Best Clocks and Timers for the Home Gym 2022

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Time is money! So, why not schedule proper workout sessions with intervals that will help you boost your fitness game even better? A gym is incomplete without clocking and accountable workout progress. Everyone wants to have a clearly visible gym clock instead of fiddling with the smartphone. So, as we do understand your gym needs, we’re going to review the best clocks and timers for home gym. These are programmable LED timers made especially for fitness buffs who want to make the most out of every second as fitness trainers are inaccessible to keep track of your workouts at a home gym.

Everyone wants to have a gym timer instead of a smartphone against the wall or using ad-loaded timer apps for interval training. Gym timers come with a lot of features including bright LED screens, interval timers, customizable workouts, and timers, and can be used by remote control and/or apps on your smartphone. If you are a fitness freak then this interval timer will work great for you. It will help you set multiple periods with different lengths. It is used for high-intensity routines to keep maintain and maximize the calories burned in a shorter period.

Having a clock on your wall provide time alerts can really help you focus on blasting out those final few reps, with most modern wall options able to be programmed for your specific session through remote control or a smartphone app.

There are plenty of different gym timers, varying by budget, features, and size. So, without wasting more time let us, straight dive, into the best clocks and timers for home gyms available in the market.

Best Clocks and Timers for the Home Gym 2022

1. Ivation Oversized Digital LED Clock:

Ivation Oversized Digital LED Clock

Looking for a clock for your smartly equipped gym then the Ivation Oversized clock is for you. This 24 inches jumbo wall clock works great for far-reaching visibility, and readability. Its LED display makes it an amazing companion for busy workers and people of all ages.

Prominent Features:


This 2-foot tall digital clock not only displays time in AM and PM but also provides temperature reading for convenience. Its large size and 3.25 inches maximum visibility and readability make it ideal for commercial gyms.

All in one:

If you are looking for an all-in-one clock then this must be your choice. Ivation Oversized Digital clock will help you fulfill all your timing needs within one device. You can easily set a time for the recipe, your next workout session, or countdown your minutes on your next friend game night.

Easy Installation:

You don’t need any other devices for its installation. It comes with built-in holes and a complete hardware kit. You don’t have to stress about its mounting, so, if you are looking for a clock for large spaces, rooms, offices, visual impaired, or seniors then this is going to work great for you.


The best thing is its adjustable features. You can adjust its 6 adjustable brightness levels and 8 alarm options. Just set integrated auto memory and quick sense temperature reading. You can easily change or set in a snap using the remote and set 8 alarm settings.


  • The remote control makes it easy to use
  • Dozens of available settings
  • Ultra-bright LED


  • Need to work on the remote control
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2.KADAMS Digital Clock Timer:

KADAMS Digital Clock Timer

If we talk about the compact, portable, and convenient clock timer then it could be a remarkable option. The modern design and functionality make it premium from all other clock timers available in the market. Just buy a KADAMS digital clock timer and keep tracking your time in the bathroom shower or in the kitchen while cooking delicious dishes for your family. That’s not enough you can also observe the indoor temperature and humidity.

Prominent Features:


The best thing about this digital clock is you can use it anywhere. Either you are taking bath in the bathroom or in the kitchen area with a splash-proof rating. This waterproof feature attracts more of the customer but makes sure to avoid placing the clock directly in front of heavy water spray.


This time management tool comes with a countdown of around 99 minutes. The updated design will show the low battery indicator on the LCD screen when battery power is lower than 2.75v. The times display a 24-hour clock with switchable AM and PM readings. Let me tell you the best thing about the timer are that it can be switchable between Celsius and Fahrenheit range. The indoor humidity hygrometer display range is between 20 to 95%. And the toothbrush timer proves to be a great tool for developing good habits in the kids.

Easy Installation:

It comes with 3 installation options including,

  • Suction cup only for glass, mirrors, window, and stainless steel
  • Stand for vanity bench, table, shelf, or desk
  • Hall for wall hanging

You can use all of the three methods for its mounting but make sure to avoid the suction cup method on the tiles.


The green display color makes it better for vision and bigger range of angles so you can see the screen cleaner. The acrylic material used for its manufacturing makes the clock screen harder to break into small sharp pieces compared to glass.



Easy to use

Easy to install


It is not loud enough

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3.BTBSIGN LED Interval Timer:

BTBSIGN LED Interval Timer

If you are looking for a perfect timer for your home gyms, weight room, schools, fitness gyms, etc then this one is for you. As gym timers help you to track your gym workout session and rest time. You can program rounds and work-to-rest ratios to suit your specific training needs.

