5 Best Clip-on Fitness Tracker (Reviews 2023)

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Do you want to push yourself on the journey to a healthier and more active lifestyle? No matter if you are a gym fanatic or athletic person, you need motivation and fitness progress tracking. Investing in the best clip-on fitness tracker can enhance your health consciousness.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Recommendations
Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker
Realalt 3D Tri-Sport Fitness Tracker
New OneTweak EZ-1 Fitness Tracker

We have a well-researched and up-the-marked piece of article to assist you in finding the best product. This will eventually help you in tracking and recording your overall health stats with top-notch performance.

In contrast to wrist trackers, clip-on fitness trackers are supposed to be attached to the body or clothing. You can clip them onto your bra strap in case of females or on a belt in males. They are designed to display basic yet valuable information about your health and workout training.

You can expect several steps to be taken, caloric burn, heart rate, and sleep tracking from these devices. Generally speaking, they are lightweight and are a good option for people who don’t like wristband trackers.

Furthermore, you can enjoy all the progress tracking benefits without any encumbrance and irritation.

Best Clip-on Fitness Tracker 2023: Our Top 3 Picks!

Best Overall
Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker, One Size (S and L Bands Included)
3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer with Clip and Strap, Free eBook | 30 Days...
Best Value
New OneTweak EZ-1 Pedometer for Walking. 3D Tri-Axis Clip-On. Back-to-Basics...
The product offers unmatched functionality with its activity tracking and long-lasting battery.
It is recommended for both adults and children due to its sturdy design.
Advanced 3D-axis accelerometer technology
The product doesn’t have pre-programmed goal-based workout modes
The instructional manual may be difficult to read for device setup
The belt clip is not so secure and the product doesn’t store info for prolonged periods
Prime Status
Best Overall
Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker, One Size (S and L Bands Included)
The product offers unmatched functionality with its activity tracking and long-lasting battery.
The product doesn’t have pre-programmed goal-based workout modes
Prime Status
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3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer with Clip and Strap, Free eBook | 30 Days...
It is recommended for both adults and children due to its sturdy design.
The instructional manual may be difficult to read for device setup
Prime Status
Check Price
Best Value
New OneTweak EZ-1 Pedometer for Walking. 3D Tri-Axis Clip-On. Back-to-Basics...
Advanced 3D-axis accelerometer technology
The belt clip is not so secure and the product doesn’t store info for prolonged periods
Prime Status
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You should opt for the best clip-on fitness trackers because of their inconspicuous nature. Just attach it to your belt or anywhere on clothes and it feels invisible. This is turning to be very helpful if you are a nurse or at such a workplace where wearable is not allowed.

You can enjoy all the benefits and achieve your fitness goal no matter where you are working. These trackers efficiently provide you all the necessary information no matter if they come with a touch screen or not.

Another perk of being here is that you’ll find some trackers that can be used as a wrist band or as clip-on. We know you’ve always wanted to get something like this. Isn’t it?

Buying Guide – What to Look for Before Purchase

Let’s look at some of the crucial aspects you should consider before choosing a fitness tracker.


The more functions are tracker has, the more versatility you get. Fitness trackers are available from simple only steps counting to numerous extra functions available.

You should always look for a clip-on fitness tracker that can calculate time, distance, Sleep cycle, and caloric burn. Considering these features enable you to make a better investment.


The next thing we suggest you look at while buying an astounding fitness tracker is its compatible nature. Most of the advanced fitness trackers can be used with smartphones via Bluetooth or USB.

You should get your hands on a product that lets you upload all your fitness statistics through the app. So go ahead with such a product so you have long-term fitness goals tracking.

Internal Memory

It is always good to have a fitness tracker that can save progress for some days. As we enlisted some top products in this article, these let you store your progress for several days.

african woman wearing fitbit

You don’t have to write down how many calories you burned or how many steps you’ve taken per day. These fitness trackers have everything you need from wide functionality to progress storage.

