15 Best Body Shaper for Large Stomach

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We all want more control over some areas of our bodies, whether a little lift in the breast or buttocks or extra support in the hips, stomach, and thighs. So, are you looking for what to wear under a bodycon dress for your large stomach? A shapewear is all you need.

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Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper
Diane & Geordi Body Shaper for Women
Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear

Shapewear’s reputation is changing; it no longer serves to conceal insecurities or completely modify our bodies but smooths and gently reshapes our outline. The best body shaper for a large stomach should, if properly fitted, feel natural on your skin. If you can’t bend and move, it’s not the proper match for you.

An excellent body shaper should have a premium build, high-quality materials, be moisture-wicking to make you comfortable all day, and have adequate compression. Here’s a list of the 15 finest shapewear for stomach pooch that genuinely works.

Best Body Shaper for Large Stomach: Our Top 3 Choices Compared

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15 Top Rated Body Shaper for a Big Belly  

Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper-Best High Waist Shaper Shorts

Unlike most items on our list, the Shapermint for women’s tummy control shapewear is machine washable making it convenient to clean. These high-waist shaper shorts tuck your belly fat, making you comfortable all day. 


  • 360 coverage: Offers full coverage from the tummy to the thighs. It’s meant to tuck the tummy, trim thighs, and smooth your back. 
  • Material-nylon and spandex: This shapewear for tummy control is made from a breathable and lightweight material, making it ideal for postpartum recovery, wearing beneath a dress, or resting at home. 


  • It is supportive and very comfortable
  • Excellent for smoothing up flabby areas
  • Easy to put on and pull off due to their pull-on closure feature


  • It might lose elasticity and rolls down with time
  • The binding fabric might not cover the lower belly

Spanx Power Shorts Body Shaper-Best Spanx for Tummy Control

This incredible body shapewear is on our list because it has contouring zones that focus on the stomach. This shapewear for a gown helps you achieve a more appealing form with rear embellishments developed for the best-looking bottom. 


  • Pull-On closure: Making it easy to put on.
  • Great shaping: It slims you down by constricting your hips, thighs, and tummy.
  • Lightweight: It is made of comfortable, breathable fabric that gives all-over support. The material used is a combination of spandex and nylon. 


  • Invisible under clothes
  • The material is soft and comfortable
  • They fit and nail on smoothening out curves perfectly


  • There is a huge size discrepancy between colors
  • The material is so thin that it is difficult to put on without ripping

Reyeogo Shapewear Bodysuit-Best High Elastic Fabrics Girdle 

Reyeogo shapewear for women’s stomach control can be perfectly camouflaged in everyday attire with no panty lines. This shapewear specifically made our list due to its special U-type design at the front, accentuating the breasts’ appearance. 


  • Two wide non-straps: It has a non-slip design, making it comfortable to wear.
  • High elasticity: It is firm enough and has a snug fit to control the excess fat on your back and armpits. The body-shaper bodysuit eliminates bumps on your body, giving you a beautiful hourglass silhouette.
  • The material used is a mixture of spandex and polyester: This women’s bodysuit waist trainer is also composed of a see-through mesh material that is soft, breathable, has high elasticity, and is lightweight.


  • Helps reduce waistline due to its combination of high elastic fabrics.  
  • With the help of the Reyeogo open-bust body shaper for women, breasts are given a more upright and appealing appearance.
  • The midsection and full low back support offered by this waist-slimming girdles bodysuit make it the perfect choice for back pain alleviation and posture improvement.


  • Only recommended for women with short torsos.
  • Plus-size women might need to wear a corset on top of the shapewear to get maximum compression. 

FeelinGirl Shapewear for Women-The Most Comfortable Shapewear

FeelinGirl shapewear is made from strong and incredibly stretchy material, making it very comfortable and an ideal body shaper for postpartum recovery. The slimming shapewear also helps you seem thinner by reducing the belling fat and love handles. 


  • Anti-roll feature: It has two plastic bones on the side to prevent bunching and unnecessary rolling. 
  • Zipper closure: The zipper crotch allows you to go to the restroom without removing the entire faja.
  • Flexible: It has a high waist and narrow, thinner panty borders for an ideal fit and body curve. It also has detachable straps making it ideal for a variety of outfits. 


  • Very breathable and comfortable
  • Smooth and soft and with a great hold 
  • Stretches to fit and compress for a very nice body contour


  • The crotch opening is small
  • Made from thin fabric and would get ripped easily

Lover-Beauty Zipper Closure Shapewear for Women-The Best Post-Surgery Shapewear

The Lover-Beauty zipper closure shapewear is number 5 on our list due to its convenient zipper design in the crotch area. It also serves as a great multipurpose shapewear.  


