Top 10 Must-Have Best Jeans for Mom Pooch

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You can still look great in your fashionable jeans even if you still have a pooch after giving birth. Knowing how to hide fupa in jeans and give your midsection a pleasing appearance is key. Some of the best jeans for mom pooch are high-waisted, have thick waistbands, or have elastic waists.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Recommendations
Gloria Vanderbilt High Rise Tapered Jean
Resfeber Women’s Ripped Boyfriend Jeans
Levi’s Women’s 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans

The most fashionable women have an unwritten rule when choosing the best mom jeans: high-rise jeans are your mom body’s best friend. After having children, high-waist pants are the style for postpartum clothing, according to mom fashion influencers and celebrities.

You won’t have to purchase several pairs of jeans while deciding which is the best investment. We’ve put several brands to the test and reviewed reviews. We’ll also demonstrate where to look and how to choose some stunning mom jeans.

Best Jeans for Mom Pooch: Our Top 3 Recommendations Compared

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What Is a Mom Pooch?

After delivery, adipose or loosened skin might still be seen as a mommy pooch. The body expands during pregnancy to make room for the developing fetus. Having a child leaves behind a persistent pooch that refuses to go away, despite diet and exercise.

This pooch makes a lot of women feel uncomfortable. In contrast to belly fat, a mom pooch is located on the lower tummy underneath the navel and is noticeable when wearing tight clothing. It is typically caused by loose skin. 

Best Jeans To Hide Mom Pooch

Lee Women’s Plus Size Sculpting Pull on Jean – Best Plus-size Jeans For Big Stomach 

These mid-rise jeans will accommodate your mommy belly flawlessly. Even though the jeans are mid-waist, they extend just above the lower abdominal button and hide the muffin top or bulging tummy.

The elastic material is ideal for concealing your pooch without confining you.


  • Style-Real jean styling: Made with an elastic waistband and mock fly to give them a genuine jean look.
  • Material-Cotton, Rayon, Polyester, and Spandex: Designed with cutting-edge fibers that will lengthen, slim down, and carve your legs, hips, and back.


  • It has a simple appearance
  • It provides a sensual slim fit
  • Has a fit that is mid-rise and sits over the muffin top
  • Comfortable elastic waistline; zips or pinching bands are eliminated
  • Blend for people of all sizes, including tall, plus-sized, and short women
  • It is constructed from a stretchy material, which accentuates the shaping characteristics


  • It cannot be washed in a machine
  • It keeps rolling down from a high waist
  • In warm temperatures, the cloth is not breathable

Levi’s Women’s 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans – Most Skinny High-waist Jeans

This high-rise, slim-fitting jeans are excellent for tucking in the entire body, especially the abdomen. The jeans come in various colors to match the situation and your unique style.

The fact that they are so thin makes them ideal if you want to look slimmer in both professional and informal settings.

These Levi’s best jeans for mom pooch include all the characteristics you’ll need, such as rear pockets, belt loops, etc., if you’re searching for timeless and adaptable jeans.


  • Adjustment: Adjustable belt-loop waistband for the perfect fit.
  • Design-High Rise Jeans: Offers shaping features because it sits above the waist.


  • It has a vintage jeans style
  • The skinny helps to make you look thinner overall
  • High-waisted to conceal the area around the stomach
  • The company is known for producing high-quality products


  • The fabric is thin
  • Not ideal for curvy women

Leinidina Women’s Jogger Pants – Best for Workouts

These women’s sweatpants have a tapered cut that stops below the ankle. When exercising, you can feel boundless and liberated.

The Leinidina Women’s Joggers Pants have handy pockets for sporty joggers to carry your phone, keys, or other small items, so you can focus on practicing yoga or running without distraction.


  • Material-Nylon and spandex: It is constructed of supple, breathable fabric.
  • Design-High-waist: This is ideal for tummy control. The double-layered, wide waistband offers excellent compression for flattening your belly.


