3 Best Folding Squat Racks ( Reviews 2021)

Most people are short on space in their basements, garage, and backroom when they need to fit in a home gym to carry out their fitness regimes especially in times like these when we are stuck at home. An open-ended squat rack or traditional power rack takes up a large amount of space. But now, wall-mounted squat racks are nothing less than a blessing.  You can fold the whole thing and use that free space for other purposes, and whenever you need the squat rack, you simply have to unfold it. This article will review the best folding squat rack that will give you amazing fitness results.

Folding squat racks are space-saving racks. They only require empty walls and a little floor space to hang them on them. Most of these folding squat racks are less expensive than traditional racks. Any folding racks will also have a pull-up bar.

The squat rack is the major part of every home, gym, and garage. So it should be of high quality, durable, reliable, useful, versatile, and doesn’t occupy a large space. Due to technology, wall-mounted squat racks are invented that are not bulky and not takes up a lot of space. They give a lot of benefits and extra space for storing barbells and plates. You can install it either in a garage or in a room of your house without drilling it into the floor.

As a squat rack is one of the essential parts of fitness equipment, it will help build our bodies’ largest muscles. Depending on the space you have and other exercises you enjoy, your squat rack is your biggest investment. Some major standards you have to keep in mind while buying are ceiling height, the steel used, the size of hardware, the build quality, and the kind of finishing it has. So if you are in trouble, read this article to choose the right squat rack that fulfills your needs.

Based on our experience, research, and community input, we review the best wall-mounted squat racks. This article will let you on the detailed features required in the best folding squat racks.

Best Folding Squat Rack 2021

1.PRx Performance Murphy Rack Fold up Squat Rack

Best Folding Squat rack

PRx Performance folds up squat rack is magnificent beauty and the only rack that you have ever imagined to own. This top-selling squat rack by all means is a game-changer if you are passionate about improving your fitness regime and attaining your goals to get back into perfect shape. Its commendable features are discussed below.



PRx Performance squat rack is hot selling because of its exceptional durability and reliability, unlike any other home gym. This rack has an enormous capacity and can hold off weight up to 100 pounds. It is made up of quality steel and a black powder coat to enhance its strength and protection.

Perfect Home gym

With this remarkable squat rack, you can transform your house or any room into a home gym. It doesn’t require any floor space and occupies only wall space. Barbells and weights are needed to make this rack a whole package. Different workouts are done by adding a weight bench, like bench press and squats, pull-ups, chin-ups, and overhead press.


Besides the enjoyable features and durability this squat rack offers, the space efficiency is outstanding. When it is in use, its length is 90 inches and 22 inches of the wall, and when it is folded, it is 108 inches and 4 inches of the wall. You can make it versatile by adding a folding weight bench. The murphy rack folds up saves a lot of space when not in use; you can easily fold it up to the wall. The rack has four gas shocks in each corner that will help anyone fold it on the wall.

  • Supports 100 pounds
  • High end sturdy
  • Black powder finish that provides weather protection
  • Difficult to assemble
  • A little wobbly

2.Zoogamo Adjustable Folding Fitness Weight Bench and Barbell

Zoogamo Adjustable Folding Fitness Weight Bench and Barbell

Zoogamo is an absolutely amazing brand if you are looking for a squat rack that is a perfect fit for the little space you got in your garage to continue your passion for workouts. The fantastic feature that most people are looking for in squat racks is foldability and zoogamo is here to fulfill your needs.


Adjustable height

The height of the rack is pretty adjustable as the height of the rack can be adjusted in 6 different positions. It fulfills the need of a different group of people in different ways and is also suitable for anyone, whether a beginner or advanced.

Versatile workout

Another amazing feature is that it allows various levels of workouts so it isn’t just confined to your squats but involves some powerful exercises as well. This bench is used for various workouts that include bench press and squats, elevated push-ups, step-ups, and more. It is best for personal training and a home gym.


Usually, we see around foldable squat racks that are light weighted and really low in quality. Contrary to that, for good quality, this bench comprises thick Square iron pipe and anti-slip rubber feet. For exercising comfortably, thick, soft leather is used, which widens the bench’s size.

