8 Best Cable Machines For Home Gym ( Reviews 2022)

Fitness is a competition that no one wants to lose even when we are stuck at home. Home gyms have made it a lot easier where you can turn a small garage or a storeroom into a gym and spend hours training your body with convenience. We know what our fitness freaks need. A home gym that offers versatility in exercises and optimum functionality. We present you best cable machine for a home gym that fits all your needs. A cable machine works best for a wide range of exercises. It is effective for building muscles and get your ideal fatigue. It targets the areas that are hard to train and develop lagging muscles.

For many years it is very popular among fitness freaks as it trains the area of the body that we overlook sometimes. The steady strain you get from a cable machine is an incredible method to prepare muscles and joints for more prominent strength. The test of development on a cable pulley machine is moderately reliable, which means you will get a full-range practice that accompanies incredible siphons and the chance to improve joint and muscle advancement.

The cable machine is designed to help you in exercises such as external rotations, face pulls, and different rowing facilities. By just adjusting different attachments you can practice different exercises of your choice.

So, let’s hope on the best cable machines for a home gym that are carefully picked considering the delicate requirements of fitness freaks that also offers convenience.

Best Cable Machines for home gym 2022

1.XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine:

XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine

When we talk about quality cable machines XMark is the premium brand that sways our focus. Their frequent innovations in the designs of cable machines help in effective workout experiences. Their premium quality and excellent performance give their competitors a tough time. So, if you are looking for dream gym equipment and wanted to buy equipment that has high durability and reliability then XMark is for you. You should buy it confidently.

Prominent Features:

Versatile: Let me tell you the best thing about the XMark machine, Versatility. This machine can easily be adjustable in your home gyms according to your family member. No matter anyone is short, long, young, or old just buy one and enjoy strengthening your muscles.

Weight stack: The XMark machine comes with 200 lb. dual weight stacks. Thus weight stacks help to achieve your diverse range of training sessions. This provides the ideal isolateral-based movement you always dream to target your muscles and isolation. The 2:1 stack resistance will help you perform different pull-ups and chin-ups sessions to get you in fatigue.

Accessories: This extraordinary machine comes with all the accessories including a pair of 8-inch hand straps, a 23-inch triceps rope, a short bar, and a pair of 17-inch long strap handles. All these accessories are easily adjustable and interchangeable.

Machine delivery: The Company offers curbside delivery with signature and ships with the freight carrier as the product weighs more than 150 lbs. The freight agent will contact you for the delivery appointment and in case you are unable to contact him by giving the wrong contact information. Then you will be charged for the freight carries and a 15% restocking fee.

  • All in one cable machine
  • Dual weight stacks
  • Sturdy design
  • It is difficult to assemble
  • A little costly than other cable machines available in the market

2.SERTT Cable Machine:

SERTT Cable Machine

You are looking at the unparalleled fitness cable machine manufacturers that are highly known in the market for their commendable services and products. Yes, we are talking about SERTT cable machines. The safe and affordable Sertt cable machine will help you to work out effectively and efficiently anytime and anywhere. It increases your stamina and works great for all people either they are beginners or fitness experts.

Prominent Features:

Dual Functional Exercise Modes: It offers to Pull Down and Lifts Up exercise mode by just changing the interconnections of hoist buckles and steel rope. The three detachable handlers; triceps rope, straight bar, and fly handle will help you change your attachments according to your choice.

Versatile: The versatile home gym machine helps you to exercise anywhere that may be your home gyms, training studios, physical therapy centers, and various workout environments. It allows you to opt for the exercise which you want to do such as Triceps pull-downs, Biceps curl, Fly, etc.

Assembling: What you have to do is just thread the loading pin through the center of the loading plates and connect the compartments. The good quality attachment and fitness pulley cable system can withstand hectic exercise sessions. It can easily be connected anywhere the strap is installed.

Suitable for all: The SERTT cable machine is effective for all people. It helps in burning fat and strengthens muscles. It is ideal for all from the beginner to the expert everyone will enjoy using it. So what are you waiting for?

  • Suitable for all
  • Versatile
  • Easy assembling
  • 2 functional Exercise mode
  • You will be paying more but for quality

3.ELIKLIV Fitness Cable Machine: 

ELIKLIV Fitness Cable Machine

The top choice of fitness freaks is the ELIKLIV fitness cable machine. Its maximum load-bearing ability and stability make it superior to all others. The premium quality and prominent components use to manufacture the machine make it ideal for the users.

Detachable Handles: This ideal machine comes with 3 detachable handlers to change the attachment as per your requirement. And you can easily attach it with other fitness equipment by its detachable handles including, a 15 inches Anti-slip LAT pull-down bar, a 26 inches Heavy duty Tricep rope, a pair of non-slip pulldowns cables handle with 27 inches lines.

Upgraded System: The machine has an upgraded system including, Exercise Handles, Straight Bar, Loading Pin with Barbell Clip,

Carabiners, Screws, Electric Hammer Drill, Main Steel Frame, Fixed Pulley, Fixed Cable, 2.5m Adjustable Cable, etc. you can use the pulley system to perform different exercises.