  • The fabric performs with reduced friction and pleasant touch.
  • These women’s yoga joggers are adaptable enough to be worn with heels or to relax at home after work.
  • Women’s high-waisted joggers provide a sleek appearance and appealing curve without rolling or tumbling.


  • The seams begin to fray and start coming undone after several washes.
  • Because of the thinness of the fabric, the seamless underwear’s outline will be obvious.

Gloria Vanderbilt High Rise Tapered Jean – Best for Formal and Casual Occasions

These high-rise pants come in a traditional black shade, allowing you to pair them with your color of choice. You could customize it for formal appearances or hem it to your natural waist to deliver a more laid-back appearance. 

The tapering of the legs style will go with any footwear style, including sneakers, boots, wedges, high heels, and other footwear. 


  • Adjustment: Includes belt loops and a zipper if you wish to tuck the top for a more professional appearance and a perfect fit. 
  • Style – Conventional high-rise taper jeans with a natural waistline that naturally molds your midsection without causing a muffin top, in contrast to other jeans that are restrictive around the abdomen.


  • To increase adaptability, the legs are tapered
  • It has a high waist design that conceals the muffin top
  • An excellent design for both professional and casual attire


  • Since it cannot be stretched, you must select the ideal size
  • You’ll need underwear that doesn’t cause wrinkles because these jeans are lighter weight

Levi’s Women’s Ribcage Straight Ankle Jeans – Preferred choice for Plus-size Mom Jeans

The current high rise is Levi’s highest one. The 12-inch-high Ribcage Jean has gained popularity for its ability to elongate the legs and define the waist while also shrinking the hips.

Your figure will be highlighted by this fit, which will also make you feel fantastic.


  • Design: Has a fly with buttons so you may draw attention to your waist.
  • Length: Offers a versatile appearance thanks to its high-rise waist and ankle-length design.


  • They are incredibly flexible for enhanced comfort.
  • The high-rise style guarantees a flexible and attractive fit.
  • Finished with a traditional straight leg that may be worn with heels, boots, or other clothing.


  • They may not be ideal for pear-shaped bodies.
  • Consider sizing down as it may not be true size.

Amazon Essentials Women’s Pull-on Denim Jegging – Best for Daily Wear

These jeggings’ superior construction, ease of wear, and perfect fit make every day better.

The manufacturer made these clothes to be your go-to denim in various washes, styles, and sizes.


  • Closure type: Pull-on to fit all sizes, including plus-size.
  • Material- Cotton, polyester, and elastane: Made from a stretchy, silky fabric.


  • It is ideal for all sizes, including petite and plus-size
  • The lightweight fabric makes them ideal for hot seasons
  • The stretch fabric of this classic jegging flatters with a curve-hugging fit


  • The waistband is overly tight
  • They stretch out a little after wearing

Resfeber Women’s Ripped Boyfriend Jeans – Best Skinny Jeans

These skinny jeans are incredibly stylish, thanks to their adorable faded look. It fits comfortably for wearing all day without seeming cumbersome, thanks to the spandex and cotton blend.

It has a high rise, covering your tummy pooch and making you feel comfortable.


  • Adjustment: Zipper closure with belt hooks to adjust to your fit.
  • Material-Cotton and spandex: The soft fabric that is nice against the skin, making them ideal for all-day wear.


  • Perfect for routine use
  • It has a cool boyfriend-style appeal
  • A mommy belly can be hidden thanks to the high waist style
  • They are constructed of cotton cloth to provide additional comfort


  • These jeans have extremely small sizes
  • Unlike other fabrics, it cannot be stretched

Riders by Lee Indigo Pull-On Straight-Leg Jean – Best Straight Jeans

If you don’t like skinny and flared jeans, you’ll adore straight legs. These jeans are the perfect choice after childbirth because they help slim your midsection and thighs.

These are some of the greatest formal jeans, and thanks to their assortment of colors, you may select your preferred pair for casual and professional attire.


  • Closure type: Button-close: This adds to the comfort.
  • Material-Cotton, polyester, and spandex: The fabric is good quality and fits perfectly.