Foldable and space-saving

This bench is designed for upper body workout, has no restriction on lifting weight at any range. It also occupies minimum space suitable for storage and home use.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Best quality and price
  • No downside.

3. Best choice products adjustable folding fitness barbell rack and weight bench set

Best choice products adjustable folding fitness barbell rack and weight bench set

The best choice is a popular brand with a diversity of products relating to home, outdoor, toys, or seasonal variations. But the best category is the home where they offer home gyms such as foldable squat racks. This superfluous product will turn your life around and help you attain your fitness goals within the comfort of your home and accommodating in the little space you got.


Adjustable height

The height positions may vary for different squat racks from the higher to the lower range but this bench is adjusted to 3 different heights to provide a quality upper body workout. It gives comfort to those with short arms, long arms, or lengths in between. An amazing turnaround. Isn’t it?

Versatile workout

This exciting rack allows various motions and movements that help you shape every inch of your body with the necessary function of squatting. This bench is ideal for home gym and personal training. It provides various workouts such as elevated push-ups, press and squats, step-ups, and more. The capacity of weight for this bench is 330.

Durable composition

You wouldn’t believe how well this rack is constructed and finished and provides optimum strength and durability to this home gym. It is made up of a powder-coated steel frame with strong non-slip rubber feet and faux leather. This padded bench allows doing the workout for years comfortably.

Easy to store

We’re looking for home gyms that are not a headache to handle and store therefore we bring you a foldability feature in this squat rack. This bench is easily folded from its front leg and head of the bench so that you can put it in any small space like a closet or in the garage.

Incline/decline capability

The wonderful incline and decline option available in this home gym will just make your workout even more perfect. You can use this bench for bench press by laying it flat on the ground. For other additional exercises, you can incline the bench by adjusting its front leg. During sit up, keep your feet safe with the foot strap.

  • Supports are sturdy
  • Amazing foldability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Bench seems narrow
  • Not an Olympic bench.

Buying guide

It’s easier to look up products and see different options but the confusion regarding the appropriate and the best purchase is frustrating. The decision becomes easier when you know what to choose. We have sketched out all the possible details that you need to consider before you opt for any product. We want you to make the right purchase and spend rationally and wisely. So folded racks are basically made up of steel, but a few other important features are discussed below. [1]

Material and size

The first thing you have to consider is the material and size of the rack. The squat rack should be made up of steel. If the squat rack is made out of something else, it’s an instant dealbreaker. The structural integrity depends on two factors, the thickness of steel and the size of upright columns. A rack made of 11-gauge steel with dimensions 3″×3″ gives the best stability.

When doing exercise on this rack, you feel easy because it won’t buckle due to heavy pressure. If you go for a 2×3 sized rack, make sure that it is made up of good quality gauge steel; otherwise, it does not give proper stability. For light lifting, do not choose 2×2 column racks because they can’t handle heavyweights.


The thickness of the rack depends on the gauge of steel. Thick steel racks are preferred because the more the thickness is, the more they are stronger. High-quality squat racks use 11-gauge steel and 12-gauge steel. Do not go for the thinner gauge. Sometimes gauge thickness is not mentioned, and that’s not a good sign.

Column size

A column of the racks should be structurally sound because it has to bear most of the weight. Upright columns are used in both folding and non-folding racks. The bigger the upright column is, the better they are. Measurements of square columns can be 2″×2″ or rectangle with 2″×3″. The largest columns will be 3″×3″, which is guaranteed to handle any workout depending on its strong structure. 2″×2″ column racks are affordable. Moderate and advanced lifters use 2″×3″ column racks. The ideal folding racks use an 11-gauge, steel upright column of 3″×3″ with 1000 lb capacity.

Import vs. US-made

Go for the U.S. companies because they make good quality steel in the ‘biz’ compared to those imported from China. U.S. manufacturers give a guarantee of their products. They are made up of laser-cut components and powder coating, which enhance their smoothness without sticking to your clothes.


