Best flooring for Home Gyms 2022 ( Complete Guide)

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 In this Covid-19 pandemic, fitness has become a great challenge for fitness freaks and beginners as well. You cannot go to the gym and practice fitness in a safe environment. The only option left is to install a home gym and never compromise with your personal health goals. Today home gym is not just a luxury but an essential option for fitness freaks. The first step to building a home gym is to ensure the best flooring that provides commendable support to your workouts,

You have already made up your mind about the space in your house you’re willing to dedicate to performing your fitness workouts. Now you only need a proper setup to install a home gym and start with the gym floor that will help you achieve your fitness goals. You need to know a few factors that go into selecting those floors, such as durability, comfort, and most importantly versatility and practicality. Check out the strongest contenders for your home gym floors that’ll help you on your journey to getting stronger, too.

A home gym floor must be durable enough that can withstand the rigorous workout training and heavy equipment. You not only want to cushion your body during your workout sessions but you also want to protect your existing flooring from scratches or gash.

So, only fitness-friendly flooring can protect you during your workout sessions and prevent you from injuries, slips, and falls. Furthermore, it should increase stability, diminish body effect, and enhance plyometric power. And if you’re worried about the damage your weights or equipment may be doing to your floors, installing some remarkable fitness flooring that we will review in this article will do the job. And accomplish your personal health goals as well.


Best Flooring for Home gyms 2022

1.BALANCEFORM Home Gym Protective Flooring

BALANCEFORM Home Gym Protective Flooring

The balanceForm home gym protective flooring is not like any other gym floorings you’ll find on the market because it’s superior to them all. The regular flooring becomes way too slippery to handle during workouts and can cause serious injuries to the person who is trying to train on that gym floor. The BALANCEFORM home gym protective flooring comes with a slip resistance property. This slip resistance property of the flooring makes it stable during the training. This property is also helpful when it comes to its washing.

It is lightweight which makes it easy to handle.

 Prominent features:

Thickness: The balanceForm home gym protective flooring is 1inch thick. This optimum thinness provides the best cushioning during the training. The cushion is not too deep, it just compliments the best with the gym training.

  • Easy maintenance:

The balanceForm home gym protective flooring is super easy to clean. The water-resistant properties of the mat make it easy to clean. It will not absorb water and the water will flow from the mat very consistently. You just have to rub it with some detergent and then have to clean it with clean water. Your mat is all cleaned now.

  • Material 

The BalanceForm home gym protective flooring is made up of high-density EVA foam material. This is the material best suitable for the home gym flooring. It is stable on the floors and provides the best necessary cushioning.

  • Interlocking

With the puzzle sides, you can experience the interlocking system also in the Balanceform home gym protective flooring.

  • Non-slip surface

The BalanceFrom home gym protective flooring is non-slippery. Because the mat is moisture-resistant this makes it non-slippery also. This is the most frustrating thing a trainer can face in a gym mat.

  •       Easy to Clean:

The moist resistant technology and high-quality material used for its manufacturing make them easy to clean. You just need water and soap for its cleaning.

  • It is water-resistant
  • The mat is nonslippery
  • The mat has interlocking sides.
  • Some of the tiles of the mat have fade colors.


2.BEAUTYOVO Puzzle Exercise Mat

BEAUTYOVO Puzzle Exercise Mat

BEAUTYOVO puzzle exercise mat is another incredible option that you can have for the gym flooring. This prevents you from injuries that you can have while having exercise on the hard floor. In addition to this, the mat can also prevent your floor from scratches, scruffs, and dents.

Prominent features: 

Some of the prominent features that make the BEAUTYOVO distinct from all the other gym floorings are.

  •       Material: 

The BEAUTYOVO puzzle exercise mat is made up of high-density EVA foam. The thickness of the mat is 0.4 inches. This provides a soft cushion for the training. The material is durable too.

  •       Interlocking: 

The mat has interlocking sides. The puzzle at the sides makes it easy to assemble and connect with the other mats. You can connect as many mats as you want with this interlocking property.

  •       Water-resistant:

The property that should be a must for the home gym flooring is to resist water. During the sweaty workout, some sweat may be collected on the floor. This wet mat can become slippery with sweat. This is also the downside of having the BEAUTYOVO puzzle exercise mat.

