10 Best Gym Towels ( Reviews 2021)

We love to sweat! It’s the ultimate satisfaction that brings us closer to our fitness goals. When you’re swamped in a sweat storm, that’s where a gym towel comes in and helps you keep dry so you don’t slip while doing body lifts, crunches, or holding a heavy dumbbell for instance. Also when the comfortability concern and the potential danger reeks in, gym towels become necessarily important. This article will offer reviews of the best gym towelS that’ll keep you dry and energetic during your workouts.

While we talk about the best gym towels, it’s important to understand some must-have features of a gym towel. Other than being lightweight obviously, it must be portable because for the longest time it will be sitting in your bag when you’re moving to and fro from the gym. It must be quick drying so it can absorb more and more sweat at a time. Last but not the least, it must be odor resistant and manage moisture to keep your carrying bag free from stink.

Good gym towels enhance your gym experience so you need to be really careful while selecting one for yourself. It comes in materials such as cotton, microfibers, and synthetic fibers but for a hint, microfiber gym towels work the best. Also, it’s in your best interest to bring a gym towel to your workout sessions and stay hygienic and enjoy your exercise jamming even more.

It’s time we reveal the 10 best gym towels with every possible detail so you can make a careful and optimized decision.

Best gym towels 2021

1. BOGI Sports & Gym Towel

Bogi is the most preferred and hot-selling brand of microfiber towels with vibrant colors that bring an amazing and energetic feel to your workouts. Its smooth and compact texture is what every fitness enthusiast wants. Its lightweight and ultra-absorbent properties make it perfect for use in the gym and during workouts.

Prominent features:


Bogi sports towels are made from 100% microfiber material of the finest quality. Moreover, they are eco-friendly as well and safe for use. Its material is totally smooth and that’s what is most preferred against the rough textured towels that rub hard against the skin.

Multipurpose use:

Bogi sports towels could be used not only for fitness and sports activities but could also be taken along for camping, hiking, mountaineering, spa, beach, bath, swimming pool or even could also help as protection from sun or heatstrokes. Other uses also include hair drying, dish wiping, cleaning, and being handy in rainy weather. Its pouch could also be useful to store your sunglasses, wallets, or phones. Therefore, it can be useful all year round.


Bogi sports towel does not bulk when you fold it instead saves space when you place it in a pouch or bag to carry with you. It could be used comfortably because of its perfect size. It’s a cleansing towel that will smoothly wipe off any sweat or germs from your face, hands, or neck.

Ultra absorbent

The microfiber material of Bodi towels allows 10 times faster drying than ordinary towels and it has greater absorption and diffusion with excellent performance in water absorption and retention that likely helps in drying of towel faster.


An amazing perk with the Bogi sports towel is that it comes with a gift bag that is breathable and could be used to protect the towel as well. It has eye-catching and vibrant designs that align well with the trends and fashion and you must want to keep it along to flex or feel energetic while using it. You can also gift it to your family or friends or to your lover on special days. It sounds like a perfect idea.

  • Fuzzier and smooth
  • Space saving
  • Held up after numerous washes
  • Dries skin superbly
  • Microfiber crumbles slowly
  •  fewer patterns or designs

2.CHARS Cooling Gym Towel

Chars are one of the top-selling brands that offer amazing quality gym towels that too come in packs. It has a super-soft touch and excellent absorbency power that sucks away all your sweat and dries faster for reuse.

Prominent features:


Chars cooling gym towels are made from microfiber material and are ultra-absorbent while giving a soft touch when you rub them against your skin. It is specifically chemical-free for people who have sensitive skin and might get allergic. It helps in the physical evaporation of water that adds a cooling effect in the silky mesh towel and you feel refresh throughout your workouts. Its material is smooth and lightweight that is easy to carry and nonstick a well. Helps you cool down and is a perfect way to recover quickly.

Multipurpose use:

Chars cooling gym towels are not only made for fitness enthusiasts who like jogging, walking, swimming or football but also as a relief for fever and headaches, heatstrokes, and sun protection because of their cooling properties. Nevertheless, it’s the best accessory you can have while working out. You can also have it tied around as a headband, or wrapped around the neck or shoulders and it wouldn’t fall off because of its lightweight. You can literally use it anywhere and anytime you want.