Easy to Assemble: The machine comes with stainless steel racks that are easy to assemble and can be installed on a concrete wall. But make sure to make a hole on the wall by using a drill machine. The next step is to drill the expansion screw in the hole that will expand and be fixed on the wall.

Load Bearing: It can bear 220 lbs. The ELIKLIV machine is manufactured with high-quality PU material and stainless steel wires that can withstand friction and are difficult to break. They are using 2 U screws for the security and safety of the users.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong steel frame
  • 220 pounds weight stack
  • Difficult assembly for some

4.PELLER Fitness Cable Machine:

PELLER Fitness Cable Machine

Pellor offers stellar fitness equipment and we find fitness enthusiasts drooling over their fitness cable machines. Their use of supreme quality material and different setups of exercise modes are well recognized by its users. So, with the PELLER cable machine, you don’t need a specific space to get your body muscles to strengthen you can do it anywhere anytime.

Prominent Features:

Different Exercise Modes: The thing that makes this pulley cable machine unique from all other is their different exercise mode. What you have to do is only change the connection of the gourd buckle and steel cable and choose the sports effect of your choice. Once you are done, you can practice biceps, triceps, or others for both upper and lower body parts.

Quality Material: They have upgraded to quality steel loading stands that can bear a maximum weight load of 40 pounds. Their EVA handles, and quality material are used to make sure that support is non-slip. Let me tell you the best thing the steel used during manufacture will help you practice noise-less exercises.

Assembling: The pulley cable machine is easy to assemble and you can easily connect to other fitness equipment to practice various exercises of your choice. What needs to be done is just thread the loading pin through the central hole of the weight plate and connect to the stations this will allow the dumbbells to pass through the center hole of the weight plate and connect to different stations for use.

Portable: The product is not more than 3 .5 pounds so you can enjoy the exercise anywhere at your home, Gurage, bedroom, parks, etc. This machine is considered ideal if you want to reduce weight and maintain fitness anywhere. In the solace of your home, or during a break you will love using it.

Multi-purpose: The machine not only helps, you in reducing weight and maintain fitness. But also help for arms and hand rehabilitation patients. The combination of different exercises will allow practicing various arms and muscles strengthing exercises.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Multi-purpose
  • Various exercise mode
  • Less weight on the stacks


5.Mikolo Fitness Dual Cable Machine:

Mikolo Fitness Dual Cable Machine

Mikolo is an ideal manufacturer of professional fitness equipment. Mikolo is making premium machines by constantly upgrading on customer suggestions. That makes it superior to all other pulley cable machines available in the market. Their premium quality material, quality inspection, and unique design are ideal for home gyms.

Prominent Features:

Exercise Modes: Mikolo cable machine is offering dual exercise modes. What you have to do is just change the connections between the hoist buckle and the alloy cable and get the two functional exercise modes such as Pull down and Lift up. You can practice biceps curls, triceps and Lat pull down in the solace of your home.

Durable: The break-proof ball design and the alloy buckle prevent the rope from breaking hence, provide protection to the users. The professional cable machine can fit standard and Olympic weight plates.

Quality Material Used: The 78 inches and 90 inches long cable provides you with more cable length and you can practice exercise of your choice. They allow sturdy and smooth running of the exercise machine. The silent steel used during its manufacture allows you to practice exercise without the extra noise.

Assembling: The pulley cable machine doesn’t need any rocket science to assemble. All you have to do is just connect the pin through the central hole of the weight plate and connect the different sections. You can connect it to any place where handle straps are installed. You can take it anywhere during traveling and maintain your fitness.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Manufactured with premium quality material
  • Highly durable and portable
  • Dual exercise mode
  • A wall-mounted cannot be fixed to the ground.

6.Vikingstrength Cable Machine:

Vikingstrength Cable Machine

If you want to enjoy training sessions to your fullest in the solace of your home then the Vikingstrength pulley system is a must-have for your home. You can maintain your fitness and practice all your favorite pulley exercises in the home gym. And let me tell you the great thing about their lifetime warranty policy. Their lifetime warranty policy makes it ideal for all users.

Prominent Features:

Portable: Easy to assemble and small size machine help you to maintain fitness anywhere you want. What you have to do is just add weight plates and attach them to the cables and guess what you are ready to practice different exercises.

Premium Quality: The upgraded steel chain with a maximum weight load of more than 280 pounds makes it ideal for its users. The premium quality nylon strap functions like a triceps rope perfect for lat pulldown. So, everything you need to attach the components and the cable pulley everywhere you want and maintain fitness.

Practice different exercises: You just need to change the short and long cables and guess what enjoy different exercise methods within no time. It is ideal for training different exercises including, biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back, such as Biceps Curl, Triceps Pull Down, Lat Pull Down, Row, Fly

Lifetime Guarantee: The thing that makes Viking strength the ideal and growing brand of fitness equipment is its lifetime warranty policy. In case you are using their cable pulley machine and it stops working or you face any other issues you just need to contact them they will refund your money or give you another one with no additional charges.