  •       Easy maintenance:

The BEAUTYOVO puzzle exercise mat is super easy to clean. Because the mat is water-resistant this ability makes it easy to clean. Wash it with the water and will not absorb any drop of it. Wash it and wipe it with a clean cloth and the mat is easy to use.

  • Easy to clean
  • Prevent the tiles from scratches and shocks.
  • Different colors are available.
  • The mat is on the thinner side. It doesn’t have optimum thickness.

3.Sivan Health and Fitness Exercise Mat:

Sivan Health and Fitness Exercise Mat

The SIVAN health and fitness exercise mat is not only used for the gym flooring but it can be used for all the other hard floors. It can be used in the classrooms in your offices, studios, and in your homes also. The cushioning of the SIVAN health and fitness is great. It prevents the floor from the shocks and the scratches that can happen when we play with the weights. The mat is super stable. The stability of the mat comes from the material. As the material used, has a high density that is why there is no skidding with the SIVAN health and fitness exercise mat.

Prominent features: 

The prominent features that are associated with the Sivan Health and Fitness Exercise mat are,


  • Durability: 

The material used in the making of the SIVAN health and fitness exercise mat is considered durable. You can stay connected with it for a longer period and it will provide you the consistent features. The cushioning may affect the time but this can remain with you for the best period.

  • Interlocking:

The SIVAN health fitness exercise mat has puzzle sides. These sides make the interlocking of the mat with the other mats easy. This interlocking is efficient also.

  • Stability:

The mat is skid-free. You don’t feel any skidding when you exercise on the SIVAN health and fitness exercise mat. Because of the thickness, the mat is stable enough to withstand heavy-duty exercises.

  • The mat is economical in price
  • Ultra-thick
  • The interlocking is sturdy.
  • There are fewer color options available in the SIVAN health and fitness exercise mat.

4.GXMMAT home gym flooring

GXMMAT home gym flooring

The GXMMAT home gym flooring mat is developed to give its customer the best experience during their gym workout. The mat has the optimum cushioning quality, the material is steady on the floor. The mat is nonslippery too. This GXMMAT is not like the other mats we have described above. It doesn’t contain the interlocking property. The only drawback that you can see in the GXMMAT is the no interlocking property.

Prominent Features: 

The features that you should know before you plan to buy the GXMMAT home mat are given below.

  • Dimesons:

As the GXMMAT home gym flooring mat has no interlocking thus it should be proper in size. The mat is made extra-long and wide for the proper workout. The mat is 6inches wide and 8 inches long. These dimensions make it suitable for every kind of workout.

  • Ecofriendly:
  • The GXMMAT home gym flooring is made up of materials that don’t serve for environmental pollution. The mat is eco-friendly to have. Besides these, there is no chemical or toxin there in the gym flooring thus your skin is safe too. Be free when you are having your gym workout with the GXMMAT HOME GYM FLOORING.
  • Cushioning:

The GXMMAT home gym flooring has a thickness of 7mm. the thickness is best for the compatible cushion that needs during their workout. Now make your workout comfortable with the GXMMAT home gym flooring.:

  • It is stable
  • Material is durable
  • Moisture resistant
  • Ecofriendly
  • Have no interlocking sides.

5.INNHOM tiles gym flooring

INNHOM tiles gym flooring

If you are wanting different color verities and designs for your home gym flooring then the INNHOM can be the best pick for you. It has all the essential qualities that are thickness, steadiness, durability, and many more. In addition to all these, it provides you verity in colors and designs also.

Prominent Features: 

The prominent features that are associated with the INNHOM tiles gym flooring are.

  •       Safe and Premium Quality Gym Mat: 

The EVA foam is used in the mat. The EVA foam has the best cushioning property. The mat is safe to use also. There are no toxin materials that are used in the INNHOM tiles gym flooring.

The EVA foam is reliable and stable also.

  •       Waterproof and Easy to Clean: 

You just have to wash it with clean water and the detergent and have to wipe it with a clean cloth. The mat will absorb the water hence there is no need of drying after washing the INNHOM tiles gym flooring.

  •       Easy to Assemble: 

Being light in weight and having interlocking sides make it easy to assemble. These properties are very important to have in a home gym flooring.

You can assemble it and then disassemble it easily anytime you want.

  •       Stability:  

Because of the high thickness the mat has, it is stable. During the workout on the INNHOM tiles gym flooring, you don’t feel the mat is skidding away or things like that. Smoothly go on the mat and do your exercise.