Prominent Features:


The timer comes with an 11-inch length and 4-inch height. It has two digits in blue and four digits in red. With .5 inches LED will help you to view the time clearly on the wall of your gym. Thus the gym timer comes with many functions to meet your all need during your training session.

Easy to use:

This easy-to-use timer has pre-programmed buttons include TABATA and FGB.TABATA function is 20 seconds workout and 10 seconds rest with 8 rounds. You just need to connect the timer with the wall. Press the Tabata button, the red indicator of the remote flashes.

Wireless Remote Control:

All you have to do is just set up your training times/intervals/rounds/rest periods by the remote control. You just need to remember which programs you entered under which number. It is a really helpful clock for you to track your workout. It can control range up to 25 feet. But keep in mind that this timer can only be operated by remote so do not lost the remote control.


The stopwatch feature BTBSIGN LED time interval allows athletes to time their workouts right to the millisecond. Keep track of your personal records and monitor your progress, knowing exactly how long you take each lap.


It is loud enough

Great customer service

Easy to use


Not suitable for large gym clubs

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4.Jhering LED Interval Timer:

Jhering LED Interval Timer

Jhering interval timer works perfectly for a home gym, home garage, weight room, boxing gym, yoga room, rec center, health club, school, etc. The best thing about this Timer is its key to unlocking a plethora of training styles for yourself or your clients with minimal remote-fiddling. Each Jhering interval timer comes with an easy-to-read manual to walk you through the process. Thus this completely customizable interval timer is considered perfect for all the fitness freaks.

Prominent Features:


This perfect design timer works great for home gyms, garage gyms, boxing gyms, weight rooms, health clubs, etc. It comes with 5 different modes including count up mode, count down mode, stopwatch mode, real-time clock mode, and interval mode.

Easy to use:

This easy-to-use and control timer can easily edit and set functions as needed. It is great for Tabata, EMOM, 7-minutes workouts, HIIT, boxing, fitness boot camps, and many other interval training.


The adjustable volume and brightness feature makes it a premium over all others available in the market. The Jhering interval timer is a professional-grade fitness timer equipped with 9-level adjustable brightness LED display, you can easily see the bright numbers from all corners of your workout space, it is perfect for your home garage or commercial gym. The adjustable and loud volume can remind you more conveniently, which is very suitable for your exercise time management.


The best thing about the Jhering interval timer is it is based on the experience of professional trainers. So, its frequently used modes are set as pre-programs, to suit your own training needs. 1. You can store up to 10 Intervals from P0 to P9, under each you can set up 9 workout times and rest periods.


  • Ideal for any size training area
  • Large digital display
  • Customizable settings
  • Includes a remote control



  • Should work on the remote control and its setting
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5.GymNext Flex Timer:

GymNext Flex Timer

You are looking for a timer for your home gym then you should look at this impeccable timer with amazing features before moving forward. You are a fitness freak and want to monitor your heart rate permanently or periodically display it on the clock then The GymNext Flex Timer will work best in your interest. Its crystal clear LED display and easy-to-use timer mobile app makes it ideal from all other timers available in the market.

Prominent Features:

Timer Mode:

The GymNext Flex Timer comes with 10 main modes including round, interval, Tabata, EMOM, multi-segment, laps, standard count Up and down. You can easily use this timer for a home gym, garage gym, and commercial gym, cross fit boxes, high school, team work out facility, and boxing studio. So, in a nutshell, it is perfect for everywhere use.

Easy to Use:

This simple to use timer connects quickly and reliably via blue tooth, android, or iOS devices. Most of the customers love their easy connectivity to different devices so that you work out easily without any disturbances. It works great for competition timing, larger gyms, or gyms with multiple rooms. Additionally, you can cast your timer onto a TV monitor using Chromecast or AppleTV.


Let me tell you the best thing about the Flex Timer. You can personalize your timer according to your fitness goal. You can easily set your rest and work intervals, the number of intervals, programming additional rest periods, and much more.

So, what you have to do is quickly choose a recently-used timer, or select a pre-made workout and customize it to your needs.

Bluetooth Speakers:

The other prominent feature that makes it ideal from all others available in the market is the synchronization with your Bluetooth speaker. This Flex Timer automatically fades in and out so that you don’t miss your interval. You can also use a built-in buzzer to stay on top of your workout.


Easy to use

Worth the money

100-foot Bluetooth range


The length of the cord may be short for some gyms.

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Buying Guide

You must know before buying that the product you are purchasing is worth money to spend on. So before you just place an order you have certain things in your mind regarding that particular need of yours for which you are buying it.

So, let me tell you some factors before buying a clock or timer for your home gym that you will love to know.