  • Detachable straps: The Lover-beauty shapewear has adjustable, removable straps that make it simple to wear and take off. 
  • Zipper closure: The crotch style with YKK zipper allows you to go to the restroom without removing your body shaper. 
  • Material: Nylon and Spandex. Your belly is supported and strengthened by three layers of abdominal fabric that slightly compress.
  • Plastic bones on the side: Curling around your tummy is deterred by plastic bones on both sides of the waist, providing you with the flexibility you need. 


  • Has a great fit hence holding the bulges in place nicely
  • The zipper on the crotch makes using the restroom easy
  • The fabric is soft and of high quality to smooth your large stomach


  • The fabric around the legs is sloppy and folds up
  • The zipper on the crotch can sometimes be uncomfortable for some users

Yianna Shapewear for Women-Best Shapewear for Women Tummy Control

The Yianna Shapewear for women improves your posture, shapes and smooths your waist, accentuates your bosom and buttocks, and makes you appear slimmer in any outfit. It is made from a mixture of nylon and spandex. 


  • Zipper closure: The outside zipper closure with interior hooks makes it simple to put on and take off. 
  • Built-in plastic bones: The two sides of the women’s body shaper top have plastic bones integrated to offer support and avoid curling.
  • Two layers of fabrics: When wearing the Yianna shapewear, your skin is taken care of by the lining cotton fabric while being moderately firmly compressed by the outer layer of Powernet.


  • Has a two-ply mesh line and a high-waisted style to keep the tummy in place
  • It is comfy and does not bend while seated, and it offers excellent posture support
  • Ideal for people with large stomachs since it tightens the abdomen, minimizing the unsightly muffin top


  • The shaper may roll down despite the anti-slip waistband
  • The sizing may be slightly off compared to standard charts

Lover-beauty Shapewear for Women-The Best High Waist Body Shaper for Daily Wear

This Lover-beauty mesh shapewear stands out for its 3D workmanship, which helps curves appear firmer and fuller. It also has an exclusive patented mesh design on the rear to enhance tightening while still being breathable. 


  • Extra high waist contour: This offers mild compression to your abdomen, aiding belly flattening.
  • Material- nylon and Lycra: The Lover-Beauty Full Body Shaper is composed of opulent and smooth Lycra fabric, which significantly increases the shaper’s elasticity and extensibility. 
  • Unique mesh: It has a unique, distinctive flexible mesh design on the buttocks that has targeted tightening to increase elasticity while staying more breathable and pleasant than similar products.


  • The shapewear is very stretchy, thin, and breathable
  • The seamless design helps in smoothening out curves
  • Has an open crotch making it easy to use the restroom


  • It is visible under clothing
  • You may be dissatisfied despite the assurance of no visible panty lines

Shaperx Tummy Control Shapewear-The Best Plus Size Tummy Tucker

The Shaperx tummy control shapewear is made using some of the latest technology, including an external layer Powernet, which offers you more control over tummy fat. 


  • High waist design: It offers tummy control by slimming the waistline and creating a sleeker, more toned appearance.
  • Shaping flaps: Shaperx tummy control shapewear has shaping flaps on the body shaper bodysuit designed to flatten your stomach.
  • Seamless 360-degree design: The one-piece shaper has a sophisticated design without a hook or zipper and an eye in the belly region, giving you a finer curve hence enhancing your dress-wearing appeal.


  • The sizes have a great fit.
  • The material is very breathable and highly elastic
  • Smooths out as the figure shaper gives flattering curves


  • It is tight around the crotch area
  • It clasps on the bottom, making it uncomfortable

Tailong Body Shapers for Weight Loss-The Best Body Shapers for Weight Loss

This slim tank top may be worn with a workout shirt. It causes you to sweat during exercises and heat up your core abdominal area, which helps you minimize your stomach and slim your waist.


  • Zipper closure: Gives you a better fit and firm support. 
  • Very comfortable: It lacks pinching velcro and offers full coverage giving you comfort and making it easy to wear even when doing house chores. 
  • Material- Neoprene: It is used to make this thermal vest for quick weight loss that increases sweat during exercise. Your tummy will flatten due to wearing a thermo sweat vest wrap ab belt, which increases your sweating by three times, melt the fat, and lose inches.