Attaching Quality

It’ll be quite irritating when your fitness tracker keeps falling off from the attachment site. This happens because of loose clips or cheap build quality.

So the next parameter we need you to look at before the purchase is attaching ability. It is always better to have a fitness tracker with a strong and sturdy clip.

By following this, you don’t have to experience the hassle of making adjustments again and again. Always look for a fitness tracker with both clips and lanyards included in the package.

Size & Display

The last but not the least consideration while purchasing a fitness tracker is its size. Your chosen product must be small enough for comfortable wear.

The small and compact designed fitness tracker is easy to attach to your clothing. Similarly, the display size is another factor you must not forget.

Get your hands on a product with a large enough display so you can read everything easily. Choose the enlisted ones and we promise you won’t regret it.

How Do Fitness Trackers Function?

You can consider a fitness tracker as a versatile device that comes with a smartphone app or directly act as a wearable. These devices synchronized with applications to help track and record your fitness goals.

They are equipped with high-end integrated sensors that convert sensed data into fitness-related metrics. Depending upon the features, you’ll get step count, caloric burn, and sleep schedule with accuracy.

In this modern era of technology, science is rapidly improving and such devices are constantly in the race for improvements. Some trackers allow basic features for a basic health-conscious routine while others are more advanced for athletes.

Our Top Clip-on Fitness Tracker Choices At A Glance

It is a noteworthy fact that with time, the fitness market is moving away from the crew of clip-on fitness trackers. This is because of advancements in the wrist band and smart-watches with time.

But don’t you worry! There are many top-class choices out there that are worth your investment. Let’s dive into some of the worthy candidates in the line of best clip-on fitness trackers.

1. Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker – Best Wristband + Clip-on Tracker

You can count on this fitness tracker if you never owned one under $99. Fitbit inspire is an entry-level solid fitness tracker that you can get.

Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker, One Size (S and L Bands Included)
17,993 Reviews
Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker, One Size (S and L Bands Included)
  • Track all day activity, including steps, distance, hourly activity, active minutes and calories burned
  • Automatically track your sleep & set silent alarms that wake you by buzzing on your wrist.Operating temperature: -10°...
  • Enjoy up to 5 days of battery for daily progress without constant charging. Varies with use & other factors

With its slim and lightweight construction, this product nails the basic features at this price. The phenomenal features are coupled with on-screen celebrations that will motivate you on achieving your goal. It is something unique in front of you. Isn’t it?

2 in 1 Wearing Ability:

Do you want a fitness tracker that can be worn as a wrist band or slip-on to your belt? Well! Here is your desired champion.

The wrist straps of this fitness tracker can easily removable when you don’t want it on your wrist. Fitbit Company made this feature possible by introducing a separate Fitbit Inspire Accessory Clip.

The clip is only suitable with this model and you are good to clip it on your waistband, bra, or pocket. The clip has its separate switch and the tracker has a built-in clip recognition feature. The model supports two modes in the form of ‘On Clip’ and ‘On Wrist’ for better-wearing comfort.

Utmost Activity Tracking:

Fitbit aims this device to be smaller yet efficient in terms of progress tracking. You’ll be able to track your hourly workout and running sessions. The fitness tracker performs exceptionally well in terms of step counting and distance tracking.

You don’t have to worry about going beyond your daily exercise limit. This product’s sensors are well programmed to convert all the collected data into fitness metrics. This programming enables you to calculate your total caloric burn effectively and precisely.

Efficient Sleep Tracking:

Fitbit Inspire is equipped with a sensor that tracks your average sleep cycles to configure your sleeping routine. This will allow it to set silent alarms based on your sleeping data. You don’t have to enable alarms separately as this product will automatically track and set them.

Another perk is alarms are silent and produce only buzzing sound and sensation on your wrist. This is by far an important feature if you want to maintain and set your sleep-wake cycle.

