Best Ellipticals 2023 (Top Rated and Reviews)

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Elliptical training machines are one of the most popular machines in the gym. Their elliptical movements help protect your joints from injury, which is very useful for anyone with a knee, hip, or lower back injury.

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Dripex Cross Trainer Machine
XS Sports Luna Pro 2-in1 Elliptical Cross Trainer
Sunny Health & Fitness Unisex

Other than that, the elliptical can make exercise more fun, so it’s no surprise that it’s the most popular form of home appliance. If you wish to buy an elliptical training machine for yourself, you have come to the right place. We will provide you complete buyer guide on best elliptical 2023.

People nowadays prefer using the elliptical as a safe way to get good cardio workouts, to help lose a lot of weight, and to increase the overall fitness without going out in a gym.

In a gym, usually, these machines are scarcely available due to a lot of people working out in the same free time durations.

Best Ellipticals 2023: Our Top 3 Picks!

Best Overall
Dripex Elliptical Machines for Home Use, 8 Level Ultra Silent Magnetic...
XS Sports Pro 2-in1 Elliptical Cross Trainer Exercise Bike
Third Choice
Sunny Health & Fitness 마그네틱 타원형 트레이너 머신, 장치 홀더...
Sensitive pulse monitor and portable and easy to move
With movement on both sides of quad and hamstring training, advanced cardio and distance sensors, and a high-calorie counter, all the fitness and exercise equipment went to one.
This elliptical trainer is a must-have for people who want a home exercise solution but have limited space.
No specific cons are associated with this product.
This machine does not come in assembled form, you must assemble it using tools.
Not suitable for people with long legs.
Best Overall
Dripex Elliptical Machines for Home Use, 8 Level Ultra Silent Magnetic...
Sensitive pulse monitor and portable and easy to move
No specific cons are associated with this product.
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XS Sports Pro 2-in1 Elliptical Cross Trainer Exercise Bike
With movement on both sides of quad and hamstring training, advanced cardio and distance sensors, and a high-calorie counter, all the fitness and exercise equipment went to one.
This machine does not come in assembled form, you must assemble it using tools.
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Third Choice
Sunny Health & Fitness 마그네틱 타원형 트레이너 머신, 장치 홀더...
This elliptical trainer is a must-have for people who want a home exercise solution but have limited space.
Not suitable for people with long legs.
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With our detailed elliptical reviews, we hope to guide you in finding the right machine that fits your lifestyle. It won’t always be easy, but buying a suitable elliptical machine is a big step in that direction.

These cross trainers are a helpful device for physical exercises and therapies as they provide the user with full-body movements.  However, it also prevents any injury to the joints and providing full-body cardio movements necessary for your fitness.

They beat up almost all the lower body muscle groups, including the glutes, quadriceps, muscles, and calves. Working on the elliptical machine is harder than it looks. And don’t forget how many units with levers help use the arms, too. It is a complete exercise.

5 Best Ellipticals 2023

1. Dripex Cross Trainer Machine – Best 4 In 1 Cross Trainer

It is the best-rated cross trainer available on Amazon worldwide. This machine gives you an experience of a complete workout in a serene environment.

Dripex Elliptical Machines for Home Use, 8 Level Ultra Silent Magnetic...
87 Reviews
Dripex Elliptical Machines for Home Use, 8 Level Ultra Silent Magnetic...
  • 📢Watch the detailed installation video on this page to easily finish the assembly. Note: Before you install the...
  • 【LCD DIGITAL MONITOR & IPAD HOLDER】The elliptical trainer is equipped with a sensitive LCD digital monitor, it will...

It allows you to maintain your specific level of workout with adjustable features. If you want to carry on with your fitness routine and lose some extra tons of fat, this machine is a must-have for you. Some best features of this machine are explained below.

Smooth & Quiet Drive:

This elliptical machine provides balance precision with a weight of around 10 LB. It has a two-way flywheel with a V-belt drive, which works smoothly.