  • Portable and durable.
  • Manufactured with high-quality material.
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • A bit costly

7.TOMCHY 3 in 1 Cable Machine:

TOMCHY 3 in 1 Cable Machine

If you want to practice a wide range of exercises then go for the TOMCHY three-in-one cable machine. The machine is manufactured with premium quality material and professional components. Thus portable and easy to assemble machine is ideal for fitness freaks. TOMCHY frequent upgrades make it premium over all other cable machines in the market.

3 Functional Exercise Modes: The unique cable machine comes with three functional exercise modes. The Lift Up, Big Fly Bird, and Pull Down mode allows changing the attachments. The detachable handlers will help you to train your triceps, biceps, shoulders, etc. So, if you are looking for the Biceps curls, triceps pull down, and Row then you should go with this three-in-one cable machine.

Durable: The machine is manufactured with durable professional compartments that make it strong and safe to use. The quality alloy buckle and break-proof cable protect the user and make the machine highly durable. Heavy-duty steel used for manufacturing makes it noiseless.

Easy to Assemble: Simply string the stacking pin through the focal opening of a weight plate and interface the segments. LAT and Lift Pulley System can interface with power confine, pull-up bars radiate, and where the hanging tie can be introduced. The portable characteristic permits you to take it anyplace you need and is reasonable for voyaging.

Upgraded Pulley Cable System: The frequent up gradation of TOMCHY cable machine makes its customers’ choice. They have upgraded the Lat and Lift Pulley system by adding a 1-inch silent pulley, 70 inches fixed cable, 1 loading pin, 1 dumbbell clip, 1 straight bar, 1 triceps rope, 1 cable handle with a line, 1 hanging strap, and 6 carabiners that improve explosiveness and strength.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Three in one functional exercise mode.
  • Portable
  • A bit pricey

8.SYL Fitness Home Gym Cable Machine:

SYL Fitness Home Gym Cable Machine

Style fitness machine makes itself unique from all others available in the market by offering efficient features. If you are looking for the cable machine best suited for you at home then the SYL fitness machine is the best fit for you. It is the choice of many fitness freaks as they are offering a lifetime warranty and replacement of different parts with no additional costs.

Prominent Features:

Versatile: The versatile nature of the SYL machine makes it easily install at home. You can conveniently adjust and install the squat racks, power cages, pull-up bars in your houses. The simple assembly and setting of the machine help in your dream training. You can perform a wide range of exercises such as biceps curls, triceps press downs, cable rows, and face pulls.


SYL home cable machines are manufactured with premium quality material. The solid welds and high-quality material make the machine highly durable. This highly reduces the chances of slip-offs and chances of breakage that make it strong and safe to use.

Adjustable: The best thing about the SYL cable machine is you can adjust with high quality 20 inches extension chain. This will help you simply and rapidly modify the length of the cable for different exercises.

Lifetime compartments replacement: Let me tell you the key to their success story. They are satisfying their customer with a replacement policy without cost. What if you face any problem during the use No worries! Just get in touch with their team and replace your home gym instrument parts with the new parts without any additional cost.

  • The machine is economical.
  • Easy to install
  • Well designed and durable
  • Weight limits

Frequently Asked Questions:

How motile do I need to be?

Cable machines have a wide range of sizes and shapes, so you need one that can be moved and worked, autonomously, by every individual in your group without causing extreme back injury. Pick a quality model with edges and wheels that can deal with the weight.

Should I use multiple reels of cables?

If the cable is worn out then you will need replacement of the cable. You can replace it with affordable and easily available cable.

What type of cable do I frequently need?

This solely depends upon you. First, practice different sizes of cables and then evaluate what machine will work best for you. Coordinating with the machine and cable to the breadth of the lines being cleaned enhances the capacities of both machine and administrator. You will actually want to refine this further with a machine that can house numerous sizes of cables.

What exercises should I do with the cable machine?

The best thing about the cable machine is you can do any kind of exercise movement with the machine such as pulling, pushing, and squatting.

Nevertheless of the fact, that you are beginner or expert in fitness. You can start with the simple and add up according to your choice and requirement. With time start practicing a combination of exercises. So, you can perform countless exercises with the machine.

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A good and effective workout is all we need to stay fit and toned in shape. But since we’ve all been staying at homes with gyms inaccessible in present circumstances, home gyms are the solution. While looking at the efficient machines that will bring change to your physical routines, we have come across the best cable machines for home gyms.

Cable machines are long-sought fitness equipment by fitness freaks that help train your desired muscles with the help of cable attachments. It allows face pulls, stretches, and external rotations targeting arms, back, and legs. While you might find numerable cable machines in the market it is difficult to say which one is the best for you and capable of holding your weight without breaking loose or collapsing.

We have reviewed the top-notch cable machines in this article with eye to detail for every feature that a certain brand offers. While it’s difficult to choose, our favorite pick from this article is the Xmark cable machine that is a remarkable brand known for its authentic and trustworthy fitness equipment, and cable machine being one of them. It offers versatility in a range of exercises and comes with 200 lb. dual weight stacks that make workouts more effective. It comes with all handy accessories such as hand straps, cables, etc and we find it to be the best fit for you. If you liked this article, please acknowledge us in the comment section and also let us know about your favorite pick.

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