  • Provide immediate lumbar support and abdominal compression
  • This plus-size waist training trimmer suit is suitable for both long and short torsos
  • The neoprene material not only raises body warmth but also absorbs sweat, keeping you dry on the exterior.


  • Difficulty putting on and taking off the vest
  • It rolls up far too much when walking, making it appear bulky

Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear-The Best Tummy Control Panties

This Maidenform shapewear brief offers plus-size women strong control to shape tummies and trim the waist, leaving them feeling precisely shaped and snatched. This belly shaper enhances your curve appeal when worn under slacks, skirts, and dresses. 


  • Soft and flexible fabric: it has a stretchy microfiber making it more flexible and easy to fit while maintaining comfort. 
  • Mesh liner: This high waist brief has a two-ply mesh liner and a wide silicone band to help shape the midsection while preventing the garment from rolling down. 
  • Material- Nylon, Elastane, and Cotton: It has fajas fabric that is wicking and lightweight, which removes moisture from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable.


  • It helps support the lower back
  • Made from a sweat-free moisture-wicking material
  • Perfect elasticity and a non-slip border on the top assist keep it in place


  • The sizes may be too small
  • There is little shape or support, and the top of the waistline digs into you

Maidenform Singlet Fajas Shapewear-The Best Full Bodyshaper

This Maidenform shapewear firm-control body shaper embraces you in all the right places, from the bra line to the mid-thigh. It smoothes your skin for plus-size women beneath form-fitting dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, slacks, and jeans. 


  • Adjustable straps: They allow you to find the perfect fit.
  • Open breast design: The open breast of the singlet allows you to put on your own bra for a custom lift, fit and support across the torso without any bulge.
  • Stretchy, firm-control fabric: It helps shape you without sacrificing comfort. For increased convenience, this body shaper incorporates a split gusset.


  • The crotchless feature makes it very easy while using the restroom
  • The anti-static and cling-free fabric allows garments to glide effortlessly over it
  • The breathable and lightweight fabric absorbs moisture away from your skin, keeping you cool and dry.


  • Leg hems might roll up, making you uncomfortable
  • The shoulder straps can sometimes dig into the shoulder, making it uncomfortable to wear without adjusting. 

Brabic Bodysuit Shapewear-The Best Seamless Bodysuit Shapewear

This seamless, very elastic, soft, breathable, and transparent bodysuit for ladies is constructed of almost invisible material. It brings more compression around the stomach while lifting your butt, giving you a smooth outlook. 


  • Very comfortable: You need not worry about excess pressure because the bodysuit is free of steel bones and wires.
  • Has hooks: This tummy control shapewear contains three adjustable hooks in the crotch for easy washroom use, which is quite convenient.
  • Seamless design: Women’s Brabic waist trainers feature unique seamless designs that provide more compression than conventional bodysuits around the center and waist area.


  • High-elastic material that provides comfort
  • Crotch hooks allow for easy bathroom usage
  • Has adjustable straps that provide superior breast support


  • Not recommended for people with long torsos
  • There can sometimes be irritation around the crotch due to the hooks

FeelinGirl Shapewear for Tummy Control-Best Shapewear for Waist and Tummy

This body shaper for shrinking the waist is 360° seamless, well-crafted, extremely smooth and elastic, soft and stretchable, lightweight and kind to the skin, breathable, and flexible. It is also composed of high-quality fabrics. 


  • Open crotch design: When using the restroom, this shapewear’s open crotch design is incredibly practical because it eliminates the need to remove all of your clothing.
  • Minimal compression: It offers mild compression to assist you in looking slimmer and enhancing your natural curve. The result is a smooth physique free of lumps, bumps, and bulks as your waistline narrows and your tummy smooths out. 


  • Has a cozy fit due to the material’s extreme stretch
  • The two adjustable anti-skid shoulder straps prevent bunching, rolling, and slippage
  • Has no steel bones or wires, making it flexible and suitable for daily wear in all seasons


  • For some people, the crotch opening is too tiny
  • Has a small sizing in comparison to regular sizings

Shaperx Bodysuit for Women-The Best Body Shaper Seamless Thong

When you first try on the bodysuit, you might be shocked by how “small” it appears. But don’t worry; the bodysuit is made specifically with incredibly elastic fabric to embrace you in all the right places. 


  • Breathable material: The chest area is made using lightweight mesh, making it comfortable to wear for long periods. 
  • Seamless design: This sculpting piece is essential for accentuating your body’s natural shape because of its whisper-soft fabric and seamless design.
  • The bra area has no compression: This means it can fit all cup sizes. Additionally, the adjustable straps make the shapewear easier to accommodate larger bust sizes. 