Long-lasting Battery:

Fitbit is a top-notch brand not only in fitness accessories but also in their product quality. The fitness tracker can stay functional for up to 5 days with a single charge. You don’t have to bear the hassle of charging your tracker each day.

Enjoy everyday workout routine without the fear of sudden shut down issues. The device conveniently records all the progress whether you are swimming, riding a bike, or jogging. The battery performs exceptionally well with its touch backlit display.

The product offers unmatched functionality with its activity tracking and long-lasting battery. Unlike other advanced trackers, this device cannot synchronize with phone GPS. The product also doesn’t include pre-programmed exercise modes.


  • Workout and sleep tracking
  • Call, text, and calendar alerts
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • Can be worn as wrist band or as a clip-on tracker
  • Excellent 5 days battery timing


  • The product doesn’t have pre-programmed goal-based workout modes

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2. Realalt 3D Tri-Sport Fitness Tracker –  Pedometer Tracker with Clip

This Fitness Tracker is your best bet if you want to track activity with a larger display. Realalt is a true motivator when you step in to achieve your fitness goals.

3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer with Clip and Strap, Free eBook | 30 Days...
9,793 Reviews
3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer with Clip and Strap, Free eBook | 30 Days...
  • ACCURATELY TRACK YOUR ACTIVITY – The 3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer uses the latest 3D Tri-Axis Sensor Technology to...
  • EASY TO SET UP & USE – Looking for a Simple Pedometer to Set Up? The 3DTriSport Pedometer is the Perfect Choice! Easy...
  • SMART & ACCURATE - With the latest 3D Tri-Axis Sensor Technology to Accurately Record your Activity in any position –...

It is recommended for both adults and children due to its sturdy design. This beautifully constructed and excellent steps counter design enables you to run towards better health.

3D tri-axis Motion Sensor:

The superb quality of this fitness tracker is made possible by the latest Tri-axis Technology. It doesn’t matter in which orientation you are wearing this device, this will track everything accurately.

Its efficient sensors will record your walking and running motion in an impressive way. Not only this tracker is effective in counting steps but it will track daily caloric burn.

You’ll be able to track your daily distance covering goals without going harsh on your body. The versatile functionality of this device enables you to set a customized step target.

Smart User-friendly Features:

This advanced fitness tracker does what it says with a user-friendly interface. The auto-standby feature is very beneficial in conserving the battery when you are not using it.

The recorded progress has no chance to get deleted as you switched the device off. With its in-built memory, the total accumulated recorded for up to 30 days.

Sounds fascinating? There is more to it! The sensor is also efficient and equipped with a 10-Steps Error Prevention feature. This will prevent any false counting of movements as steps when you are not walking.

Easy to Configure:

Realalt 3D Tri-Sport takes performance with simplicity to the next level. The product doesn’t require any Bluetooth and smartphone connections.

The setup of this tracker is super simple just like its operation. The company has included an understandable and easy-to-read user manual. Additionally, there are operational videos available if you still find it cumbersome to configure.

Customer satisfaction is further earned by excellent customer support service that will guide you through. The product has both clip and durable lanyard to clip on your clothing or place it in your pocket.

Non-rechargeable Battery: 

This device has a unique long-lasting battery that can last up to 12 months with a single-use. There is no need to recharge it from the moment you purchase this product. You’ll be able to track and record your progress without even need of a single charge.

The battery is Li-ion that is durable with no downgrading in performance over time. This fitness tracker has a built-in clock and a reasonable size display with one button mode for easy record browsing.

You may find the instruction manual difficult to understand. We suggest you follow instructional videos for a better understanding of the program setup.


  • Large and easy to read display
  • Can be placed in any orientation
  • Data values storage for 30 days
  • 12 months lasting non-rechargeable battery
  • 10 steps error prevention feature


  • The instructional manual may be difficult to read for device setup

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3. Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker – Best Wireless

If you want a fitness tracker with a replaceable battery then this tracker is for you. This is one of the most rated clip-on fitness trackers you can get at an affordable price.