Large Numbers:

It depends upon the area of your gym. The larger area of the gym large the numbers should be. During a hard workout, you don’t have time to stare at the clock. It’s better if you can see the time immediately and continue with whatever you’re doing. If your home gym isn’t too large and you’re always less than 20’ away from the timer, +-2.5 inches digits will be large enough. If you’re further away than +-30’ from the timer, get a timer with 4 inches numbers. If your eyes aren’t the best, 20’ is probably the cutoff.

Normal Clock:

Either the home gym or commercial gym a normal clock is important. You just need to follow up the time to follow up your other routines on time. Going to work, picking up the kids, starting dinner, etc. are all important to do at the right time of day.

Different Colored Numbers:

If you are a fitness freak and have heavy HITT workout goals then you should look at this feature. As most of the gym timers have two sets of digits. And these two sets come in two different colors one representing the numbers you are at the moment and the other displays the time.

The timer will help you to keep the track of time and the other will help you in knowing the sets you are on.

Count down:

Another simple and useful feature is the countdown to accomplish your fitness goals. Just press the start button and watch the seconds disappear until the alarm sounds at zero.


A stopwatch can be a good motivational tool. Just set standards for your fitness goals and improve on them frequently.

Adjustable Interval Timer:

The important feature you should consider is an adjustable interval timer. You can easily design your own interval workout. A fully adjustable timer is more flexible and allows you to personalize your workout sessions. If you want to start quickly then you can go with preset interval programs.


With the advancement of technology modern connectivity and a smartphone app makes things a lot easier. While older timers also have the option to set these things, they might be a bit more difficult to set up, not be as accurate and have a bit of a learning curve before you understand how to handle it.

Timer Noise:

Another important feature that needs to keep in mind before finalizing a timer for you is noise. You don’t want to keep an eye on the timer all the time during a workout session. So, alarms and noise are decent options for you.

No doubt, you don’t need a loud alarm in a small home gym that is something ear piercing. So, you should go with an adjustable alarm for this problem. So choose wisely!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the importance of rest periods for building muscle?

No doubt, the rest period depends on how much muscle gain you see. A long rest period of around three minutes results in more muscle gain since you can do more sets that drive growth. Whereas a short rest period of around one minute will cause more metabolic stress.

Is an Interval Gym Timer Really Worth it?

No doubt, a gym timer is a great addition to any home gym. You don’t need to see your phone just a small one is easier and worth buying rather than a phone display. So, you don’t need to unlock your phone during your workout session just have this handy tool and you can see the clock easily.

How can an Interval timer Work?

You are a fitness freak then this interval timer will work great for you. It will help you set multiple periods with different lengths. It is used for high-intensity routines to keep maintain and maximize the calories burned in a shorter period. In an interval timer, you don’t need to restart the device every time you start your workout session.

Is an interval timer app better than a gym clock?

The answer to this question is mixed. No doubt interval timer apps are free, but it doesn’t offer the convenience of gym clocks as you are stuck in a small screen. But if you are serious about setting up a home gym then we recommend investing in a durable gym clock.

Where a timer should be installed in a home gym?

It is advised to install your timer in your home gym near a power source and a spot where you can easily see it. The height of the gym clock is also very important as you don’t want to hurt your eyes and neck during your training sessions.

How long can a gym clock last?

No doubt that no clock will last forever. Most of the gym clocks come with an LED display that can last for up to 10 years. It’s best to invest in a durable option to ensure that your money won’t go to waste.


What’s the precise use of building an entire home gym when you can’t track your workout progress because you don’t have a gym clock or timer? If you already don’t know, gym clocks and timers are the most essential part of the gym that will assist you commendably in your workouts so you can timely schedule your intervals that are extremely important in any workout regime.

Now that we know the crucial importance of gym clocks and timers, this article has reviewed some of the best clocks and timers for a home gym that will not only add beauty to your tiny home gyms but also help you in reaching your fitness goals. These are not like traditional wall clocks but come with more amazing features so you don’t have to fiddle with your phones for keeping track and get distracted in the process. Talking about the best clocks and timers, we have sorted out the finest cream of the lot and our favorite pick from this article has to be GymNext Flex Timer.

Our fitness freaks are just amazed and in awe of what impeccable features this little timer is offering at such a price. It has stunningly 10 modes of use with super easy connectivity to any Bluetooth device. It has a customizable option for you to set out your interval timings. Moreover, it doesn’t let you skip any interval and fades out any music that plays in the background. It is a perfect fit for anyone serious to hit their fitness level and stay motivated. So this is the way to go! If you liked this article, please acknowledge us in the comment section, and don’t forget to tell us about your favorite pick from this article. Stay tuned for more amazing fitness content!

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