Cooling properties:

Chars gym towels have physical cooling properties and give you the nicest and comfortable sports and gym experience. It offers strong absorption of sweat and dries as fast as that and is breathable and soft too. You can dip it into the water and swing a few times and place it on your skin, it ultimately gives you a cooling effect. The moisture from the towel snatches all the sweat away from the skin thus keeping you cool. This chilling towel is a wonder for gym purposes.

  • Great value for price
  • Held up after multiple washes
  •  Long lasting cooling effect
  •  Not good as a facewash towel
  • Gets damp for longer workouts

3. The Rag company Gym Towel

The Rag Company is a value symbol that delivers superb quality towels that have multipurpose usage and are trusted by many professionals as well due to the extraordinary performance and quality it offers. It is a family and woman-owned business that are determined to provide the best product along with value, quality, and service. These premium gym towels are super absorbent and durable. Just what you are looking for!

Prominent features:


The rag company sports towels are made with an 80/20 blend of high-quality microfiber material that offers premium weight and soft touch. It also offers super absorbency and fast-drying properties.

Perfect size

The rag company has designed their towels in perfect sizes that match the needs of the fitness enthusiasts who need to carry this sports towel to and fro and could be easily used during workouts.

Multipurpose Use:

These sports towels are not only made for gyms or sports but could also be used in spas, yoga studios, or health clubs because of the safety feature it offers. This is definitely the value-priced towel you want for your gym.


The rag company sports and gym towels are durable and built to last. Even after hundreds of washes, they don’t lose shape or quality even though they get softer than before.

  • Absorbs sweat and moisture profoundly
  • Soft and durable
  • Good for multipurpose use
  • Bleeds color after frequent washing

4. Monster Gym Towels

4Monster is a renowned manufacturer of sports and gym towels made from microfiber material. They’ve been running the market for 30 years and offers the best quality products and even more than what customers are looking for:

Prominent features:


4Monster gym towels are made from microfiber materials that are carefully designed from constituents that are essentially safe for the human body. These towels are dyed with natural plants and come with excellent and high sewing that doesn’t fall apart after a single wash. Its edges are properly sewed that last longer. Moreover, it is lightweight and offers fast drying. Its soft texture comes with an odorless feature that is an excellent choice for people who work out intensely or carry a towel for strenuous outdoor activities such as hiking.

Best Carrying Case:

4Monster not only just provides a high-quality gym towel but also cares for your carrying needs. It offers an EVA box to store the towel in comparison to other brands that offer ordinary woven bags that don’t even offer coolness as this one does. It can efficiently store the towel and give it protection by saving you some space in your backpacks.

Germ Resistant:

Another amazing feature of the 4Monster microfiber gym towel is that it comes with a special anti-germ technology that doesn’t let the germs sit or spread but also prevents any odor caused by sweat.


It has an amazing absorption quality and could be air-dried and reused in a short amount of time. It is absolutely light weighted and you wouldn’t even feel it across your neck. It’s an ideal option for wiping sweat while workouts, yoga, sports or camping, hiking, etc.


4Monster gym towels are manufactured with no chemicals used and are properly and 100% sterilized that are skin-friendly and soft as well. It’s the best product offering that takes care of your safety as well.

  • Dries wicked fast
  • Fits well in carrying case
  • Holds up longer time
  • Maximum water absorbent
  • Feels thin like a sheet.

5. Wise Owl Outfitters Gym Towels

Wise Owl is the oldest brand that started from making awesome and high-quality hammocks at an affordable cost to extending their product line into gym towels that are too high quality and reasonable prices. They have some eye-catching designs with the sophistication that you would want to carry with you to the gym.

Prominent features:


Wise Owl offers high-quality products as it’s a trustable brand that focused on providing the best quality products. While some towels rub hard against your skin, a wise owl provides incredibly soft workout towels that are ultra-absorbent and dries really fast. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for a gym towel to carry with you. It could be easily folded and stored for travel.