  • The INNHOM tiles gym flooring mat is safe to use and is toxins-free.
  • Water-resistant
  • Have interlocking
  • There is no disadvantage observed for the INNHOM tiles gym flooring.

6.JIGMATS home gym flooring

JIGMATS home gym flooring

JIGMAT home gym flooring is a remarkable brand that offers sturdy and slip-resistant flooring that you can have for your home gym. The most frequent problem with the home gym is, the weights and the heavy-duty equipment put scratches on the floor, and sometimes there appeared scratches too in the tiles. Thus, gym flooring is important. The JIGMATS home gym flooring provides cushioning both to the floor of your home and your body also during the exercise.

Prominent Features: 

The prominent features to consider about the JIGMATS home gym flooring are.


  •       Floor protection: 

The dense EVA foam in the JIGMATS home gym flooring provides cushioning to the floor. It prevents the floor from scratches and the cracks that can happen when they come in the direct contain with the weights and equipment of the gym. The JIGMATS home gym flooring is more versatile than the others. In addition to the gyms it cab used in the other premises too.


The JIGMATS home gym flooring is easy to assemble. Being light in weight and having a puzzle interlocking system you can assemble your floor mat in no time. Just drag the pieces together and lock them into each other.

  •       Stable

The JIGMATS home gym flooring will remain stable during the workout. It has non-slip technology that makes it intact to the floor.

  • Intact design:

The design of the tiles is intact enough to hold the heavyweights. The weights don’t have much effect on the shape of the mat. This weight should be under a considerable range.

  • The mat is easy to assemble
  • Provides the best floor protection
  • Water resistance is not that efficient.

7.ZENY Yoga and Home Gym Protective Flooring

ZENY Yoga and Home Gym Protective Flooring

The ZENY yoga and home gym protective flooring is best suitable for mild yoga practice but you can use it for heavy workouts also. It does not give the optimum results with the gym workout but anyways you can try having this.

This is the flooring that is suitable for the gym freaks that are new in the field.

Prominent Features:

Here we bring some of the important prominent features of the ZENY yoga and home gym protective flooring.

  •       Material quality:

The material from which the ZENY yoga and home gym protective flooring are made up is EVA foams. EVA foam is considered the best when it comes to the point of Cushing. The foam thickness is not up to the mark but this can give you the best yoga experience. There are no toxins added in the makings of this mat. Feel free to use it as it remains friendly with your skin.

  •       Shock absorber:

The mat absorbs the shock and this makes it best for the home gym floors. The shocks can cause scratches or cracks on the floor. To prevent these, have the ZENY yoga and home gym protective flooring.

  •       Versatility:

The ZENY yoga and home gym protective flooring are best if you want to have a yoga practice with it. is compatible for the other purposes also. You can use it in your home gym, in the classrooms, in your office, and in the studios also. This versatility makes it the best pick from the verities that we have in the gym floorings.

  • Absorb the shocks very efficiently
  • Use for many other purposes in addition to home gym flooring.
  • Best compatible only for yoga practices.


Buying Guide:

You must know before buying that the product you are purchasing is worth money to spend on. So before you just place an order you have certain things in your mind regarding that particular need of yours for which you are buying it. The same is the case with gym flooring. You must have to look for the following features before spending your money.


You must look at the material of the flooring for gyms according to your need. There are many options available in the market including rubber, carpet, vinyl, turf, and foam but If you want an affordable, durable, easy to clean, and versatile option then you should go for the rubber gym flooring. There is another relatively cheap option of foam or carpet tiles but they are not suitable for rigorous workouts and require complex cleaning protocols.


If we talk about the durability of the gym flooring then rubber and vinyl floors come to our mind. Though, rubber floor is the best option because of its efficiency and affordability.

Workout routine:

If you follow rigorous workout sessions and training including jumping rope or weight training sessions then you should go for the rubber or foam flooring. As they have better shock-absorbent properties than others. These materials are better suited for yoga or as a base for treadmills.

Types of floor gyms:

Some popular types of floor gyms are,


Rubber is the most home gym popular flooring among the fitness freaks. It is great in preventing slips and falls moreover it is resilient and sturdy. It is the ideal flooring for all types of exercise equipment. Its easy to clean, stain-resistant, and easy to install properties make it superior to all other gym floorings. Just lay it right over your current floor. Rubber is a quick, easy, budget-friendly flooring option for your home gym that will allow you to focus on health and fitness rather than your floors.