  • It is stretchy, easy to put on, and very comfortable 
  • For ease of movement, the crotch has a snap closure
  • Shapewear that is light in color and has a seamless surface is undetectable under everyday clothing.


  • Not ideal for people with low waist
  • It might lose elasticity after washing

Diane & Geordi Body Shaper for Women-Best Girdle for Fat Stomach 

This zip girdle will help you lose inches and shape your figure. It is often marketed as a postpartum girdle that secures the ‘mommy pouch.’ In addition to boosting your hips and butt, this girdle for women pleasantly manages your waist and belly.


  • Flat zippers: The zipper makes it easy to take on and off. They are also invisible under clothing. 
  • Made from resistant materials: it has reinforced seams and resistant weaves, thus offering more compression in the belly area. 
  • Inconspicuous: The full body shaper for ladies fits your silhouette flawlessly and enhances your appearance regardless of the clothing you choose.


  • It securely binds everything together, leaving no space for bulges
  • With the help of the zip girdle, it trims inches and shapes your body
  • It is comfortable and adequately compresses the entire rear and abdomen region


  • Clothing may have visible seams
  • You might get creases at your waistline due to a short torso and an hourglass or pear-shaped physique.

How to Select a Body Shaper for Big Stomachs

An excellent body shaper should be well-built, made of high-quality materials, offer reasonable compression, and wick away perspiration to keep you comfortable all day. Several manufacturers make excellent shapers for ladies, but finding one ideal for larger stomachs is challenging. 

woman in grey sportswear looking at the mirror

Consider these things when purchasing shapewear to guarantee you make the right choice for yourself and your physique.


You will have to decide between heavy or light materials. Each one has its benefits. The best compression will be provided by heavier textiles, which also suck in any extra fat. Lightweight material, on the other hand, offers a lighter constriction and helps to even things out.


Your shapewear will only function as you want it to if you pick the correct size. For instance, sizing up won’t produce results because the compression won’t be effective, rendering the product meaningless.

Getting a smaller size may lead to experiencing a lot of discomfort and undesirable bulges. Always follow the sizing chart provided with your shapewear and, if at all possible, try it on before buying. Also, consider learning how to measure waist for body shaper.


Most shapers have zippers, hook-and-eye, or snap closures as their primary closures. The rear of your shaper often has a hook-and-eye closure, which provides the tightest fit. Although it aids in a secure finish, it could be challenging to put on and take off. 

The most practical choice is to use snap closures, buttons you can simply snap on. Zippers are also a good choice, although they might peek through clothing, and you should use caution because your skin might get caught in the zipper. Another helpful feature is the removable straps.

Struggling with Belly Fat? Let Shapewear Come to your Rescue FAQs

Do Spanks Cover up Belly Fat?

If you’re looking for how to hide lower belly fat in jeans, there is no universal answer on whether spanks cover belly fat. This is because each person’s specific body type and the sort of shapewear they are wearing will have a different impact. However, shapewear can aid in smoothing out and slimming the stomach region, giving it a smaller and more toned appearance.

smiling woman in sportswear

Does Shapewear Aid in Belly Flattening?

Shapewear works hard to pull in back and tummy fat. Shapewear, made of lightweight, powerful, and comfortable material, reduces the waist, softens hip curves, and lifts the butt. They have bonded tummy panels that help flatten your tummy. However, the results will only be fleeting due to the materials’ soft, pliable nature.

Is It Bad To Wear Shapewear Everyday?

No, you can wear your favorite shaper every day as long as it’s not for extended amounts of time. It is also crucial to remember that there is a chance of skin irritation because shapewear is worn so close to the skin. The tight textiles may chafe and irritate your skin by trapping moisture close to it. An infection could result from any skin damage.


Shapewear can reduce back fat, slim the waist, accentuate the butt, and give you a more slender appearance. Many breathable materials help reduce sweating underneath and make you feel more comfortable. A general rule of thumb is that good shapewear shouldn’t fit too tight to the point it begins hurting you.  

An incredible body shaper should be well-built, made of high-quality materials, offer reasonable compression, and wick away perspiration to keep you relaxed all day. Pick the shapewear for your large stomach that is most comfortable for your total body shape objectives, pleasure, and comfort.

While micro-compression and perspiration are frequently discussed, the major advantage of using shapewear and waist trainers is combining them with a balanced diet and regular exercise. The combination helps you lose the huge stomach by providing a lot of assistance.

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