  • Have a lovely straight-leg style
  • It gives a slimming appearance overall
  • It is comfortable enough to wear all-day
  • The high waist design cinches your belly pooch
  • The thick waistband helps to flatter the stomach


  • They won’t remain up and eventually spread out
  • It has a false button fastening; therefore, you must pick the appropriate size

Levi’s Women’s High Waisted Mom Jeans – Best for Long Torso

The women’s high-waisted mom jeans from Levi’s have a flattering high waist and a vintage-inspired style.

It has a tailored look thanks to the tapering legs.


  • Closure Type-Zipper closure: for easy adjustment.
  • Design-Extra high rise: Ensures you are relaxed through hip and thigh.
  • Material-Cotton, polyester, and elastane: The fabric ensures added comfort.


  • It is offered in a variety of colors for greater versatility.
  • They have a high enough waist to appear high-waisted on a person with a lengthy torso.
  • For various contexts, you can dress it in a simple t-shirt, knit sweater, or elegant button-up on top and practically any type of footwear.


  • The sizing is slightly off
  • Since the main material is cotton, the jeans do not stretch

Kunmi Women High Waist Denim Pants Plus Size – Best Ripped Jeans

With the Kunmi high-rise denim-destroyed jeans, you can enjoy sporting chic ripped jeans while concealing your postpartum belly. These jeans are made to fit all types of women, including plus-size beauties.

In addition to hiding your mommy pooch, these torn jeans accentuate your hips and butt. 


  • Closure-types-Drawstring closure hence may be customized to fit.
  • Material-Cotton and polyester: The material is soft, lightweight, breathable, stretchable, and durable.
  • Design-High waist: Helps hide the postpartum pooch. A waistband made of elastic and a drawstring fastening are included in the denim style.


  • The seams are sewn to give you a perkier, rounder, and firmer butt.
  • The tight fit of the jeans also helps to smooth out problem regions in your thighs and lower hips.
  • Sweatshirts, T-shirts, hoodies, camisoles, and other types of clothes can all be worn with these jeans.


  • The width of the ankle is very small.
  • Maybe not the best for formal attire.

Things to Consider When Buying Jeans For Mom Pooch

Mom jeans are not only for mothers. They are the go-to option for comfort and fashion awareness because thin jeans may be extremely unforgiving and unattractive.

person holding a stack of folded jeans

However, it’s crucial to be aware of all the qualities you should consider, such as how thick or how long should mom jeans be, before grabbing a pair of mom jeans. The qualities include:


Finding a style that seems personal is the ultimate goal. Invest in a design that fits your personality and mood since you need to feel secure.

Mom jeans with flares are wider at the bottom and are best for casual and relaxed attire, whereas denim joggers are best for running, traveling, trekking, and other activities.

You can also get mom jeans with a straight leg to suit a semi-formal occasion. The best part is that countless variations of jeans are available, so you can always choose one that suits your preferences and tastes.


Finding the ideal fit is usually a smart move. Mom jeans shouldn’t be too baggy but should be slightly oversized. Always choose the proper fit if you have a postpartum tummy to achieve the authentic mom-size look of the jeans. Your belly will be visible, and your legs will appear slender if you wear too-tight pants.

Use the sizing chart rather than your usual size when purchasing denim jeans online to ensure you get the correct fit. When purchasing from a local store, on the other hand, you can test out various sizes and brands before deciding on the ideal size.


Nothing screams “mom jeans” like a set of high-waisted jeans. It is only sensible that a midsection rises at or above the navel because these pants are designed to shape while yet being comfy. 

Although there are several mid-rise jeans, they should preferably fit above the belly button. Hence a high waist pair is always a good choice because it is the greatest for sculpting the entire tummy.


Another crucial factor to take into account is the material of the jeans. Some jeans may not be ideal if you seek comfort because of their thick, scratchy fibers. Always choose soft cotton fabrics that feel pleasant on the skin.

How to Style Mom Jeans

Consider these ideas for styling your mom jeans: 

mom carrying her baby outdoors

Tops, T-shirts, Blouses, etc

Mom jeans are a style that goes with everything and is extremely flexible. You may wear it with an incredibly adorable crop top for a leisurely excursion downtown or a Weekend brunch.