It ensures the challenging elliptical movements to provide you all the workout benefits. The smooth and peaceful drive and adjustable resistance level help you achieve a comfortable, fluffy exercise experience – ideal for those looking for low impact, health maintenance type of exercise.

High Activity:

Maximum independent weight support capacity of this elliptical is 265 lbs. It has large anti-skating pedals that can be easily adjusted to match the height of your step and add stability and comfort to your body movements.

Fixed handlebars have a soft, sweat-resistant surface to ensure you can focus on your work instead of being worried about the cleanliness of the machine. You can wipe it off later.

Digital Monitor and Pulse Detector:

This device uses the advanced digital LCD to start a workout plan in accordance with your body demands.

It allows you to record your health statistics, walking distance covered, health scanning, speed, time, and calories, to help motivate you. It is a very handy and smart device. You can easily read a book or watch tv while burning your calories.

A High-performance Device:

It has 16 magnetic resistance settings. These magnetoresistance settings can help you achieve your fitness goals. The 12-foot-tall step provides a smooth, fluid-filled workout.

If you need smooth maintenance workout, you should select lower resistance levels. you should work out at a higher resistance level if you want to lose belly fat

Easy To Move Around:

This compact elliptical trainer is easy to maintain, with the perfect portability of an easy-to-carry transport wheel, your home will quickly transform into a gym. You can enjoy exercise without leaving your comfortable home space.

The product dimensions are 102 x 55 x 156 cm and, it weighs around 32 Kilograms. This low weight allows you to move and drag your fitness trainer anywhere you like.



  • Sturdy and robust
  • Sensitive pulse monitor
  • Portable and easy to move
  • A valuable product at a decent price


  • No specific cons are associated with this product.

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2. XS Sports Luna Pro 2-in1 Elliptical Cross Trainer – Best Device for Cardio Workout

At XS Sports, we combine seamless gym equipment with premium design principles. Each 2-in-1 elliptical exercise bike is designed to meet the highest standards thousands of XS Sports customers expect from us.

XS Sports Pro 2-in1 Elliptical Cross Trainer Exercise Bike
1,491 Reviews
XS Sports Pro 2-in1 Elliptical Cross Trainer Exercise Bike
  • Some random note 8
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With movement on both sides of quad and hamstring training, advanced cardio and distance sensors, and a high-calorie counter, all the fitness and exercise equipment went to one. Resistance levels are adjustable using a built-in resistance control belt.

Easy Flexible Motion:

This elliptical exercise bike has flexible movements as well. Moving forward puts pressure on your quadriceps muscles in your front thighs.

While moving backward it puts pressure on the muscles of the back thighs. Use this valuable device and make your workout tireless. This is good for long or short use and is easy to use.

High Standard Device:

The quality inspection team tests each product before it leaves the factory. The company has the motto that If our home exercise equipment does not meet the highest standards, then we are not selling it. This equipment is easy to handle and best for both gym and household use.

Heavy-duty Equipment:

Each XS Sports 2-in-1 stationary bike is based on heavy equipment, designed to hold up to 110 kgs of body weight.

Best of all, our exercise machine works both as an indoor workout bike and an outdoor elliptical cross trainer, giving you excellent flexibility and great value for money. If you need exercise equipment at home, look no further than XS Sports.

Safety Features:

Each medium-sized elliptical bike has been tested to meet difficult safety conditions. The cycling wheels are cross-certified trainers certified by CE.

Trust XS Sports provides safe exercise bikes for adults and people with other special needs. The cross trainer also has features built with wheels to the front, making it easy to walk around your home.

Best Workout Environment:

This elliptical stand-up trainer includes a mounted computer and an advanced LCD to give you real-time work out details. This exercise machine has an inbuilt handlebar pulse sensor to read your heart rate, calories burned, time, speed, and distance.

The XS Sports elliptical cardio machine puts your exercise details in front of you so that you can keep a count of your lost weight. It also motivates you to work out harder.

Great Comfort and Support:

Each XS Sports elliptical stand is designed for luxury as a priority. These professional training bikes incorporate a flexible paddle seat to provide support where you need it most.