Find the one who contributes different exercises, including squats, floor bench presses, and deadlifts. The rack is completed by holding the Olympic-size barbell and weight plates. The weight is distributed equally if the distance between upright posts is wider.


For the best wall-mounted squat rack, it must have adjustable j-hooks. Due to this, you can change the height according to your requirement. It also helps in doing floor presses, shoulder presses, and deadlifts. J-hooks should be adjusted easily at different heights to make them comfortable for everyone.


The racks that can fold are good for storing in small spaces, but still, they need some space, so keep in mind the space you have before your purchase. You can remove the pull-up bar, pull out four pins of horizontally folded wall-mounted racks. Their columns can also swing against the wall. These racks work great, but the only you need is the open wall space. The PRx racks are folded vertically, they are more convenient and faster, but you have to make sure you have high ceilings of the wall space.

Pull Up Bars

Folding racks are come up with pull-up bars that can be attached quickly with push pins. This straight bar can be attached at the top of the rack. Some racks are come up with a kipping-bar. It is the type of pull-up bar that extends from the rack and needs a little more space.

  • Accessories
  • Folding racks include the following accessories.
  • Safety arms
  • Safety straps
  • Dip station
  • Folding bench
  • Plate storage
  • Barbells


Frequently Asked Questions

How much should one spend on a squat rack?

It varies from person to person, as everyone has their personal preferences. Some choose to purchase the racks worth $1000, while others not. The suggestion we can give you is to buy the one which is affordable for you. These racks are considered a one-time investment as they are long-lasting products, and you don’t have to upgrade them unless it becomes your need. So buy the rack which falls in your range and is affordable.

What’s best Rogue Fitness vs. Titan Fitness?

The rogue fitness equipment is of good quality, provides customer satisfaction, and has high resale value.

Titan is cheaper than rogue but still popular in many options. Many people use titan because it is good enough for them.

Do wall-mounted Squat Racks cause wall damage?

No, they didn’t cause any damage to the wall because they have high-quality attachments. For additional security of the wall, you can use extra brackets.

Can I mount my Squat rack outside?

Yes, you can mount it outside, but if you stand these racks outside, they become rusty and break down faster. To protect the rack, you can use some sort of sealant or powder coating. If your outdoor area is covered, then it will be okay for a long period.

How much weight can a wall-mounted Squat Rack Hold?

A wall-mounted rack can hold a large amount of weight, as it is made up of 11-gauge steel, which is stronger. The rack can hold 400 and 500 pounds of weight, either a normal wall-mounted rack or a folding wall-mounted Squat rack. To make your legs thick and muscular, you have to squat 405 pounds for reps.

If a Squat rack is cheap, is that mean it’s unsafe?

The demand for racks is increasing day by day; that’s why racks have been getting cheaper. If a rack is cheap, that doesn’t mean it’s of bad quality or anyway unsafe.


It’s rather easier to conclude that folding squat racks are the best result of improved technology. They are space-saving racks and can be installed conveniently anywhere in the house, room, garage, and gym. They are good enough to build the largest muscles of our bodies and designed for various workouts. These folded squat racks are durable, reliable, and of high quality. They are crafted safely to avoid any serious injury caused due to the sliding of the rack. They have safety bars on both sides of the bar. They are available in any size, made up of good quality steel and their bars are adjustable, so anyone can use them.

Squat racks have almost the same capacity to hold weight as the traditional squat racks. Hence, people having small spaces can buy these folded squat racks to continue their workout routine at affordable prices with good quality. They can place it in the wall spaces after using them.

This article has reviewed the best folding squat rack and we have had a detailed tour of its features and the necessary buying guide that will help you out in making the best and perfect purchase for your home to continue working out in the little space you have available in your home.

Our best pick from the product reviewed is the PRx Performance foldable squat rack. It’s due to its immense popularity, hot selling, and reliability. And not many squat racks especially with the foldability feature are designed to hold off 100 pounds of weight.

I hope this article will help you choose the right squat rack for your fitness needs and now you’re absolutely clear on your purchase decision. If you liked this article acknowledge us in the comment section and also let us know your favorite pick from this article.

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