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Charcoal
6,295 Reviews
Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Charcoal
  • Tracks steps, distance and calories burned
  • Syncs automatically to your computer or select bluetooth 4.0 smartphones or tablets
  • Set goals, view progress and earn badges; Battery type: 3 volt coin battery

Wear it on your waistband before going to your favorite park for jogging or running. This tracker will efficiently track your steps, distance, and caloric burn.

3-Axis Accelerometer: 

This tiny yet powerful fitness tracker is equipped with an advanced 3-axis accelerometer. This technology enables it to convert the sensor data into fitness metrics. Get your hands on this tracker and you’ll be amazed by the performance.

In addition to steps counting and distance measurement, this product calculates total caloric burn. Fitbit zip will provide you real-time data analysis you need to gain for an effective workout routine.

App Synchronization: 

Isn’t it wonderful if you can just check all the information with one click anytime. Fitbit Company has gained a major advancement by including an app with its products.

This feature allows you to upload your workout data to an app that is featured with every product. In addition to this, there is one more extra perk to that.

Not only the data is synchronized between your app and tracker but you can also upload it to your computer. This can easily be done by using Bluetooth or a USB stick. By using your tracker stats, the app will allow you to track diet, water intake, and weight control too.

Proven Reliability:

If you ever had an old-school pedometer, you know the clicking sound a little annoying. Fitbit Zip works so seamlessly and silently that you won’t feel like pressing a button. The design is constructed to give users a premium feels.

This fitness tracker runs on a 3-Volts replaceable battery that can last up to six months. You don’t need to worry about charging your tracker after a few days.

The battery is non-rechargeable but stays powerful for a reasonably long duration. The build is solid and this model is a bang for the buck if you want a basic fitness tracker.

Secured Wearing:

This tiny piece of technology comes with a silicon jacket having a clip at the back. The tracker can slip and fit in the jacket nicely and you won’t feel it rolling around. The clip itself is secure and tightly held wherever you attach it.

Whether you clip it on to your waistband, belt, or bra, the tracker won’t slip off during the workout. If you don’t have a proper site to clip on or don’t want to in the first place, put it in your pocket. The advanced sensors still work in your purse to track every activity with precision.

Though the tracker is reliable and runs with charm, it is a basic model. This fitness tracker doesn’t track your sleep activity and has no water resistance. You also won’t get inactivity alerts, unlike other more advanced wristband models.


  • App or computer data synchronization
  • 6 months easily replaceable battery
  • Track your distance, steps and total burned calories
  • Tap display for daily stats and time


  • It doesn’t offer sleep and inactive time tracking

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4. New OneTweak EZ-1 Fitness Tracker –  Multi-purpose Tracker

New OneTweak EZ-1 offers cutting-edge activity tracking. The company made the product fit for long-lasting performance at a reasonable price point.

New OneTweak EZ-1 Pedometer for Walking. 3D Tri-Axis Clip-On. Back-to-Basics...
931 Reviews
New OneTweak EZ-1 Pedometer for Walking. 3D Tri-Axis Clip-On. Back-to-Basics...
  • Exceptional Guarantee! NEW EZ-Setup Model. Cutting-Edge Accelerometer technology. Simple to Use.
  • Ranked #1 by Fit&Me & Happier Living today! Best accuracy and craftsmanship.Pause Functin for vehicle travel.Uses the...
  • Counts steps, distance, calories, and time. Tracks 30 individual days in memory. Keeps 7-digits worth of cumulative...

This product has a lot more to offer apart from its ability as a pedometer. The durability and accurate tracking are possible by its 3D tri-axis technology.

Facile Operation: 

This particular fitness tracker is constructed with 3D tri-axis technology for precise functioning. This will allow it to function in any orientation you want. The sensors can still get accurate readings no matter in what direction it is placed.