Multipurpose use:

This ideal gym towel could be used in a lot many fitness activities such as gym, yoga, sports, swimming, jogging, golf, and hiking. This could be the gym towel that you’d definitely want to have.

Perfect Size

Wise Owl gym towels come in 2 and 4 pack options that weigh only 3 oz each and with a size of 12″x24″. They have colorful and sporty designs only to make you more energetic and complete your fitness goals while wiping off excessive sweat very easily.

  • Super lightweight and soft
  • High absorbency
  • Odorless towels
  • Not good for sensitive skin

6.Tagefa GymTowel

Tagefa is one amazing brand that offers gym towels that are most liked by its customers because of their resilient cooling properties and finest material used to weave it to utmost perfection. Also, it’s surprising that it serves as a multipurpose towel, now you can use it however you like.

Prominent features:


Tagefa gym towels are made from microfiber materials that are excellent for sweat and not only this they come with an amazing fiber weaving done with super absorbent technology with mesh patterns that helps in retaining and regulating water and absorbs all the sweat such that you start feeling cold using this towel. Its material is really soft but thick that offers super absorption. You can see a lot of cotton and microfiber gym towels on market but no one offers such an evaporative cooling design as Tagefa.

Cooling Towel:

Tagefa towels have fantastic cooling properties that offer more cooling when the water evaporates from its surface just like our sweating mechanism, These could be the chill towels you yearn for during a hot and sweaty workout. It can keep you cool for hours once it’s soaked and used for sweat.


Gym towels are not like regular towels and are large in size because they need to be backpacked and carried to the gym so must be lightweight and portable. Luckily Tagefa gym towels are super easy to carry with you in your bag.

Multipurpose use:

Tagefa towels work like a charm for neck wrap, wearing it like a cooling bandana or using it as a golf club headcover. It could easily help out the females suffering from heat stress or workers working in the hot summer. Whether you are working out in the gym, camping, or working outdoors, a Tagefa ice towel is a must-have for everyone.

  • Lightweight
  • Convenient to carry
  • Amazing for heat days
  •  Less longer cooling effect
  • Won’t do best for heavy exercises

7.KinHwa Microfiber Sports Gym Towel

Kinhwa Sports or gym towels are the best partners for your intensive workouts. With its above-average quality and multipurpose use with astonishing absorption qualities, this gym towel is one of a kind. It can be a perfect purchase for fitness freaks who bring a sweat storm while running on a treadmill or doing benches and crunches.

Prominent features:


Kinhwa sports gym towel is made from the microfiber material that is constituted of 80% polyester while the rest 20% is made from polyamide. It has a different feel to it, unlike the cotton towels. It might look lighter and thinner but is really strong to absorb all your sweat. It has a smooth surface that is easy to wash and clean as well. You can’t ever get over the material that this sports gym towel has to offer.


Kinhwa gym towels are not only used for gym purposes but are a perfect match for your outdoor activities such as camping or even swimming as well. You can use it generally as a bath towel. Now if you’re doing yoga, workout, gaming such as golf, boxing, football, etc, it’s a fantastic help to wipe off all the excessive sweat and give you a cooling effect.

Texture and Absorption:

How does the texture of the Kinhwa gym towel feel like? You must be relieved to know that it’s super soft and doesn’t rub hard against your skin, unlike ordinary towels. It has a unique terry texture design that allows more absorption than a flat towel does. It has the perfect design and microfiber technology to ensure the maximum absorption needed during intense workouts. It’s not only made from high-quality material but also has a comfortable touch and feel.


Kinhwa gym towels are so lightweight that you can easily fit them in your gym kit or also during travel, hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities. Because of its lightweight it could be easily carried across anywhere and doesn’t even take much space in your luggage or bag, Isn’t it a plus?


It’s understood that we want the best out of a one-time purchase to receive the maximum benefit. For instance, we evaluate the durability of the towel we ought to purchase. Kinhwa fulfills every customer expectation and brings you a durable gym towel that is 500 times washable because it is designed for exceptional performance and offers steadfast durability.