The extra-wide feet on the circular bike legs ensure that your feet are gripping and stable. The outer handlebars are rotatable up and down. It has extra-wide footplates and non-adjustable seat and rails.

Product Formation and Size:

The elliptical machine dimensions are 122x60x154cm (LxWxH) and, it weighs around 28kg. It has a robust formation with stainless steel frame and chip-resistant paint. There are front wheels for easy transport around your home.

There is a handle fixed at the center with pulse sensors. This machine has a bidirectional movement for hamstrings and quads. The maximum user weight it can support is 110kg. There is an advanced LCD that measures distance, time, speed, calorie guide, and heart rate efficiently.

This machine does not come in assembled form, you must assemble it using tools.



  • Heavy-duty machine
  • Easy and flexible movements
  • Provides maximum workout time
  • Easy to handle and clean


  • Comes unassembled
  • Heavy formation
  • Resistance levels are not adjustable

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3. Bluefin Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer – Best Home Gym Trainer

Bluefin Fitness is famous for the best home gym equipment. Elliptical trainers are great ways to use a treadmill or exercise bike.

Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer | Home Gym | Exercise Step...
109 Reviews
Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer | Home Gym | Exercise Step...
  • INTEGRATED SMARTPHONE KINOMAP APP: The Curv Elliptical range is compatible with the Kinomap fitness app - featuring...
  • WHISPER QUIET FLUID MOTION: The heavy duty 26.45lbs flywheel & silent drive system benefits from a safe magnetic braking...
  • IN-BUILT TRAINING PROGRAMS: The cross-trainer computer is pre-loaded with 12 x automatic programs to choose from + 24 x...

The streamed & compact Bluefin Fitness Curve 3.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer is a high-efficiency model in our elliptical range and provides a low-impact exercise experience in your home gym.

It comes with an integrated component and is fully loaded with the latest build features. The base unit comes with strong wheels and is easy to transport around the home when not in use.

Low Impact Exercise:

It helps you build muscle and burn calories with low-impact exercise that puts less stress on your joints than regular cardio training. 12 x automated systems + 24 x resistance levels allow you to move faster or simulate running and crossing countrywide.

The rear flywheel, silent driving system, and magnetic braking provide water-based movement and strenuous exercise.

LCD Health Insights: 

Measure time, distance, calories burned & drive with backlit LCD for fitness. You can use the integrated E-Health App for mobile or tablet.

This device connects to your phone via Bluetooth to track and analyze your performance over time in your dashboard. Push yourself more and work toward goals to reach your fitness goals.

Quiet Fluid Motion: 

The elliptical trainer has a heavy 12kg flywheel. This flywheel provides a silent drive system. Despite a heavy flywheel, it is easy to use for people who require joint motions.

Building Training Programs: 

A personalized computer is pre-loaded with 12 x default programs to choose from + 24 x resistance levels. Curv Elliptical Cross Trainer is an amazing alternative to a traditional exercise bike and offers low-impact exercise for your joints and is full of great health benefits.

Product Dimensions and Weight:  

It is easy to carry model with dimensions 143.5 x 69 x 43.5 cm. It weighs around 64 Kilograms. It is heavier than other products with the same dimensions.

You will need a little bit of learning to understand the functioning of this product.


  • Compatible with mobile phones
  • LCD fitness display
  • Innovative silent drive function
  • Anti-slip running pedals
  • Adjustable resistance


  • Not suitable for people with long legs
  • It comes unassembled

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4. Sunny Health & Fitness Unisex – Best Adult Elliptical Trainer

There is a hand-operated monitoring system in this elliptical trainer. This system lets you monitor your heart rate to know your progress. This machine is useful for health and fitness and it is equipped with eight-level tension control.

Sunny Health & Fitness 마그네틱 타원형 트레이너 머신, 장치 홀더...
299 Reviews
Sunny Health & Fitness 마그네틱 타원형 트레이너 머신, 장치 홀더...
  • Endurance trainer: high intensity cardio elliptical trainer built with dual action forward and backward pedaling with...
  • Resistance: 8 levels of magnetic resistance promote quiet, smooth workout with versatility; Virtually no maintenance;...
  • Safety & Convenience: transportation wheels keep elliptical cross trainer portable; Slip-resistant pedals ensure...