You’ll be able to clip it on your clothing horizontally, vertically or any angle you are comfortable with. Quite an impressive right! This fitness tracker is your quality choice in terms of comfort and efficient workout activity tracking.

Advanced Programming:

Not only this fitness tracker can track steps but there is much more to it. We found this product neat because of its ease of use.

You’ll be able to program this device according to your specifications. Yes, you heard that right! This fitness tracker allows you to enter your stride length, weight, and height.

This is beneficial and most crucial if you want accurate and reliable fitness tracking according to your own body. Based on the data provided, this tracker can record distance, steps and total burned calories effectively.

Stunning Large Display: 

Most of the clip-on fitness trackers available are handy but there is variation in screen size. It would be great if your fitness tracker is easy to read for everyone whether it’s you or your children.

This particular product has an impressively large display with quite easy to read interface. There are three basic buttons available for choosing the mode, setting parameters, and resetting them.

The display is digital and gives you an error-free reading the moment you start using it. The mode setting also shows you the previous 30 days of stored data with 7-digits cumulative steps.

On-target Build Quality:

This astonishing product not only works great but also looks pretty sleek and clean. The build material is plastic which resists scratches and fall damage.

The product is closed strongly so it won’t fell apart when you accidentally drop it. Both a lanyard and a holding clip is included with this product for easy portability and clip-on versatility.

Moreover, the product features an excellent battery that can last longer as you follow your fitness routine. With a lanyard, you can hang it in your neck, and trust us! It looks pretty great.

The New OneTweak EZ-1 fitness tracker offers versatile functionality. Some users may find the clip not so secure or small to clip on some parts. This fitness tracker doesn’t support sleep cycle tracking and data synchronization.


  • Advanced 3D-axis accelerometer technology
  • Automatic hibernation in case of inactivity
  • Pause tacking option in case of driving
  • Large distance, steps, and calories tracking display
  • Easy to configure and use


  • The belt clip is not so secure and the product doesn’t store info for prolonged periods

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5. OZO SC2 Fitness Tracker – Digital All-in-one Tracker

Say hello to an affordable fitness tracker with pretty decent functionality. OZO Fitness Tracker has all the prominent features the best clip-on fitness tracker possesses.

Invest in this astounding product and it will last longer than you expect. The fitness tracker is pretty small and easily portable due to its comfortable-to-wear design.

Optimal Versatility: 

This fitness tracker is indeed a small and compact piece of technology in itself. You’ll like the design concept of this tracker as it is easy to hold.

The clip on the back of this tracker has a strong grip for clipping. You can run, jog, do fast-paced exercises without worrying about slip-off.

The tracker is lightweight and fulfills your progress tracking requirements in one go. It is easy to conceal on a belt, ankle, and bra or in your purse. OZO fitness tracker lets you be discreet about your working and fitness goals.

Up to the Mark Tracking: 

Like most of the high-end clip-on fitness trackers, this one is no different. The tracker works in a pretty smart way due to its 3D-Axis Sensors. These sensors are precisely designed to handle and analyze movement data.

This will ultimately enable the tracking to read and store your distance, steps, and caloric stats. In addition to that, it has a built-in stopwatch so you can record your exercise timings. Purchase this product so you can stay motivated and profoundly achieve your fitness goals.

Large LCD Display: 

Easy readability is a great feature when you are working out on a sunny day. Isn’t it? You have the opportunity to take advantage of its large LCD to see results.

The product has three highly tactile buttons offering mode, reset, and set up options. The display with these impressive buttons offers easy programmability.

Furthermore, you can read all the modes and your daily activity statistics easily due to its large digital screen. OZO SC2 Fitness Tracker is an excellent and reliable choice not only for adults but also for kids and elders.

Uttermost Convenience: 

It would be quite cumbersome if your tiny fitness tracker comes with a complex setup manual. If you are looking for a simple and configurable fitness tracker, go for this one.