  • Odorless
  • Soft and durable
  • Dries immediately for reuse
  • Best for intensive workouts
  • Seams on the edges are uneven

8.Bessport Microfiber Towel

Bessport offers super absorbent microfiber gym towels that have a definite soft feel to them and excellent for usage in gyms to wipe off excessive sweats and continuing your rigorous workouts without harboring germs and prioritizing your safety. They come in packs of different sizes and are completely odorless while wet. Suit yourselves with the features of Bessport gym towels!

Prominent features:


Bessport gym towels are made from 100% microfiber material that is lightweight and can absorb maximum sweat. It can dry fast because of less dense fabric loops as compared to cotton towels that take a while to dry.


Bessport offers a pack of gym towels for any situation that comes in a variable number of sizes such as small, large, and extra-large and with good combinations that you can carry for camping, gym, or beach. Bessport got you all covered.

Super Absorbant:

Bessport gym towels have an absorption capacity of 3-4 times their weight. It is also convenient that it dries about 10 times faster than regular cotton stuff towels. They could be easily washed in the machine and put out to dry in the sun for five minutes and you’re good to use it again. Isn’t it amazing?

Ease of use:

Really easy to use as it occupies 4 times a little space as compared to terrycloth towels of the same size and is fantastic for traveling purposes. It also has a quick attach loop that makes it easier to hang and dry.

Skin-friendly and soft:

It is made from the finest fibers and is really soft in touch but compact, thin, and luxe. It is also made chemical-free and without any use of fragrances or alcohol to which some people might be allergic. It is a perfect fit for gym use, after swimming, workouts, or camping as it dries off really quickly.

  • Good quality and compact
  • Great for multipurpose us
  • Color does not fade after wash
  • No downside.

 9.NIcool Gym Yoga Towel

NIcool is famous for its good quality cotton gym towels that are not only environment friendly but are really safe for human health. They are extremely durable and could be used for a longer time, unlike others that wear out quickly. It does not fade or shrink after repetitive use and is a perfect match for gym purposes.

Prominent features:


NIcool gym towels come in 100% cotton material who prefer to keep thick towels with them for more absorbency and multi-usage. It could be easily washed in the machine and looks luxurious with fine and strong stitching and remarkable workmanship. Once you use it there’s no way you won’t like the quality of this sports towel.

Remarkable Length

NIcool gym towels are professional sports towels whose exclusive feature is their remarkable length that is longer than the ordinary towels and feels gentle against your face and skin. This perfect gym towel will always keep you pleasant and comfortable.

Super Absorbent:

This super thick and smooth gym towel has the perfect size with more water absorbency power. You can hang it easily on your neck or exercise equipment. This sophisticated towel could be used either at the gym or any of your outdoor activities.


Good things come with a price! This towel might be a little expensive in comparison to other ordinary towels, but its quality has no match. This sports towel could last for 10 years or more if you’re looking for a solid purchase.

Multipurpose use:

NIcool gym towels are not only specified for gym usage or sports and fitness but could be widely used for swimming, bowling, yoga, hiking, camping, etc.

  • Holds well for intensive workout
  • Super soft
  •  Perfect size for gym
  • A little pricey

10.Mayouth Gym Towels for Men & Women

Mayouth is another top-rated brand that offers the finest quality gym towels for both men and women. Like many other brands, it offers soft and super absorption properties in gym towels that are convenient to carry across anywhere. You must want to go through its details to finalize your best choice.

Prominent features:


Mayouth gym towels are made from microfiber material that consists of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide fiber. These properties specifically help in super absorption and fast drying of the towel once it’s used. Also, the material is really soft and comfortable when you use it on your skin or hair. The lightweight towel is easy to take with you to the gym. It is advised that it must be washed before first use.


Mayouth gym towels could be easily folded and packed and taken along for outdoor activities such as sports, camping, hiking, traveling, or most profoundly for fitness exercises in the gym

Fast Drying:

Mayouth gym towels come in handy when one needs to do intense sports or workouts as it has 3 times faster drying ability than traditional towels. It is sufficient if you want to continue long and rigorous workouts because of quick drying.

Easy to wash

Mayouth gym towels are machine washable under 40 celsius very easily. You can put it out for drying and it’ll be available for reuse in just a short time.