Pair your jeans with a long shirt or a full-sleeved top for a long day at the office. You can wear them with a sweatshirt and a scarf throughout the chilly winter months.

Different Shoes

Mom jeans have the finest versatility because you can wear them with shoes, heels, sandals, wedges, flats, sneakers, and more. Put your beloved stilettos and favorite denim together if you’re ready to party hard. 

Always wear comfy footwear, such as ballerinas or sneakers, whether you’re shopping or just hanging out with your pals. You can wear flats to ensure your workplace safety or opt for wedges to provide you with height while remaining comfortable.


You can go from one to a hundred in seconds by layering your clothing. You can dress up your mom jeans by using a belt that completes your look or a bag that is appropriate for the occasion. 

You can throw on a jacket and be ready to go if you want to wear your jeans to a significant formal function. Even leather or denim jackets can give the complete ensemble more punch.

Additional Tips for Styling Mom Jeans Include:

  1. Wear your jeans with a long cardigan, jacket, or coat to have a fantastic slimming effect.
  2. For extra support, many mothers pair their mom jeans with best shapewear for petites or plus-size shapewear underwear.
  3. Draw attention to your best qualities. You may choose clothing that makes you feel like a superstar or accessories that bring out the color in your eyes.
  4. Avoid wearing tight clothes with your jeans because they could stick to the place you might be self-conscious about. Choose draped tees, which look great with jeans.

Your Guide to Getting Rid of the Mom Pooch FAQS

What Is the Best Way To Get Rid of a Mommy Pooch?

By adhering to a regular training regimen to constrict the muscles and make the skin firm, you can get elimination of a mommy pooch. However, based on how much your tummy has sagged, it can take some time. Exercise alone might not be effective if your skin is stretched out.

woman reading on the couch

You might need cosmetic surgery like liposuction to remove the extra skin. Wearing clothing that enhances your body will help in the interim. High-waisted clothing and the best underwear for big tummy can help hide the mother tummy. And if you’re nursing, be aware that it’s not only about feeding and cuddling; breastfeeding may also aid in weight loss.

How Soon Can You Wear Jeans After Giving Birth?

Jeans are acceptable after childbirth and recovery. Whether you gave birth naturally or via cesarean section will determine this. If you gave birth vaginally, you can resume your jeans at six weeks, but if you had a caesarian section, you consider waiting until your doctor gives the all-clear.

Fortunately, comfy pants that won’t irritate your stomach are available today. Instead of wearing tight, low-rise jeans that irritate your skin after giving birth, choose jeans with thick waistbands that cushion your abdomen. The greatest jeans also have a high waist since they are comfortable on your stomach.

How Can a “Mommy Belly” Be Hidden in Jeans?

If you choose the correct pair of jeans, you can cover your mom tummy. The greatest jeans typically have a high rise that extends above the navel because they tuck in the drooping skin.

Additionally, if you are looking for how to get rid of fupa in jeans avoid low-rise jeans. They are not a good choice since they do not contour and only accentuate your stomach. 

It’s also a good idea to select stretchy, form-fitting jeans fabric. The ideal jeans are those constructed of a spandex-stretch blend since they can stretch to fit your stomach without making you feel uncomfortable.


You may have a mommy belly after giving birth, and it may take some time to go away, but that shouldn’t suggest you can’t look stylish in jeans.

Some jeans that can help you conceal a momma’s pooch include high-waisted jeans, ones with thick waistbands, and those with elastic waists. Your personal preferences will determine the style you select, but you must make sure it fits you properly.

Due to their extreme comfort and relaxed fit, mom jeans have become fashionable in recent years. You can use more than narrow pair-fit jeans if you have a pair of mom jeans that can be worn in various ways. 

The items on the list can be found in various sizes and hues. Choose a flexible, cozy pair of mom jeans while making your selection. Ensure that it may be worn with various tops, t-shirts, and shoes.

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