In terms of extra convenient features, the tracker is equipped with a built-in clock. This exclusive product automatically resets your progress at midnight so you can start a new day with a new goal.

But wait! Do the previous stats get deleted after midnight? Absolutely not as the OZO fitness tracker offers 7-day memory logs for your references.

The product has made its worth with incredible functionality but there is some feature unavailability. This fitness tracker doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity. Besides that, you may experience no recording of soft steps at all.


  • 7 days of statistics storage
  • Complete steps, time, and calories tracking
  • Small and easy to carry anywhere
  • Large LCD with high-end buttons
  • Precise 3D-Axis sensors for activity tracking


  • The product may not record soft steps and stairs-climbing

Why Should I Invest in a Clip-on Fitness Tracker?

Whether you purchase a clip-on fitness tracker or a wristband one, both offer the almost same functionality. A top-notch fitness tracker lets you get in shape with progress tracking. However, there are some impressive benefits of getting one.

Fitness Motivation:

When you achieve something, the reward system of the brain automatically motivates you to push more. The same functionality is offered by a fitness tracker.

Your daily goal completion and caloric burn fill you with extra motivation to do more. The display is useful as it provides visual confidence to go beyond the goal you’ve already set.

Be Accountable:

As the best clip-on fitness tracker sets your daily goals, it keeps you accountable for your performance. You can do the workout as a ‘solo’ fitness enthusiast or compete with your friends.

The benefit of the tracker is to act as a daily reminder for your regular workout schedule. Even if you forget, fitness trackers have a built-in reminder that will let you know.

Set & Achieve Goals:

What is the best way to achieve the motivation to do more? Yes, you thought that right. Setting up your daily workout goals makes you determined to achieve them.

woman wearing fitness tracker

For instance, consider yourself on the road to becoming a marathon runner. You can set daily time limits and train according to them to get the best results. This will ultimately get you closer to your goal and makes you even more determined.

Offer Data Synchronization:

Many fitness tracker companies also include apps specifically for trackers so you can easily store your stats. These trackers provide wireless data synchronization or direct USB transfer.

The main aim of these is to let you compare your fitness results and keep it under check. Fitness trackers take your weight, height, and stride length as the main parameters to give you accurate results.

Keep a Check on Diet:

The finest quality fitness trackers don’t check just time, distance, and steps. They are also efficient in tracking how many calories you’ve burned per workout. This will give you valuable information about your eating schedules.

You can get an active and healthy lifestyle by aligning your daily caloric intake. This can be made possible by knowing how many calories you take in and how much you burn out of them.

If want an elliptical for the home, read this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Clip-on Fitness Trackers Still Work Error-free In A Pocket?

Most of the fitness trackers do work accurately in pockets too. This is because they are equipped with 3D Tri-Axis Sensors. These sensors are designed to work in every angle. You place the tracker horizontally or vertically and it still works fine.

Can I Wear My Fitness Tracker On The Ankle?

Yes, you can wear it on your ankle but you need to make sure your tracker has a good pedometer in it. Most of the traditional clip-on fitness trackers do show errors in this direction. Get an advanced fitness tracker and you won’t get any miscalculations.

heart beat tracker

Do Fitness Tracker Works Without A Smartphone Too?

These devices are self-contained and work independently. So yes, you can use it without having a smartphone nearby. Only some fitness trackers need it for extra features access.

How Many Steps Should I Take Daily For Staying Healthy?

We advise you to take at least 7000 to 10,000 steps per day for a healthy and active body. Fitness trackers can help you achieve this daily goal.

Final Verdict

Finally, you comprehend what to look for and how to look for after reading our well-researched article. We have enlisted some of the best-reviewed clip-on fitness trackers so you feel the ease of purchase.

From build quality to features availability Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker is our top product. Realalt 3D Tri-Sport Fitness tracker is best suited if you want a bigger display.

Consider our enlisted choices and start getting yourself in shape today with daily progress tracking. You can read excellent guides about fitness here.

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