Luxury Vinyl:

If you are looking for a multipurpose home gym space then luxury vinyl is the most practical choice for you. It can withstand heavy gym equipment for rigorous workouts in your home gym. This heavenly gym flooring comes with different designs so it can still be stylish yet comfortable in any room. Let me tell you the best thing about this flooring, it is mildew, and moisture resistant so, it can handle the most sweaty workout sessions. Luxury vinyl can withstand chemical and synthetic substances, making it simple to clean and keep up with. Luxury vinyl comes in wood-or-tile looks, and you’ll discover a variety of styles to coordinate with your design preferences.


Carpet flooring is considered ideal for weights, cardio, and yoga, etc. In short, it is best suited for exercises. It is easy to maintain and soft on joints. Likewise, with any carpet, regular cleaning is compulsory after few workout sessions to keep from odor and bacterial growth. Furthermore, in case you’re searching for a significantly simpler carpet arrangement, check out the carpet tiles. Besides, carpet tiles are effortlessly replaced, so, after one too many sit-ups in a single region, you can trade out explicit tiles to keep the room feeling fresh and new. In short, it is durable, yet needs proper cleaning.

Today market is flooded with a variety of gym flooring. You want to buy the best for you So, without wasting our time let us, straight dive, into the most popular and best flooring for home gyms that you will love to know.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should be the thickness of the home gym floor?

The thickness of the home gym floor matters a lot so that it can bear heavy weights or machines for rigorous workouts. The ideal thickness for the rubber floor should be around 0.32 or more. The rubber floor should be thick enough to provide a cushion to the joints and protection to the underneath floor.

Hence, shock-absorbing floors work great for home gyms with cardio equipment and heavy-weight machines.

Can I install my home gym on the second floor?

Yes, why not? You can create your home gym on the second floor with all precautionary measures. You should make sure that the weight of your gym equipment should not outweigh the floor capacity of your home. Just double-check the weight capacity of the floor and pad the floor material properly with the right material. Install your home gym on the second floor and get fit.

What is the ideal flooring for a home gym?

Rubber gym flooring is the most popular and best-suited flooring for home gyms. They are popular for their durability, easy installation, and shock absorbent property. An ideal gym floor time must be 8mm strong rubber tile. These tiles are perfect for an athlete and an affordable option.

Can I install home gym flooring over carpet?

This is the most common question asked by many fitness freaks. The answer is yes, you probably can install rubber gym flooring over a low pile carpet.

If you go for an alternate material or thinner tile and don’t want to tear your extravagant carpet, you can lay 1/4″ pressed wood over the carpet and install your home gym flooring over your press wood.

If you want to know about smith machines for a home gym, you need to look at this.


While setting up home gyms is not only a trend but a fitness need in times where social distancing is being practiced due to Covid 19 pandemic and commercial gyms are no longer accessible for the public. Fitness junkies have moved on to better choices by utilizing any vacant space or shelter in their home and converting it into an astounding fitness space. While it’s difficult to carry out intensive workouts on the house floor, there are plenty of options available for flooring of home gyms that will not only protect the floor from dents and scratches but also allow the trainer to prevent serious fallouts causing ankle or knee sprains.

The best flooring for home gyms offers enhanced traction and serious grip for light cardio, yogas, and varied levels of workouts. Flooring for gyms is available in different materials including rubber, carpets, and foams offering resilience and durability. Also, another perk of having flooring is you can wash it out easily with a damp cloth or mild soap and make it reusable.

Although there are a lot of options available on the market, we have reviewed some of the best floorings for home gyms for our fitness freaks to steadily build up their fitness game with a boost of strength. Among all the floorings reviewed, our best pick from this article is BalanceFrom protective flooring for home gyms. It offers premium quality with a great cushion for the body that allows any gym equipment to be placed right on it or used by kids as a playing mat.

As its name states, it offers commendable balance during exercise styles due to its paramount thickness and allows it to be easily washed. We’re absolutely in love with this flooring, and we are also curious to know your favorite pick from this article. If you liked this article, acknowledge us in the comment section while we come again soon with great fitness reviews!

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