Using these tension control levels, you can customize the intensity of your workout. It has large anti-slip platforms that offer more stability and safety.

Digital monitoring shows your time, speed, distance, calories, and strokes so that you can easily track your performance with the best result. This elliptical trainer is a must-have for people who want a home exercise solution but have limited space.

Digital Health Monitor:

It has a digital health monitoring system, that allows you to monitor fitness on an LCD screen. It can also record the strokes, time duration, distance covered, and heart rate. This constant monitoring keeps your motivation high to lose weight and maintain your fitness.

8-Level Resistance:

It has 8 levels of resistance adjustments. These levels allow you to customize your workout according to your body’s needs.

You can choose a higher resistance level if you want to lose weight faster rate. If you don’t have excess fat and you want to work on building your muscles, you must choose medium-level resistance.

A lower resistance level is suitable for those who already have a muscle built up, and want to maintain the daily fitness routine.

Easy to Grip:

It has stable footrests that allow you to grip the floor more easily. Some armrests provide you comfort during a workout. The non-slip pedal surface helps new people to acclimatize more easily. It also makes this device safe to use.

Product Dimensions: 

The lower surface of the machine has fixed transportation wheels. These wheels allow you to lift and move your device all around the house easily.

The product dimensions are 1.09 meters x 60.96 cm x 1.59 meters. It weighs around 37 kg. It is not very heavy to lift, and the wheels make it easier to move.


  • LCD fitness display
  • Anti-slip running pedals
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Compact and easy to carry


  • Not suitable for people with long legs
  • Not compatible with electronic devices

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5. JLL® CT200 Home Cross Trainer – Best Magnetic Resistance Trainer

This elliptical cross trainer has a stylish and durable design that provides support and reduces the chance of impact injuries.  It simulates climbing, walking, or running body movements.

It prevents causing excessive pressure on the joints. This cross trainer is ideal for small spaces. It has a very quiet functioning. It is a perfect trainer if you are looking for more challenging exercises to lose your belly fat at a faster rate.

5kg Flywheel: 

A moderate 5kg flywheel allows you to exercise with confidence. The machine does not move or vibrate during motion. It also provides safety to the user.

Strong Grip Handlebars:

It has dual-action handlebars. These bars provide you support so that the muscles in your arms can work to their full potential. Alternatively, you can hold stationary handrails with a built-in heartbeat sensor connected to the monitor. This sensor keeps an account of your statistics. It helps you keep an eye on your progress.

Magnetic Resistance Level:

8-magnetic resistance levels allow you to change the intensity of your workout from light to high to your liking. Dual-action handlebars also help you to work your arm muscles to the best of your ability. It helps you keep your arm muscle synchronous with the lower body and legs.

Adjustable Non-skid Pedals:

This easy-to-use elliptical trainer is built to provide the best workout with ease. It offers 3-body positions with non-skid pedals so that users feel safe and secure. It has designed standing straps allowing for better grip as your workout grows.

Sturdy Steel Frame:

The elliptical cross trainer is not only easy to use, compact, and easy to transport. The cross trainer has a sturdy formation that prevents vibration or gliding during the workout. It has 6 function monitor that shows time, speed, distance, calories burned, pulse, and odometer.

Ergonomic Design:

There are heartbeat sensors in stationary handrails for your convenience. The non-slip soles allow the user to feel safe and secure. Ergonomically designed arms are suitable for a variety of users. It has an integrated and lightweight design. There are wheels on the lower surface, making it is easy to move and transport.

Product Dimensions: 

It is a compact device with area dimensions of 152x66x120cm. The maximum user weight is 100kg.