  • Space efficient
  • Cost effective
  •  Maximum moisture absorption
  • Sticky texture
  • Bleeds color after wash.

Buying guide:

While buying a gym towel one must wonder about the tiny details that need consideration while making the best purchase for the value of money. Here are some tips and guidelines that will make your decision process a lot easier.


A gym towel must have the capacity to absorb maximum moisture with ease. As the towel fabric is weaved with many loops, so more loops mean that the towel is stronger to absorb more sweat. The threadbare gym towels are worthless when it comes to absorbing sweat or fluids so you might want to avoid it. Although it doesn’t have to be super absorbent as bath towels because workout sweat is unlikely to be a waterflood. The best gym towels are perfect for wiping off sweat from the brows and neck while vigorous workouts. It doesn’t have to be thick enough to collect bacteria but appropriate for water retention.

.Fast Drying

Gym towels must have the capability to dry quickly after washing. It is also noticed that thinner and lightweight gym towels tend to dry faster than the thicker ones but they also wear down soon enough unlike fluffy towels. Your gym towels must need to be thinner and dry faster so you can attain maximum benefit. However the towel might be, you still have to give it enough time to dry out on its own otherwise half-dried towels might serve as the leading cause for bacteria. [1]

Towel Material

Fitness enthusiasts use both microfiber and cotton towels while some think cotton ones are the best but the argument goes on. Cotton fibers tend to have more absorption capacity in a short time while both are suitable for your gym workouts. Some other materials might include bamboo and linen.

Towel Weight

The fabric density determines the towel weight. As mostly lightweight towels are preferred for the gym because of their portability so they usually are thin and resultantly inexpensive as compared to thick ones because they wear down faster. For cycling, running or any strenuous exercise, if you are looking to buy towels in bulk, lightweight and thinner are the best otherwise for a one-time purchase you can opt for thicker ones that can be washed several times and still retain the strength.

Towel Size

Small size towels are convenient to handle and fold while you’re doing workouts. No one wants to carry a heavyweight and longer-length towel on their back. So the best size is the small or medium one that can easily wipe the sweat off your face and neck.

Towel Texture

People have assumptions that soft towels are the best as they are skin-friendly and don’t rub across the skin to cause rashes. This might not be true when it comes to finding a perfect gym towel for your workouts. Extremely soft towels are less durable as compared to compact ones. You should find a towel in the range that is durable along with a soft texture.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can gym towels be used for after-shower as well?

Gym towels are usually lightweight and absorbent and most brands offer multipurpose towels that can be used at the gym and as bath towels as well. So yes, they could be used for after-shower.

How do you carry a gym towel to the gym?

Gym towels are pretty lightweight unless you go for heavy ones and fit perfectly in any little space available in your backpack.

Which towel dries faster, cotton or microfiber material?

It seems like the microfiber gym towels dry faster than the cotton ones because it has less dense loops as compared to cotton ones hence takes less time to dry.

Do cooling gym towels turn hard once they dry?

Absolutely not. If they are made from the soft microfiber material and gives a soft feel and touch then it is unlikely they will get rough and hard but even turn more smooth after every wash.


While everyone needs to hit the gym to keep up their fitness game and it’s also a must to keep the germs away in their place, so it’s always suitable to bring your own gym towel to avoid contracting any bacteria. You might look around at a variety of options but still be confused about which one serves your purpose best. We know how difficult it must get to carry weight to and fro from the gym so we have suggested a list of best gym towels that are not only lightweight but space-saving as well that could fit easily into small spaces.

Moreover, they are ultra-absorbent that can retain water and wipe away all the excessive sweat from your hands, face, brows, and neck. They even take less time to dry so you can put it out in the sun and it gets dry as grass just in a short amount of time. Therefore, we have reviewed the best gym towels that are top-selling and among the finest category so you can make your perfect pick. Among all the gym towels reviewed our best pick is the Bogi sports and gym towel that has a vibrant and high-quality collection and could be the best purchase you ever made. If you liked this article acknowledge us in the comment section and also tell us about your favorite pick from this article.

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