body shapers lift and contour the body.

This slimming wear tummy control’s significant compression and breathability will enhance your body-shaping experience. These women’s Colombian fajas help turn muffin tops into svelte curves.


  • Material-nylon and elastane: The materials are made to shape, model, and caress
  • Closure type: It uses hook and eye closure with two control levels for a perfect fit.


  • It has straps that are easily adjustable and detachable.
  • The body shaper uses extreme compression to lift and mold the body.
  • It has silicone leg grippers that ride up to prevent rolling up and down.
  • More convenience for using the restroom is provided by the zipper crotch design.


  • It takes work to put it on.
  • The sizing is contradicting.

6 – Bali Lace ‘N Smooth Built-in Bra Body Shaper – Best Body-suit Shapewear for Petites

When wearing this shapewear, you can display some skin because it is constructed with sheer lace. You can use this shapewear as sexy bedroom underwear and wear it for belly control.

Additionally, it offers a little snug that feels comfortable, unlike other body shapers that are tight and restrictive. You may use this body shaper without a bra or underwear because the breast section features an integrated underwire bra. 


  • Adjustment: Straps that adjust allow you to alter the fit.
  • Crotch design: It has a cotton-lined hook-and-eye gusset to make it more convenient.
  • Material- Nylon and spandex: The fabric is made for comfort and has exceptional fajas shaping performance.


  • It has a lace-patterned, seductive bodysuit.
  • It provides complete bottom coverage for a no-show appearance.
  • It contains a built-in bra, so neither underwear nor a bra is required.
  • Soft stretch lace contours your waist and tummy when worn as a bodysuit or underneath the most form-fitting dresses and skirts.


  • The straps are broad.
  • Given that it is composed of sheer lace, it is not overly restrictive.

7 – Joyshaper Shapewear Camisole – Best Slimming Camisole for Petites

The JoyShaper shapewear camisole is adaptable, cozy, and adorable. You can wear it over your shirt or dress, by itself, or even without a bra. It’s available in neutral colors and has a minimalistic design to meet your demands. 

This shapewear distinguishes for its innovative structure and design. Additionally, the bust region is roomy enough to fit your breasts properly. 


  • Adjustment: It features spaghetti straps that can be adjusted always to fit your figure more conveniently.
  • Material-Nylon and spandex: You won’t feel uncomfortable the entire day because of its stretchiness and breathability.
  • Encryption weaving: Offers adjustment in the midsection and a large bottom hem to keep the undergarment from rolling up.


  • Its straps may be adjusted to fit you perfectly.
  • It maintains its position thanks to the tummy control feature.
  • It is made of soft, elastic, and breathable fabric to ensure comfort.
  • The hem is broader to ensure the shaping tanks don’t roll up and they stay in position all the time.


  • As it could bulge, it is not recommended for daily use.
  • If you’re looking for radical shaping, there are better options.

8 – Curveez Seamless High Waisted Leggings Best Shaping Leggings for Petites

The Curveez Seamless high-waist stockings deliver tummy control and are excellent for boosting your posterior. The leggings offer your backside a magical lift while slimming your tummy thanks to built-in rear reinforcement.

Because the bottom portion is composed of thin fabric, you may pair these compression stockings with tight trousers to polish your thighs or long shirts to flaunt your legs.


  • Design-High waist: The tummy is smoothed and made tight by the shapewear.
  • Compression Level-Medium compression: It is excellent for contouring the waist, abdomen, and hips.
  • Anti-slip silicone strip: The silicone anti-slip patch that covers the waistband helps these leggings keep their position the entire day.


  • Have a seamless design for more comfort.
  • It offers 360 degrees of leg compression, which is ideal for concealing cellulite. 
  • Work well for shaping and enhancing the bum, reducing weight in the abdomen, legs, back, and thighs. 


  • They are see-through and hence cannot be used as an overgarment.
  • It could be a better pair for everyone seeking a pair of compression tights.

9 – Chantelle High Waist Brief Shaper – Best Waist Trainer for Petite Women

Superior shaping is made possible with the Chantelle high-waist briefs. This foundation garment’s high-performance material will help you keep fit and relaxed while providing comprehensive support.

These briefs have a bodycon fit and swivel around to the torso. Due to their high waist, they provide support for the upper hips, back, stomach, and waist while remaining in place all day.

These seamless, unnoticeable waistband and leg-opening small shapewear are the best option for wearing all day. 


  • Design-High waist: They comfortably slim the stomach, waistline, hips, and bottom.
  • Material-Polyamide and spandex: The durable, stretchy firm-control fabric is designed to keep your silhouette sleek all day.