  • Fitness display and odometers
  • Anti-slip running pedals
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Design is not very reliable
  • Not compatible with electronic devices

Best Elliptical Machine Buyer’s Guide:

The elliptical trainer is equipment that you can invest in, but before you buy, you must make sure you know all the features that make up a great machine. We’ll talk about all the key features below to get you on track:

Stability During Use

The substandard quality elliptical machines cause trouble to the user. If you buy a machine with a very lightweight, it will move vigorously during the exercise. On the other hand, a heavy-duty and large-size machine will be difficult to handle for you.

woman in sportswear using elliptical machine

Always prefer an elliptical machine with a medium-weight flywheel. This machine will support your weight and help you focus on your workout without being worried about the machine falling apart. A high-quality medium-weight machine can provide you with enough stability.

Levels Of Resistance

The resistance of an elliptical machine provides you with a challenging environment for work out. It helps you to use your energy and make the best out of it.

Using a higher resistance level helps you burn more fat and build your muscles quickly. But we recommend that you gradually increase these resistance levels with a continuous workout.

A gradual increase is not only healthy, but it will also minimize the chances of muscle sprains. Always start with a natural walking motion for the workout. Choose a product that provides you with more resistance levels.

Pre-programmed Operations

Most of these modern-age elliptical trainers have electronic programs installed in them that allow you to keep an eye on your overall health. They constantly monitor your heart rate, respiration, and body temperature during the workout.

These systems have many workout options as well, such as cardio, weight loss, and maintenance mode. You can select an exercise mode and forget about keeping a measure of the time for a workout. These machines will automatically guide you.

Control On Rate Of Inclination

The modern elliptical machines provide different degrees of inclination to the user. It is better that you try the inclination levels before you buy these products. The ellipticals with a wide range of inclination levels is always a better option.

man working out on elliptical

It helps you maintain your body posture during the workout and prevent any spine injuries. It will be easier and safe for you to use. Continuously working out in the same body posture can cause muscle fatigue as well.

Stride Length

Stride length is the distance between the point of contact of your two feet when you are walking. People with longer legs have a greater stride length. Many ellipticals have fixed feet distance, and they do not offer any change in stride length.

This lack of choice makes the user uncomfortable. While buying an exercise machine, always consider your safety and comfort. Prefer the elliptical that provides you with customizable stride length.

Adjustable Foot Pedals

Look for an elliptical that has flexible and rotating foot pedals. These foot pedals will provide you comfort and reduce any excessive pressure on your feet.

It will also help you to move your legs and foot muscles, providing you a full-body workout. This natural movement simulation allows you to relax by reducing pressure on your leg joints.

Flywheel Adjustment

A flywheel is the most important component of an elliptical. Try to purchase a machine with medium size flywheel. A heavy-duty flywheel will not be useful.

It will provide more resistance and make it difficult for you to work out daily. Always prefer a medium-size flywheel that will keep you relaxed and vibrant during the exercise.

It is good to buy an elliptical with dual-direction flywheel motion. It is suitable if you want to build muscles of the legs and chest.

Hybrid Training Tool

Many elliptical machines serve many purposes of workouts. When you visit a gym, you see bicycles, weightlifting apparatuses, and ellipticals all in one place.

elliptical trainer pedal

What if you find all these in one machine, all along with the comfort of your house? Look for the elliptical that serves multiple purposes, and you get two or three tools in one price.

Our enlisted products have multipurpose functions. You should do some research before you buy any product.

Ease Of Use

Most of the elliptical machines are easy to use. The products we enlisted are easy to use and carry around. The elliptical machines available in gyms are usually heavy-duty because they don’t need to move or drag them.

They are not suitable if you want to get a home gym or workout. Look for a product that is easy to use and allows you to relax. If your trainer is very troublesome for you to use, this will reduce your motivation for a workout.

Rust-free Material

Good quality ellipticals usually have a framework of heavy-duty iron or steel. These materials are not rust-free, but sometimes they have an aluminum coating or rust-free paints.

A clean and lubricated machine will always have a longer life span. If you want to keep your elliptical machine in a working state, keep it lubricated and rust-free.

You cannot completely protect them from rusting but keeping the machinery clean and lubricated, will do a lot. You can use any machinery oil for this purpose. Do not use grease, as it will destroy the internal parts.