  • It is constructed of a soft, flexible material.
  • It delivers tight control for defining your contour
  • Remains in place because of the silicone waistband
  • Since it is seamless, it is undetectable when worn below clothing.
  • It has a slimming effect on the upper hips, back, waist, and stomach


  • It is made of heavy fabric.
  • The style could be more seductive.

10 – Shaperx Tummy Control Shapewear – Best Shapewear for Under Dresses

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a new mother, this body shaper girdle fajas can help you lose extra weight and keep a lean physique. 

It contains lace and a thong design, which helps to accentuate your curves. The panty features a unique design that makes using the restroom easier and more pleasant without taking off the body shaper.


  • Adjustment-The straps on this faja bodysuit are non-slip and easily adjustable.
  • Material-Nylon and spandex: The microfiber fabric feels breathable and lightweight.
  • Design-High-waisted: The design’s waistline reduction produces a thinner, more feminine figure.


  • High waistlines shrink the waistline and give off a lean image.
  • Since it has a seamless appearance, you may wear it with any attire.
  • Thanks to the open chest area design, you may lift your breasts while wearing your preferred bra.


  • Since it doesn’t cover back fat, it overflows.
  • To use the bathroom, you must remove the entire outfit.

Petite Shapewear Buying Guide


Regarding shapewear, sizing is critical, and petite females must be attentive when selecting their foundation clothes. Shapewear that is the proper size should be a perfect fit for you. Following the manufacturer’s size guide will assist you in getting shaping apparel that will disguise your flaws while giving you confidence. 

petite woman wearing pink dress looking at the mirror


The best shapewear for petites won’t be the most comfortable thing you’ve ever worn, but it shouldn’t be too constricting and restrictive. Soft materials, like cotton, feel pleasant against the skin and are incredibly absorbent.

When wearing shapewear, you’ll probably sweat a lot, so find a fabric that can absorb extra moisture and keep your skin from getting itchy.


Depending on your preference, shapewear is available in various designs. There are leggings, camisoles, underwear briefs, and even bodysuit shapewear. Consider wearing a bodysuit or a high waist style if you want to hide your midsection. Leggings are excellent for the hips, thighs, and stomach area.

You can always experiment with several styles to find the one that suits you best.

Butt Lifting

Shapewear is available padded in the butts to accentuate your behinds’ roundness. For small individuals, you should wear shapewear that forms your entire body so that you may feel good about your rear and thighs, among other body regions.

High Waist

The greatest shapewear for small ladies is high-waisted clothing. Consider purchasing one that extends beyond your torso because you need a garment that will maintain its position all day. It would be ideal if the garment included a bra.


You must consider how much movement you need when purchasing shapewear. For instance, if the compression is excessively high, it will be uncomfortable to wear all day. You can have pain or shortness of breath if you wear tight shapewear. It is essential to try on the shapewear to determine your level of comfort.


Since petite ladies generally have a smaller frame, adjustable straps are excellent for improving fit. Fasteners are wonderful if the fitting needs to be sufficiently snug and customizable.

How To Select The Right Shapewear Size FAQS

woman in black camisole

Are Petites Supposed To Wear Shapewear?

Petite women may also use shapewear. The myth that only a particular kind of woman may wear shapewear is untrue. Anyone who feels confident and good at it can wear shapewear.

However, given that they are often shorter, it could be difficult for these women to obtain the ideal fit. Finding the perfect design is the trick. For example, petite ladies would benefit more from shapewear with extendable straps since they may customize the fit. Shapewear that stays in place and is simple to alter includes leggings, tank tops, briefs, and bodysuits. 

Should You Size Up or Down in Shapewear?

Choose your actual size every time. Sizing up or down will result in the reverse, including unsightly bulges. Whether you are shopping for the best lingerie for large stomachs or petite, choose shapewear with good compression. They are designed to fit you perfectly, making you look sleeker without sacrificing comfort or mobility.

Shapewear comes in sizes that match the size chart for outerwear, so if you wear a medium bodycon, choose a medium size in shapewear.

Does a Waist Trainer Work on Short Torso?

Yes. Short torsos benefit from shapewear. When you wear it, it helps to reduce your waist by 3 to 4 inches. To choose the correct size for shapewear for short torso, utilize a size map.


How does your line of shapewear look? We usually put a lot of wear and tear on our shapewear, so it’s necessary to refresh that drawer occasionally. 

Refrain from believing the fallacy that claims wearing a body shaper if you are small is unnecessary. Leggings, bodysuits, briefs, camisoles and body shaper styles with shoulder straps that are adjustable are excellent choices for petite women to help create an hourglass figure.

Our list aims to simplify your life despite the market’s abundance of possibilities. Consider comfort, adjustability, support, fabric, style, and size while looking for the best butt lifting underwear for your petite size.

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