Smoothness In Motion

Smooth elliptical motion is the key to the best workout routine. If your machine has rough pedal movements during rotation or it is harder for you to move the pedal, you will eventually lose interest in the workout.

Always try to read the user manual before you try the product. Look for a machine with medium size flywheel and manufacturer guarantee. Rotate the flywheel and observe if it makes any noise. It can indicate any problem with the machinery. Always inspect the product before you buy it.

Physical And Mental Comfort

There are many features in an elliptical machine that makes your workout fun. Such as you don’t usually need armrests in the elliptical machine, but they are necessary to maintain the correct posture of your ar during the workout.

woman on elliptical cross trainer

Similarly, many ellipticals have side pockets to carry objects and food items. Some of them have social media connectivity features that allow you to enjoy your strenuous exercise.


The exercise machines in the gym produce loud noises. Many people dislike going to a gym for a workout due to these loud noises. If you are one of those, you must choose a machine that produces minimum sound during the vibrations.

A noisy machine will only give you a headache. One of the causes of a squeaky elliptical machine can be a lack of lubrication.

If the flywheel is rusted and old, it will produce a loud squeaky noise. Look for the manufacture date of the product before you buy it. An old machine will be noisier as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Preferable To Buy An Elliptical With A Heavy Flywheel?

The flywheel heaviness affects directly on the smooth motion of the elliptical machine. With a heavy flywheel, such as 18lbs, the inertia will be higher as well.

This high inertia will ease the continuous motion of the machine pedal. But a heavier flywheel will make it difficult for you to use the machine. Hence you should prefer using the ellipticals with medium flywheel weight.

Why Is It Important To Buy A Machine With A Suitable Stride Length?

The length of the stride in the elliptical is usually adjustable.  Using a machine with a shorter stride length will keep gliding and vibrating during the workout.

Higher stride length is suitable for people with longer legs. You should prefer a machine that provides an adjustable stride length.

Should I Use An Elliptical Trainer To Lose My Belly Fat?

Yes, elliptical trainers are a marvelous tool to lose belly fat. These machines provide you a full-body workout and cardio exercises. However, the amount of fat you lose depends on your diet plan, consistency of exercise, and the duration you spend on the machine.

cardio exercise on elliptical

All these factors collectively help you lose your belly fat and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Having an elliptical in your home will keep you motivated for exercise, and it will certainly help you out to lose your belly fat.

Why Do Elliptical Machines Are Called Cross-trainers?

Elliptical machines are also known as a cross-trainer. You can bring them home and work out at home.

When they first come out, elliptical machines with movable handles are known as Cross-trainers as they provide advanced body adjustment. These machines have comfortable armrests and social media connectivity features that allow you to work out in a new way.

How Should I Clean And Maintain My Elliptical Machine?

If you want to keep your elliptical running for a longer duration, you should clean it after every use. Sweat can cause rusting of various parts.

You should check the bolts and make sure they are fixed in the right place. It is always better to oil your machine parts to keep it rust free and smoothly moving. Make sure you read the user manual guide carefully before you start working.


Buying an elliptical machine can be difficult for people who just started working out. If you want to buy one, that will help you keep yourself motivated.

We have many options for you, can find one in your budget. The top listed machine is Dripex Cross Trainer Machine – Best 4 In 1 Cross Trainer. It is the most valuable product you can have for a home gym.

The second preferable choice is XS Sports Luna Pro 2-in1 Elliptical Cross Trainer. This one is the best machine for cardio exercises.

The third choice is Bluefin Fitness CURV 3.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer-Best Home Gym Trainer. Out of all these top picks, you can choose the one that fits your demands.

Look for the elliptical machine that can have all kinds of bonus features. Some will help your workout, while others may make it more enjoyable.

For example, a water bottle holder is a good feature for staying hydrated, while a tablet holder can entertain you. An interactive workout machine can automatically adjust your workouts to keep you in your zone. Many machines include pre-determined programs.

Some even allow you to create your customized workouts. We have designed this guide to help you find the product with maximum adjustability. Here is a guide about the under 1000 products

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